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New York Giants GM Jerry Reese Says a Few Players May Be Re-Signed Prior to Start of Free Agency

February 1st, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants are poised to have 26 total free agents (28 if the contracts of Corey Webster and Brandon Myers are voided) by the time free agency rolls around. And although they're still in the midst of player evaluation, General Manager Jerry Reese said on Thursday night that they may be able to get a few contracts done prior to the start of free agency.

“This is going to be a saturated free-agent market again it looks like. We might be able to get a few guys done before the regular free agency starts,” Reese said on Thursday night before being honored at the John Wooten Awards. “But we’re still evaluating players and free agents and seeing where our cap situation is going to be. So, we’ll work it out.”

While Reese wasn't specific in who he thinks will re-sign early, some initial speculation is that kicker Josh Brown, running back Andre Brown and safety Stevie Brown — all pending unrestricted free agents — will be three of the players who ink a new deal prior to the start of free agency.

Speaking with Giants 101 earlier this week, Josh Brown said he left his exit meeting with good vibes, adding that he would like to re-sign and is "hopeful" to stick with the Giants for the remainder of his career.

"We left with a great exit meeting and we're allowing them to get done with their evaluations," Brown told Giants 101. "We're hopeful. We're looking forward to being back here next year. That's our plan. We would like to get in with a team — this team — and stay put."

Meanwhile, Stevie Brown said back in early January he expects to be back with the Giants and even revealed that he had already met with Reese, who told the safety the team wanted him to return in 2014.

"I mean, I feel like I'll be back, and I want to be back so it's more so you just have to wait for the process now," Brown said. "Wait for it all to happen upstairs and just go from there."

And, finally, Andre Brown also said in early January that he expects to be back in 2014 and would sign the dotted line immediately if the Giants put a contract in front of him.

“Shoot, I got family up here and everything, I’ll do it tomorrow if you want to,” Brown said.

All signs point to the Brown trio returning in 2014.

Photo Credit: Mike Gannon


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12 Responses to “New York Giants GM Jerry Reese Says a Few Players May Be Re-Signed Prior to Start of Free Agency”

  1.  TuckThis says:

    So only if your name is Brown do you have a good chance of getting a contract. Whatevah!

  2.  skinnydoogan says:

    All three are not going to break the bank, good players, I am good with all three of them back.

  3.  GIANTT says:

    I knowTuck said he would want to try free agncy etc but what about Beason and Joseph ? Any ideas of the likelihood they will be signed ?

  4.  Fran2Eli says:

    I just finished watching the PBS show Frontline. This one was titled “League of Denial”. It is being rebroadcast multiple times today and tomorrow. Check out your local program guide and make an effort to view or record it. I believe it can be viewed on line through the PBS website. This is MUST SEE TELEVISION!!!!!

    (Most certainly do so if you are a parent of a young son.)

  5.  GIANTT says:

    Im only here because I was supposed to go camping but I think its too warm so ….
    eh , I will wait for the next cold snap .

  6.  stuh says:

    The NY Browns, I like all of them. However Andre is never going to be a feature back and one more injury, which according to his history will probably happen this year will end his career.
    They must sign Beason and Joseph. I don’t care about Nicks because he will demand big money and because of his play he last 2 years he doesn’t warrant big bucks. I think Tuck should be back if he doesn’t demand too much dough.
    The biggest needs are the O Line and a running back. I’m not convinced Wilson will be back and if he is he won’t be the answer.

  7.  James Stoll says:

    Eager to see what Reese does this off-season. He is on the hot season after several years of poor drafts and bad FA signings (including paying too much to the wrong people — i.e., the entire offensive line) that led to the debacle of the past 1 and 1/2 seasons.
    We have what looks to be a new offense in the making but those coaches need players, including players who can stay healthy. Whether it is lack of talent or health, the offense needs upwards of 7 new starters (4 O-Linemen, TE, WR, RB). Probably at least 2-3 true new faces will populate the unit starting in September.

    As for defense, same staff, same schemes, but potentially significant personnel changes. The unit could easily lose Tuck, Joseph, Beason and Hill (suspension).
    If all of that were to happen, Reese will really have to strike gold in both the FA and draft to keep the unit somewhat competitive.

    If Reese is able to provide the pieces that allow the Giants to be a 10+ win team next season! he will have resurrected his reputation. Right now that looks like a long shot. Have to wait and see.

    •  James Stoll says:

      Based on the last 1 and 1/2 seasons, the money “presently” iced up in unproductive players, the potential FA exodus, and JR’s overall body of work, the Giants, right now, on paper, look like a 3 to 5 win team in 2014. Too many mistakes for too many years by Reese. Too much misallocated dollars, especially, but not exclusively on the o-line (including a little nepotism). Too many chronically injured players. Too many of our better players FA’s at the same time.
      This really could be a brutal season.

      •  Kettles78 says:

        Last Giant to leave and produce on another team? Meyers, baas bad signings who else am I not thinking of? Considering his draft record can you compare his results vs other teams drafts and their success rate? I still and ticked about the pick of nassib

  8.  stuh says:

    If they loosed Hill and Beason they can kiss the season good by those 2 and Rolle were the backbone of the defense last year.

  9.  stuh says:

    Some of those problems can be blamed on the coaching staff not giving young people a chance starting guys who were stinking out the joint. Son in law has been a waist the last 2 years. Guy’s like Jernigen who looked like a bust but when forced to play looked great, So we can’t blame it only on Reese although he has screwed up with some of his picks and free agents. Baas for example has been a complete bust.

    •  Krow says:

      $nee will really tell us all we need to know about 2014. If they waste another big chunk of cap on him then we’ll know they don’t have what it takes to put together a winner any more. To excel in the NFL you have to be tough … you have to make the difficult decisions … and you have to be heartless. If $nee gets another multi-million dollar free ride then it’ll be very clear they don’t have the stones to forge a contender.

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