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New York Giants QB Coach Danny Langsdorf: Eli Manning is “Motivated” to Bounce Back

February 7th, 2014 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

As the New York Giants struggled to a 7-9 finish in 2013, quarterback Eli Manning faced the brunt of the criticism. After all, Manning finished his worst career season with only 18 touchdowns, while also tossing 27 interceptions (28 total turnovers). And although his futility is, in part, the fault of an injury-riddle and under-performing offensive line, a shaky running game and seemingly endless miscommunication with his receivers, the quarterback is a lightning rod. When things go back, it's his fault. When things go well, it's because he's leading the charge.

Alas, the offensive collapse was enough for team owners and General Manager Jerry Reese to flip the switch. And following the retirement of offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, the team also opted to let go of long-time assistants Jerald Ingram and Mike Pope. They also decided additional shuffles were necessary and removed Sean Ryan as quarterback coach — moving him, instead, back to wide receivers — hiring Danny Langsdorf to replace him.

And, although he's only been on the job a few short weeks, Langsdorf has been in contact with Eli and feels the veteran quarterback is more than motivated to return in 2014 and have a bounce-back season.

"Eli is real excited about getting back to work," Langsdorf told the Portland Tribune. "He threw a lot of interceptions. which is something both he and the Giants are concerned with. He was great on the phone. He is motivated to get back to work, to bounce back and have a better year."

In addition to working with Manning, Langsdorf expressed excitement in returning to work with Ben McAdoo, who was hired earlier this offseason to take over as the team's offensive coordinator.

"He has done a nice job, albeit in a short time, with the 49ers and the Packers," Langsdorf said of McAdoo. "He's well-respected. Knowing him and working with him before will make the transition easier for me."

Lots of change for Big Blue and it's probably safe to say everyone is excited to see what comes of it.

Photo credit: NeyZan? / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


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17 Responses to “New York Giants QB Coach Danny Langsdorf: Eli Manning is “Motivated” to Bounce Back”

  1.  Apexer says:

    I post very rarely because usually what I would post is reflected by someone else. I am curious though that nobody has, from what I have read, brought up the fact that we had Linval Joseph in 2012 when our DT were a huge weakness. Why was he so poor then and a must sign now. If he is a product of the players around him can’t that be replaced? Did his play elevate that much this year? Obviously the DT position played much better but was that LJ or was that who was brought in to play with LJ. I think you pay a player that elevates those around him. Not the ones that are elevated because of others. Maybe someone watched him much more closely than I and he stepped up this year. That would be great….I just don’t want to over pay a player that played well because of his surroundings.

    •  Nosh.0 says:

      Joseph will be gone. He’s just not worth overpaying and he will be overpaid by someone. Add that to the fact that we drafted Hankins and have bigger holes to fill (O-Line) there’s a slim chance he’s a Giant next year.

      I’m with you in the sense that I don’t understand all these fans that want to bring back so many players from a 7-9 team. Not only bring back players but pay them also. Like Nicks. Why on earth would we want Hakeem Nicks back next year?

      The team needs new blood. It also needs to start getting more production from young, inexpensive players. Enter Randle, Jurnigan, Hankins, and Mosely to name a few.

      •  Krow says:

        Bear Pascoe … LOL

        •  jerseyrich says:

          He needs to change his first name to Cat because that dude definitely has 9 lives. Then again, that’s what happens when you have exactly zero stability at the TE position for years. The one real good guy we managed to get our hands on we let go….and now he’s the Bears player of the year.

        •  rlhjr says:

          Like I said, the Giants training camp should be festooned with every undrafted free agent permissible by NFL bi-laws. At worst the special teams would get a real shot in the arm. At best, (and highly probable) a gem will rise from the preponderance of bodies in camp.
          As the Nicholson’s Joker said; “This town needs an enema”

  2.  Nosh.0 says:

    I’m with you on Marquise Lee. I think he has #1 ability. And wouldn’t mind him at 12 but I think we both agree that Hhe doesn’t really fill a need for us. Not for 2014 anyway.

    •  jerseyrich says:

      Eh, he and randle on the outside, cruz in the slot, Jernigan in on the 4-5 receiver sets (which im thinking will be implemented a lot with McAdoo)….that would be pretty nice. The only thing with him is his durability.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    Glad Eli’s motivated. Too bad they don’t play the games on the phone.

    I’m certainly not obsessed with bringing Joseph back. I’d like him back, at a reasonable price. As far as I’m concerned the only “must-sign” is Jon Beason. They overpaid Antonio Pierce (who couldn’t hold this guy’s jock) for years because he was “the quarterback of the defense” and “the spiritual leader of the defense”. If Reese doesn’t keep this guy here I’m done with Jerry Reese. If he does keep him then I’m fine with the defensive tackles we’ll have minus Linval Joseph. He’s good. He’s far from great.

    I absolutely DO want to get Stevie Brown signed, and if I were Reese I’d offer him a two-year contract, or even a three-year deal, with low base numbers but incentives, and a modest guarantee. I think if we have Rolle, Hill, Brown, Mundy and Taylor coming to camp we have a superb group of safeties, a VERY important position, as I’ve been saying for years and as Seattle just proved to the entire world.

    •  Nosh.0 says:

      I agree with the Beason part. He’s the only must sign guy of our own free agents.

      Hard for me to really have an opinion on Stevie Brown coming off an ACL. I like him, but I also wonder if we can find a 3rd safety with more upside. Regardless I don’t feel strongly about Brown one way or another.

    •  rlhjr says:

      They also proved with a guy you wanted, Kam Chancellor. I thought the kid Mays out of USC would be the same type of player; A big safety with hybrid linebacker skills. Watching Kam Chancellor’s hit on Vernon Davis in the NFC championship game was heartwarming for me…………LOL.

      We might have the same type of guy in Williams. But with hear no, see no speak no Fewell, we’ll never know. Because imagination and projection are against the law in Giant land.

  4.  Kettles78 says:

    Glad to hear Eli is ready to get back to work.

    As far as the draft, I think I want to see the Giants grab an impact defensive player either DB or LB with the first pick. As much as I like weapons on offense, they need to build this defense up a bit more despite them playing a bit better this past year.

    Resigning Beason is something I am hopeful they will be able to work out as well.

  5.  jerseyrich says:

    For anyone wondering about cap space, as of today with our top 51 salaries, we are a tick below 10 mill under. That obviously includes snee and myers, whose release will bring us to 20 mill under. It also includes 16 guys who make less than 500k, most of whom will not make the team.

    For comparison, the boys right now are about 26 mill OVER the cap (the worst figure in the league). We right now are just about in the top 3rd in the league as far as available cap room, and thats counting Snee and Myers. Every team will obviously be making their cuts, but when we cut those 2 we should land comfortably within the top 3rd of the league.

    •  rlhjr says:

      That is what I’ve been waiting to hear. If they somehow get to 22-24 mil under, it’s on. Also, I’ve heard that the cowturds might just lose their best player (Ware) due to Jurry’s inane spending habits.

      •  jerseyrich says:

        Yup…as bad as we think we have it, at least we aren’t Cowboy fans. They are in serious trouble this year. With a few common sense moves we should be able to be at 25 mill under.

  6.  rlhjr says:

    Want you guys/gals to head this; Because of Mr. Mara’s edict, I am sure Coughlin will give McAdoo plenty of sway in building/implementing the Giants offense. That horse is out of the barn and running around for a month now.

    What will be interesting is if Perry Fewell is reading the handwriting on the wall.
    He’s been dealt a hand containing a few defensive players whom given the proper scheme can disrupt an offense. I’ll go out on a limb and say if Fewell doesn’t step up his game and start attacking offenses he’ll be the next coordinator to move along. His only excuse will be JPP and (if kept) Tuck’s ability to mount a pass rush.

    If the front four is sound, Fewell had better start utilizing the other defensive levels to clobber offenses instead of having them lay back to be kicked around.

    The line can be a catalyst, but they can’t be dependened upon to do it all. That’s why there are eleven guys out there.

  7.  NC Giant says:

    anyone think Manningham could make a 2nd stop in NY? I think he is/will be available as a FA right? I realize he is no genious either but if that knee is good (and he will have had 18-24 months since the injury) I would love to have him back?


  8.  TuckThis says:

    1. Glad Eli is motivated. Maybe he should be motivated to restructure his overblown salary and help the Giants surround him with some help.

    2. Manningham is not the brightest bulb on the marquee, but would be okay for the right deal. The problem is he’s always hurt.

    3. The Giants need to sign young healthy players……hope JR knows who those guys are! ;-)

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