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Ex-Giants DT Chris Canty Hosting Champion’s Edition Super Bowl Celebration on Jan. 30th

January 28th, 2014 at 4:00 PM
By Dan Benton

Baltimore Ravens defensive lineman Chris Canty, formerly of the New York Giants, will make his return to New York City on Thursday, January 30th to host a Champion's Edition Super Bowl Celebration that will benefit the Chris Canty Foundation. The event, which will be held at 48 Lounge (1221 Avenue of the Americas), will run from 9:00 PM EST until 3:00 AM EST.

In addition to food, beverage specials and music, guests will have the opportunity to network with a wide-range of business professionals, as well as rub elbow with celebrities and both current and former athletes from across the world of sports.

The event will also feature multiple auctions, on silent, where attendees can bid on great multiple items, including sports memorabilia.

All guests must be 21.

For the past four years, the Chris Canty Foundation has been a vital part of the community. Their fund-raising efforts positively impact the lives of youth in the NY/NJ tri-state area, one child at a time. Your contributions to the Chris Canty Foundation enable them to continue to offer academic enrichment opportunities, health and fitness activities, and community service opportunities to boys and girls of all ages.

For more information or to purchase tickets to the event, of which Sports Media 101 is a media partner, please visit their Super Bowl XLVIII celebration page or their Facebook Events Page. Multiple ticket options are available, but time is running out. We hope to see you there!


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19 Responses to “Ex-Giants DT Chris Canty Hosting Champion’s Edition Super Bowl Celebration on Jan. 30th”

  1.  kujo says:

    BigBlueGiant says:
    January 28, 2014 at 3:57 PM
    Kujo, i said from after 0-4 that we’ll be drafting a WR. And i’m sticking with it. Nicks gone, Randle is good but not great and Cruz is still our guy, And then we have JJ who played very well in games that meant nothing. So im not sold on him either.

    I can also see a stud TE like Ebron. He can go at 12, earlier or later combine pending. I can also possibly seeing us trading the 12th pick back to grab him and load up later in the draft with an extra round pick. I know GOAT hates on the kid, but in McAdoo’s offense a flex TE is crucial. Look at Jermichael Finley. We all know that Robinson or Donnell ain’t the answer.

    I’m all for WR, CB, or DB first pick. TE would suffice. There is no O-line worthy of #12 unless Matthews or Robinson fall.

    That said. I wouldnt be opposed to moving up in Round 2 to grab yankee.

    kujo says:
    January 28, 2014 at 4:08 PM
    I totally, 100% agreed with you at 0-4, and I totally, 100% agree with you now.

    We will select either a big fast WR (ehem…Evans or Benjami) or a defensive back (Gilbert or Dennard).

    I’m not sold on any TE at 12…that’s ludicrously high for ANY player at that position in 2014. I really think we draft one this year in the midrounds–particularly if we net a 3rd/4th round comp pick– or spend a little money on a good one in free agency.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      if Ebron has a steller combine, he’ll jump up draft boards, And could most def land in the top 15.

  2.  stuh says:

    Just putting in my 2 cents on that fat piece of turd Sapp. He and his boy couldn’t shine Strahan’s shoes and mister trash mouth is ticked off because Michael has become what he hoped to be, a TV star and personality. Screw him.
    As for the draft picks if they can’t improve the O Line then drafting the best WR in the world isn’t going to help them. You guys know that football games are won and lost in the trenches.

    •  Kettles78 says:

      Depends on what they do in Free Agency will dictate the draft I would guess. Especially this year since the draft is in May

  3.  Kettles78 says:

    Looking at some of the media day coverage there were some funny questions such as Golden Tate was asked who the most fearsome punter in the NFL is. He laughed and said it’s just a punt. Somebody else asked a player from Seattle if this is a must win game. All of this is take it for what it is and I find them funny but I would like to know if anybody brought up PED use to Carroll and his team. Just curious if it was brought up, how it was responded to.

    •  Kettles78 says:

      I would also ask Sherman to explain the difference between what happened with him and that interview, the getting in Tom Brady’s face, and the Trent Williams issue at the end of the game last year. Just not a Seahawk fan so I want to know these answers. With that said while I am pulling for the Broncos, Seattle has a great chance to win

  4.  jerseyrich says:

    If the Giants really want to go skill position in the 1st (wr, cb, De)….they could easily trade back to about 19-21 and get a very good one. Benjamin should be there…one of dennard and gilbert should be there too.

    With as many clear needs as the Giants have, and as supposedly deep as this draft , I don’t see the importance of picking at 12 unless a true stud happens to fall there. An extra 2nd rounder is huge.

    •  Eric S says:

      Why do you keep insisting that it’s easy to trade down? It isn’t. If no “stud” falls to us at 12 as you say then what’s the incentive for the teams at 19-21 (Mia, AZ, GB) to trade up and sacrifice a 2nd rounder in a draft that us as deep as you claim?

      •  jerseyrich says:

        I didn’t insist it would be easy….in fact, as supposedly a lot of teams are thinking of doing the same thing, it will probably be much more difficult than usual. The hope is that there is a guy on the board at 12 that one of these teams really wants; if you cant do it you cant do it….if you can I think its the smart move. And btw, its not just me claiming the draft is deep…everyone is claiming it. A record number of underclassmen declared his year.

        And I relegated it to picks 19-21 because that is where the trade value is just about even. We could obviously trade back further but then we don’t get the value with just the other teams 2nd rounder and any potential trade would get more complicated.

  5.  skinnydoogan says:

    Was getting ready for a full blown response to Sapp’s rant and realized he is not even worth the effort. He is about as worrisome as a rainy day. I am pretty sure Strahan feels the same way.

  6.  jb322 says:

    I had alot of thoughts going through my brain today. Mostly I was thinking about what the recent Giant coaching moves meant. I think the coaching staff changes talk alot about where the Giants are going in the offseason. First, the firing of Pope has me thinking that the Giants are probably satisfied with their current crop of tight ends and is a philosophical transition within the organization from using tight ends to block to one where they are viewed as passing game threats. Whether you like him or not, this means Meyers is probably coming back. It also decreases the chance of us using a draft pick on a tight end this year. Do you think they really want to trust a number one pick in the hands of Gilbride JR?

    Moving Sean Ryan back to wide receivers coach also significantly increases the chances of bringing back Hakeem Nicks. Could the problem Nicks was having with missed meetings and not reporting to mini camp been due to a rift between Gilbride Jr and him? I don’t think it’s coincidence that his performance nosedived when Jr became the wide reciever coach and it had to have been a big reason why he is no longer WR coach. If this comes to pass, then we won’t be picking a WR at #12 either.

    If WR and TE are off the board then it has to be a guard or CB at #12. I would be happy with either Yankey or Richardson, and I don’t buy the argument that they are reaches at #12. Either one is a starter from day 1, you can’t beat that. It is the only sure fire pick the Giants can make.

    Cornerback would also be a good bet, although none of the cornerbacks I have seen has separated significantly from the pack.

    •  jerseyrich says:

      Sorry, but I have to disagree with that. Anything can happen from now until the draft…but as of today, there is no way in the world either yankey or Richardson are getting picked at 12. Most mocks have them as early 2nd round picks right now. We cannot blow a 12 pick on a guard.

      I do agree that the chances of us picking a TE high are slim and none (unless we got a total gift in the 3rd round) but I also don’t see a way to keep myers with the money he is making. The Giants have to void that contract.

      As of today, unless Mathews or Robinson falls, the giants either need to try and trade down or go skill position. Lee, Evans, and Benjamin may ALL be there at 12. Screw Nicks and the money we would have to pay to retain him. We can get a guard in the 2nd rd (though probably not one of the top 2).

      •  jb322 says:

        Lee or Benjamin might be a good pick, but I don’t see a problem with a guard at 12. Either of the top 2 is better than anything on the roster or anything we could get in free agency. How do you top that? And even if we could find a better one in free agency, it would cost us at least a couple of million.

  7.  jerseyrich says:

    Both are better than what we have….but both could probably be had late in the 1st round at least. There has to be one team down below who’d be willing to give up their 2nd rounder to move up to 12. It might not be in the 19-21 range like I have suggested, but 4-5 picks down im sure youd get a taker. I wouldn’t have a heart attack if we went yankey at 12, but id still feel as if we got gypped off a bit. It does not appear that any of this years guards are in the same league as cooper and warmack were last year. Prior to last year there hadn’t been a top 10 guard pick since 1988.

  8.  GOAT56 says:

    BBG –

    I do think Robinson and/or Donnell could be the answer a TE. 2 years of not playing doesn’t convince me when both players were very raw. However, with the change in offense I do see Ebron as a possibility. I was definitely not a fan of his fit into the old offense but moving into this new modified offense his selection would make more sense. I still doubt he’s worth that type of pick but now it could work. I don’t think a healthy Finley would be worth the 12h pick and that’s what I see Ebron as. I don’t feel as strongly as I did before but I still rather pick Jenkins at #42 or another TE later. The player I still don’t like is Evans because he just has written all over him IMO.

    Unlike most giant fans I do think Sapp has some fair critiques of Strahan as a player. I just think saying Rice is better when he didn’t play the run and played with great players is wrong. Sapp is also wrong by not conceding Strahan is a HOF. I know I’m in the small minority here but I do think Sapp was a better player. But both are clearly HOFers.

    While I think there are fair concerns about our WRs I think fixing the OL, Eli, TEs and the RBs are all more important. We need some much needed depth of talent at WR but it doesn’t need to come from a first rounder or a premium free agent.

    •  stuh says:

      I agree about the need for fixing the other positions before WR, but how are they fixing Eli? He is in his 11th year. The system and OL may fix him but he is not going to get better because of a new QB coach.
      As for Sapp I’m not as much of a homer as a lot of the guys around here, but I think that Strahan is the best DE the Giants ever had and I’ve seen a lot of them. I don’t think Sapp was a better player then him. Additionally he is a total a hole and therefore his opinion is meaningless.

  9.  stuh says:

    As for these mock drafts most of them are useless and especially at this time of the year. Talking heads like Mayock and other blow hardship get a few obvious picks right and become gurus.

    •  jerseyrich says:

      That’s true. But after you go through about 40 or so different mocks on a weekly basis (with commentary), you begin to get a pretty decent idea of who the best players are and where (roughly) they are going to fall through the first couple of rounds. Walter football mock draft database is a good assortment of a ton of different mocks all on one site. Im pretty mocked out until after the combines.

  10.  stuh says:

    That’s blowhards.

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