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Team Rice Vs. Team Sanders: NFL Pro Bowl Gameday

January 26th, 2014 at 5:30 PM
By Dan Benton
NFL Pro Bowl
Jan. 26th, 2014
Team RiceTeam Sanders
Game Details
Time: 7:30 PM EDT
Stadium: Aloha Stadium (Honolulu, HI)
Broadcast: NBC
Game Conditions
Weather: Showers
Temperature: 74°F – 77°F
Wind: NW 8-12 MPH
Key Players
Drew Brees
LeSean McCoy
Josh Gordon
Robert Quinn
Vontaze Burfict
Antrel Rolle
Andrew Luck
Jamaal Charles
A.J. Green
Ndamukong Suh
Darrelle Revis
Eric Berry

Player/Coach Quotes:

Brandon Marshall:

"[Deion Sanders] couldn't guard me and those DB's [he] picked couldn't guard me."

Drew Brees:

"What it comes down to is just pride — pride in your effort and your performance."

Jerry Rice:

"Deion I would beat you down like the old days! We can suit up but it would be very painful for you!"


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2 Responses to “Team Rice Vs. Team Sanders: NFL Pro Bowl Gameday”

  1.  Dirt says:

    Nosh brought up a really good point this weekend:

    Diehl played both right tackle and left tackle for us. Same guy, same physical skills, both ends of the line.

    Tyron Smith started every game as a rookie at right tackle, then moved to left tackle.


  2.  jerseyrich says:

    Im thinking that the idea that Beatty cant possibly move to RT is getting a bit overblown. If Mathews or Robinson are there at 12 and the giants pass on them because they “already have a LT”, then shame on Reese. Even Lewan is starting to get projected in the top 15. If the 2 big tackles, along with barr clowney and watkins are all gone at 12, then the Giants need to seriously consider trying to trade down 8-10 spots. There will probably be 3 quality guards and 1 or 2 good tackles available in the 19-21 spots, and we’d get an extra 2nd rounder.

    (word is, due to the depth in this draft, that several teams are looking to trade down in the 1st round)

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