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New York Giants Wednesday Morning Storylines: Ex-Giant Andrew Shanle Uses Ring as Motivation

February 5th, 2014 at 6:56 AM
By Dan Benton

As another massive snowstorm grips the Northeast, Giants 101 presents the following stories for all to read. So curl up around the fire with a nice cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea and enjoy!

Cy Ranch’s Shanle Turns NFL, Super Bowl Experiences into Coaching Career

Most might think Andrew Shanle's Super Bowl XLII ring should be on his finger permanently, available to show off at any time.

But that's not exactly the case for the Cypress Ranch co-defensive coordinator. The ring instead symbolizes the 30-year-old's rollercoaster of a football career, how important it is the cherish the little things and how one can learn from adversity.

Malcolm Smith’s Brother Steve Knows Fame Can Fade Fast

For a long time, he was the other Steve Smith.

But now, the former Giants receiver isn’t even the most famous member of his own football family.

The once-explosive wideout whose career wasn’t the same after a knee injury is the older brother of Super Bowl XLVIII MVP Malcolm Smith, and said he told his brother to relish this time.

Bills New DL Coach Learned from Parcells

Pepper Johnson, named last Friday to the DL post with the Bills, was a 2nd round draft pick of the New York Giants in 1986. His first head coach–Bill Parcells.

In an appearance on The John Murphy Show Tuesday night, Pepper Johnson described his first ever team meeting with Parcells and the Giants in 1986.

“He told us all that he didn’t need any of us,” Johnson remembered. “That’s how he started it off. He said the New York Giants didn’t need any of these guys. They had made it to the playoffs–this is a train, a locomotive, and it’s steamrolling. His best advice to us was if you got enough speed and enough heart, then catch on to the caboose, because this train is moving.”

Super Bowl XLVIII Audience Adjusted to 112.2 Million

The average audience for Super Bowl XLVIII increased to 112.2 million viewers, up from 111.5 million reported the day before, according to final Nielsen numbers released Tuesday.

The old number was already record-breaking for viewers watching the Seattle Seahawks' dominant 43-8 win over the Denver Broncos 43-8. It was the most watched of any television program in U.S. history.

Strahan’s Induction into 2014 Football Hall of Fame Big for TSU…Big for Houston

After starring at Westbury High School, Texas Southern University was the only school that offered Strahan a scholarship to play football. Focus, determination and hard work propelled him to be drafted in 1993 by the New York Giants. He would spend the next 15 years carving out a hall of fame worthy career that included a Super Bowl championship, a Defensive Player of the Year award,seven Pro Bowls, and breaking the NFL single-season record with 22.5 sacks.

“We are extremely proud of Strahan’s induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame,” said Dr. John Rudley, Texas Southern University president. “This honor is just further proof that ‘Excellence in Achievement’ is more than a mantra at Texas Southern, it is a way of life.”

Photo credit: arclark / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA


Just because the Super Bowl left NY/NJ it doesn't mean the NFL action is over. Come see the Gridiron Glory: The Best of the Pro Football Hall of Fame at Liberty Science Center see jerseys worn by legends, make the tough call under the hood, try on equipment and get immersed into football like never before.

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One Response to “New York Giants Wednesday Morning Storylines: Ex-Giant Andrew Shanle Uses Ring as Motivation”

  1.  JBeast3 says:

    BleedingBlueSince04 says:
    February 4, 2014 at 11:22 PM
    You guys are coming up with ridiculous numbers and ridiculous free agents signing with us . Moreno is going to command top dollar there is no way we sign Mack , Moreno, or Chris Johnson.
    Guys I want us to sign that we can afford are ( vontae Davis, de la ****, the center from Green Bay, Ben Tate, quarless, asomoah.

    Who would you guys rather sign at DT ? Jason hatcher(cowboys have no cAp space) or landfill for same $$$$ ?

    I dont think the giants will spend a lot of money on a RB in FA so i dont expect a Moreno/CJ?K/Tate to be signed. I DO expect money to be spent on the OL and i honestly dont think Mack is out of the question. I think the goal is to protect Eli and they will spend money to make it happen. Mack is a FA ( i believe) and maybe he doesn’t wan to play in Clev anymore? Maybe he wants to play for the NYG? My point is that its not a forgone conclusion that Mack won’t or can’t sign with the giants.

    As for the DL ill take Linval over Hatcher esp if its for the same $ value. We know Linval, we know his likes dislikes injury etc. Ill pay Linval and Beason before i pay Nicks. Ill pay Nicks before Tuck tho.

    PS i like Nicks i would like to resign him but not to a 9-10 mil per contact that he prob want to get so if thats the case ill take my chances on Cruz, Randle, JJ, maybe a FA signing or draft pick in round 3-4.

    As sor Tuck, unless he signs for a very team friendly deal i will say thank you and goodbye. Most i would offer Tuck is 2-2.5 mil for no more than 2 years. Lets be honest he isn’t getting any younger, yea he had a great year but how much longer can he keep doing it? Time to get younger and more hungry on the DL let Moore play. Im ok with a JPP Kiwi Moore and Jenkin (DT/DE) rotation with a youngster as the 4th DE. If thats case i would bring back Patterson at DT to rotate with Hankin Linval and Jenkins.

    DL: JPP Linval Jenkin Kiwi
    Bench: Moore, Patterson, Hankin, Youngster

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