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Mark Herzlich: Plaxico Burress Made Me Excited About Becoming a New York Giant

January 31st, 2014 at 11:55 AM
By Dan Benton

With his Boston College ties and remarkable story, linebacker Mark Herzlich was immediately a fan favorite in New York. Even prior to signing with the New York Giants, fans were clamoring for Big Blue to add him as an undrafted rookie free agent. And when they did, the celebration was on like they had been given a free bet on World Cup 2014.

What fans may not know however, was that former Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress really sold New York to Herzlich during the NFL's Rookie Symposium, and made the linebacker even more excited about the prospect of playing for the Giants.

"I met Plaxico at the Rookie Symposium called 'The Business of Football' during the lockout," Herzlich said during a recent interview with Linda Cohn. "So Plax was down there and talked to us, and I talked to him a little but after, and Plax was the nicest guy. He was so encouraging. He's one of the reasons I was pretty excited about becoming a Giant. Because the way that he talked about the organization — even after what he went through — spoke volumes about the way the organization is run."

It's not at all uncommon to hear about current or former players praising the New York Giants, team owners and how the organization is run. But, given the situation that transpired with Burress and what many thought were hard feelings between the two sides at the time, it is interesting to hear that Burress spoke so highly of the Giants.

Then again, some of Burress' greatest career moments came as a member of the New York Giants, including one of the most dominating performances you will ever see by a wide receiver in the 2007 NFC Championship Game.

"Plax, in particular, had an amazing year [in 2007]," Herzlich said, adding praise for his NFC Championship Game performance.

It is truly a shame things ended the way they did between the Giants and Burress, but if nothing else, he, the organization and the fans will always have 2007.

Photo credit: tedkerwin / Foter / CC BY


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3 Responses to “Mark Herzlich: Plaxico Burress Made Me Excited About Becoming a New York Giant”

  1.  rlhjr says:

    On the subject of Nicks or any player of note. The nature of this and any other business is you can not let one entity hold your entire agency hostage.
    As much as I side with players, what Tuck and especially Nicks are doing to this team is unfair… the Giants.

    Certain players are your foundation. They are Stallworth’s and are mentally and physically consistent. Outside of the Giants questionable physical fitness program
    (I think they need to emulate Florida States program) at this point Nicks and Tuck are not to be trusted in terms of their mental and physical status.

    Trust me, no one appreciated the contribution of both these players more than I.

    I remember waxing poetic about how Nicks completely dominated the 2011 post season especially at Green Bay and in the Super Bowl where he made catches that required tremendous leaping ability, physicality and hands.
    And he made it look simple which is a sure sign of a truly dominant player. Same for Tuck during the 2007 run and here and there after that.

    It is my opinion that both players are irreparably (chronically) injured.
    And the organization just can not afford to dally about with either man.
    Just say goodbye and perhaps open the door for other talented players.
    The real lesson is no one is irreplaceable. And you may find something better.

    You cant operate with only hope game to game. You have to have something concrete to work with. These guys don’t offer concrete. They are and continue to be question marks.

    They may enjoy rejuvenation with another team. But with this team they seem to be done. My dad gave me some advice with respect to women that I never forgot.
    And in the case of Nicks I think it’s applicable. Nicks (IMO) is already thinking of leaving NY and getting paid.

    Tuck, simply needs to see what he can make on the open market, and decide if he really wants to continue playing football. But he is far from the player he once was mentally and physically. Like I’ve said, Timmy Jernigan is the answer.

    Oh yeah, the advice? “Never wait on a train that’s already left the station”

  2.  Krow says:

    And then Plax offered to sell him an authentic Superbowl jersey at a bargain price.

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