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Eric Inselberg Vs. New York Giants: Read the Entire Lawsuit

January 30th, 2014 at 11:30 AM
By Dan Benton

The big story this morning has been a lawsuit recently filed against the New York Giants by long-time sports memorabilia dealer and collector, Eric Inselberg, which alleges that the Giants have knowingly created and distributed fake "game-used" memorabilia for over a decade. It also alleges that Inselberg attended high-up marketing meetings and acted as a buffer between the Giants and JP Morgan Chase, who are now the "official bank" of the New York Giants, all without compensation or a finders fee.

Further, the lawsuit also details portions of the FBI transcripts with four members of the Giants, including Joe Skiba, Ed Skiba and other members of their locker-room/equipment staff, which set out to detail alleged lies told to federal prosecutors regarding Inselberg, his relationship with the Giants and his involvement with the acquisition and sale of fake "game-used" memorabilia.

The Giants, on Thursday, released the following statement:

"This suit is completely without any merit whatsoever and we will defend it vigorously. We will not otherwise comment on pending litigation."

In total, the 77-page lawsuit covers events dating back to the mid-1990's all the way up until 2013. It can now be read, in full, below:


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2 Responses to “Eric Inselberg Vs. New York Giants: Read the Entire Lawsuit”

  1.  jerseyrich says:

    Jeez, it would have been much better to have just paid this guy off. Like everyone else I would hope there wasn’t legitimacy to this, but there’s obviously something here. The Giants organization, and Eli, are probably going to take a monumental hit over this nonsense. This is one time where I actually hope Eli is as dumb as he looks, and was simply an unwitting participant in this scam.

  2.  Krow says:

    What makes this so awful is that the people involved are incredibly wealthy. Hopefully there’s not much truth in the allegation.

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