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New York Giants Once Asked Soccer Great, Pele, to Be Their Kicker; Legend Tried Out, but Declined

January 31st, 2014 at 12:55 PM
By Doug Rush

There are some people that are synonymous with their sports. Michael Jordan with basketball, Babe Ruth with baseball and Wayne Gretzky with Hockey. In the soccer world, it's Pele — and he nearly made the jump from legendary soccer player to NFL kicker.

During Super Bowl week in New Jersey, the now 73-year-old Pele talked about how after he stopped playing soccer in 1977, he tried out several times for the New York Giants and was even offered an invitation to join the NFL and play for the team, but decided to decline.

"[Kicking] wasn’t too hard for me,” Pele said, but added he just wasn't interested in playing in the NFL.

Pele told the media that he didn't want the added responsibilities of playing for another sport and returning to the sports world after so many years in soccer.

Pele helped the Brazil team win three World Cups in 1958, 1962 and 1970 and scored over 1,200 goals during his playing time.

Photo credit: Fabio Rodrigues Pozzebom/ABr / Foter / CC BY


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5 Responses to “New York Giants Once Asked Soccer Great, Pele, to Be Their Kicker; Legend Tried Out, but Declined”

  1.  JBeast3 says:

    So i was thinking about the WR options incase Nicks does leave ( i hope he stays for about 6-7 mil per) a name that many here will not like is Justin Blackmon. He is just 24 and super talented but is a head case and is currently suspended but he is up for reinstatement and if he is allowed back the giants should look into trading a late round pick say a 4th for him. The Jags might want to unload the head case and take back anything they can get.

    I do not want a WR at 12 or OL unless its Matthews. Ill take Dennard or Gilbert or try and trade down to the 20s and take the best OL available while getting an extra pick.

  2.  jfunk says:

    Look, I don’t make many declarations, but I’m just gonna say this now. Hakeem Nicks has a lot of very good years ahead of him in this league and we’ll be sorry if they aren’t in Blue.

    I’m not guaranteeing he will be worth any price. Whether or not to keep him still comes down to a risk/reward proposition depending on what another team offers him. But whatever team gets him will be happy with his production…whether or not he hinders the roster construction with his price will be the quandary.

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