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Seattle Seahawks Now the Team to Beat for New York Giants

February 6th, 2014 at 11:00 AM
By Billy Javed

With Super Bowl XLVIII now complete, the NFL and all its fans are thoroughly aware as to whom the team to beat is. Unfortunately for the New York Giants, that team is a great one that happens to reside in the NFC. In other words, the Seattle Seahawks are the new standard and appear to be the most complete team in the NFL.

If the Giants wish to get back to being the best, they will undoubtedly have to go through the Seahawks to get to the Super Bowl. There’s little doubt that general manager Jerry Reese and head coach Tom Coughlin will be considering the Seahawks when they reassemble the fractures Giants during this offseason — a team that handed the Giants their second shut out of the year.

On the defensive side of the field, the Giants should be able to compete if they can generate a pass rush. Unfortunately, against the Seahawks, that won’t be enough as Russell Wilson has shown an uncanny ability to not only escape from pressure with great speed, but also the intellect to keep his head up and either find the open receiver or an open lane to run through. Such a combo makes the Seahawks a nightmare to stop on third downs.

Acquiring an additional cornerback to compliment Prince Amukamara could make life a little easier, but the Giants still need help in one other area to shut down Wilson and that is at the linebacker position. Adding another speedy and aggressive linebacker either via free agency or the draft could help as well in terms of shadowing and blitzing Wilson. In terms of Marshawn Lynch, despite living up to his nickname, he is a beast that can be tamed and the Giants have a stout enough defensive line to do so. However, the potential departure of Linval Joseph could drastically hinder the defensive line’s production. On the defensive side of the field, look for the Giants to try to address their needs at linebacker and cornerback.

On the offensive side of the ball, the most glaring weakness is the offensive line. Without proper protection, quarterback Eli Manning will have many more games like his meeting with the Seahawks earlier this season where he turned the football over four times. Better production from the offensive line also can help prolong drives and keep the defense rested.

However, much like on defensive, the Giants have further holes to address. To keep the Seahawks offense on the sidelines the Giants will need to be able to run the football. A healthy David Wilson and Andre Brown conglomerated with a productive offensive line could be good enough, but there is no guarantee that either can stay healthy enough to shoulder the load. Another running back may be in the plans for the Giants as rookies like Eddie Lacy and LeVeon Bell have shown that rookie running backs can come in and contribute immediately at a high level.

The Giants' receiving corps is skilled enough to compete with the Seattle secondary, but that is assuming Hakim Nicks stays. Even if he does, a big tight end target over the middle of the field could be exactly what the Giants need to create mismatches similar to those Vernon Davis posed against the Seahawks. If Nicks leaves, wide receiver becomes an immediate need despite the emerging Rueben Randle. Unfortunately, none of these skill positions will matter if the Giants cannot protect Manning, after such a horrendous season the Giants will surely address their needs in the trenches as that is where Super Bowl’s are won.

Don’t be surprised if Jerry Reese has one of his stronger drafts either. Seahawks general manager, John Schneider, who was seen shirtless, sporting a WWE Championship belt after the Super Bowl is also the standard for general managers. Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll were able were able to find contributors and super stars beyond the first and second rounds of their drafts. Something the Giants have struggled with since selecting the likes of Ahmad Bradshaw and Kevin Boss.

Regardless of what the Giants do, they most likely will consider resolving their own weaknesses first. Matching up with the Seahawks may be an after thought, but considering that they are the reigning NFC and Super Bowl Champions, in addition to the fact that they shut out the Giants in the regular season, the Giants certainly will be looking forward to another matchup with the Seahawks.

Photo credit: Dave Sizer / Foter / CC BY


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11 Responses to “Seattle Seahawks Now the Team to Beat for New York Giants”

  1.  JBeast3 says:

    GOAT56 says:
    February 6, 2014 at 9:38 AM
    I think Ebron is the type of prospect that the combine is really important. Is he a 4.65 or a 4.45 type guy, that’s a big difference considering he’s basically a receiver only. I have my questions about him but I definitely rather him than Finley. Playing TE for a QB like Eli with major durability concerns already just seems like a bad bet. For me to even think about at #12 Ebron has to show he’s a freak athlete as a TE, not just a good one.

    The issue with Nicks is that we really don’t know. While it does scare me to let him go I just don’t think there’s enough to go on to bet on him with a big contract considering all of our other needs. I never agreed with paying 2 WRs top dollar but if Nicks were playing like 2011 I would make an exception. With Nicks so much of an question and what we already invested in Cruz it just doesn’t seem to make sense.

    I think what’s overlooked about Joseph is that it allows us to secure DT for 3 years without anymore real investment. We need to start to eliminate our needs at some positions going forward IMO. DT is the core of our defense and it’s worth the investment.

    I disagree with the assertion that we know that Hosley isn’t a #2 CB or the Robinson can’t be our starting TE. I’m not saying we can afford to go into the season without investing more into both positions but I don’t think we know enough about either player yet. I really think Hosley is being overlooked as starter at CB. I thought Hosley played much better last year and his issue is injury more than performance. Robinson has generated fair doubt here but we can’t forget he was drafted as a raw player and has had injury issues. Thomas the TE for Denver had a similar first 2 years from a raw background. In no way I’m I saying we should expect him to be great or even the starter but I’m saying there’s a decent chance he can be. I have similar thoughts on Donnell as well.

    I think Ebron would be a great pick at 12 but i would rather we go Dennard or Watkins if either is there at 12. I disagree with you on Hosely, not that i think he is a bust but i wouldn’t and dont want to depend on him to be a starter. I think he could be a great nickel corner just not an outside corner. A guy like Dennard that has good size decent speed and very aggressive would put this defense over the top.

    I do think Robinson deserves a chance to show what he has before going out and spending money on a TE ( I’m ok with drafting one). Robinson seems to have the talent and size to be an above average TE so I’m willing to give him a shot.

  2.  JBeast3 says:

    Telvin Smith OLB, right now i think he is projected somewhere 2-4 th rounds would love to grab him in round three; I think he can be a great LB esp if we resign Beason. my dream draft would be:
    1. CB Dennard
    2. G Yankey ( C. Richardson if Yankey soar up the draft board)
    3. OLB T Smith
    4. C Stork

    •  JBeast3 says:

      As most can see I’m ok with the WRs we have even if Nicks leaves. I would like to have Nicks back but not for the amount of money he will demand. A trio of Cruz, Randle and JJ isn’t a bad one, we can sign 1 or 2 FA or rookie FA wr for depth. If the OL get fixed Randle can have a A. Jeffery ( who i begged for us to draft) type breakout season.

    • Anthony Raiaaxr29 says:

      Even though he is undersized, I really like Telvin Smith. He was all over the field making plays in the Senior Bowl

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    The Giants won’t be able to compete with the Seahawks in 2014. In fact, 2014 is a building year for the Giants and, hopefully, recognizing that, Jerry Reese will be making decisions that are really directed at 2015-2016 when Eli should still be playing at a very high level as the franchise quarterback and ready to make a run at one more ring.

    It’s for that reason that I would not spend a lot of money to retain Justin Tuck. I want him back, but only at a reasonable price. It’s for that reason that I would bring in a lot of offensive linemen (because it will take at least a year to mold an effective line anyway and that means they have to start playing together and making their mistakes now, when those mistakes won’t cost them a shot at a championship that is almost certainly out of reach anyway). It’s for that reason that I’d try hard to retain Hakeem Nicks on a long-term contract, because when Reuben Randle’s contract expires he’s likely to be hard to retain anyway and I want to be sure we retain two elite receivers for 2015 AND 2016 (as always, I only want Nicks if the medical staff gives him a full clearance and the coaches see a workout that demonstrates the old explosiveness that he was lacking this season). It’s for that reason that I would draft another corner and try to tie up Prince now on a long-term deal. And it’s for that reason that I would also try to draft another defensive tackle now, as well as another pass-rusher. I’d draft for athleticism, and toughness. And then I’d use the next off-season to fill in the gaps of what should be a championship contender in 2016. By that time, the Seahawks and Niners will have suffered the inevitable damage from the salary cap and a surfeit of talented free agents, many of whom will leave. It will be another team’s turn to be dominant. We won’t be able to compete with them in 2014. Perhaps in 2015. By 2016 we should be ready for our next run.

  4.  JimStoll says:

    ironically, if Seattle is the team to beat from hereon out, what they may have proved in the Super Bowl is that the signing of MacAdoo and his philosophy will be ill-suited to beating them
    Seattle was all over the quick underneath stuff and a complete wall against the run
    the only place to beat them was down the field
    Denver could not do it and without a 2011 Nicks, the Giants won’t be able to either

    now, whether Seattle remains the team to beat is an open question
    we’ve seen this story too many times (including with ourselves) to assume that the last super bowl winner will be the next

    what the giants really need is to make the offense competitive again by shoring up the o-line and make the defense a true top 10 unit by however they can.

    that will take a lot of great draft picks, FA signings, and players returning to health to accomplish in one season

    a long shot for sure

    getting at least competitive the first step

    •  fanfor55years says:

      See my comment above, but I think you’re wrong about this. McAdoo’s offense won’t eliminate the deep ball.

      And you are failing to take into account the dirty little secret I’ve noted over the course of this entire season: Peyton cannot throw the deep ball well any longer. It happens to all quarterbacks as they age. And his injury didn’t help. But right now, if you wanted to beat the Seattle defense you’d much rather have Peyton’s brother under center than the man himself.

    •  rlhjr says:

      I agree, however due to Eli being who he is as a thrower, I feel that McAdoo will alter his scheme to include plays that allow Eli to throw it deep.

      McAdoo can be brilliant; however he like any good coach should have play to the strengths of his players. He shouldn’t be planning on altering a 10 year QB’s style of play. He should be trying to restore Eli fundamentals and mechanics. If McAdoo is is the coach we seem to think he’ll be, we’ll see as
      7, 5, 3 and 2 step drops be part of the attack.

      I do like the idea of having an offense that can get off plays. I also like two and three step passes to guys who generate YAC. Eli has the mental acuity to call his own plays.

      And he should have been doing it for the last five years. The training wheels should have long ago been off. The man proved two years in that he could handle two minute and no huddle offense.

      •  jerseyrich says:

        Why Eli isn’t running the show at this point in his career is beyond me. Despite what people think, Eli is an extremely smart QB who probably can tell you more about opposing defenses than most offensive coordinators can. Yes, install a new up-tempo offense, but ley Eli run it.

  5.  BigBlueGiant says:

    btw, No thanks of Finely. A few years ago, yes. Unless the guy is willing to take the Vet min, which i doubt he will.

    He was contemplating retirement after his injury last year. The guy has a concussion history and he had his neck fused last year. Why would we possibly want him?

  6.  Apexer says:

    I post very rarely because usually what I would post is reflected by someone else. I am curious though that nobody has, from what I have read, brought up the fact that we had Linval Joseph in 2012 when our DT were a huge weakness. Why was he so poor then and a must sign now. If he is a product of the players around him can’t that be replaced? Did his play elevate that much this year? Obviously the DT position played much better but was that LJ or was that who was brought in to play with LJ. I think you pay a player that elevates those around him. Not the ones that are elevated because of others. Maybe someone watched him much more closely than I and he stepped up this year. That would be great….I just don’t want to over pay a player that played well because of his surroundings.

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