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New York Giants Saturday Morning Storylines: Hotels Near MetLife Stadium Evacuated After Hoax

February 1st, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Super Bowl week has concluded and Super Bowl weekend is now upon us. The first championship game held at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey is only about 36 hours away and people are beginning to get antsy. Unfortunately, people are also trying to get funny and the big news from Friday night was a hoax that caused multiple Hotels in the MetLife Stadium area to be evacuated.

FBI: Suspicious Packages Near MetLife Stadium, Giuliani’s Office Appear to be Harmless

The FBI says suspicious materials discovered in packages delivered Friday to multiple hotels and a deli located less than a mile from MetLife Stadium in New Jersey and to former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s office in Manhattan appear to be harmless.

Giuliani told FOX Sports 1 that the package his office near Rockefeller Center received contained "a non-toxic substance," but that further tests were being done "just to be sure."

"The building is now operating perfectly normally,” Giuliani said.

Police Investigate Cornstarch Hoax at Super Bowl-Area Hotels

Federal and state investigators are poring over the contents of suspicious envelopes delivered in the mail Friday to six hotels in Bergen County and the Manhattan office of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to determine who orchestrated an apparent pre-Super Bowl hoax that disrupted hotel visitors and tied up significant emergency response resources for much of the day.

The envelopes, which arrived at hotels located within a few miles of MetLife Stadium – which will host Super Bowl XLVIII Sunday – not only contained typed letters, but also a whitish granular substance that prompted hotel employees to call police. Initial field tests by the FBI found that the substance is “not likely to be hazardous,” said New Jersey State Police Spokesman Stephen Jones.

Michael Strahan's Hall of Fame Chances Looking Good

There was a sense of shock and disappointment one year ago when Michael Strahan narrowly missed getting elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and many former Giants felt it. But Shaun O’Hara saw a bright side of the snub, and texted it to his former teammate.

“I said ,‘Don’t worry, it’ll be better and even sweeter for you to get it next year with (the Super Bowl) in New York,’ ” the former Giants center said. “Plus, it gives the Hall of Fame an extra year to perfect that gap in his teeth for the bust.”

Former Jet and Giant, Broncos Coach Wants Super Win

Sam Garnes has tasted a Super Bowl appetizer once before as a player. Now, as a coach, he wants the full meal.

“I was on the only Giants team go to a Super Bowl and lose," said Garnes, the former Giants safety now an assistant secondary coach with the Broncos, referring to the loss to the Ravens on Jan. 28, 2001. “Jack [Del Rio, the Broncos defensive coordinator] reminds me of that all the time, because he was Baltimore’s linebackers coach at the time."

Blozis a Giant Hero in Sports and War

Many years back, the Jersey City area commemorated the death of New York Giant and World War II hero Al Blozis with speeches, activities and newspaper articles, especially in The Jersey Journal.

Al Blozis — All-Pro tackle, 1942-44, No. 32 — is included in the Giants Ring of Honor and was named to the NFL's 1940s All-Decade Team. His number was retired.

Pepper Johnson Joins Bills' Coaching Staff

Former New England Patriots assistant coach Pepper Johnson agreed to join the Buffalo Bills' coaching staff Friday, the Bills announced.

Johnson will serve as defensive line coach and work under defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, who was hired last week.

Photo credit: The National Guard / Foter / CC BY


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3 Responses to “New York Giants Saturday Morning Storylines: Hotels Near MetLife Stadium Evacuated After Hoax”

  1.  skinnydoogan says:

    I work one mile from the stadium, the whole area was a real zoo yesterday, I shut down a bit early and sent my staff home, was glad to get out of there.

  2.  skinnydoogan says:

    Was a real cluster, I could not wait to get out of there, I live in Wanaque about 35 miles north of Secaucus where I work, so a normal day is a struggle to get home, this just made it exponentially worse.

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