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New York Giants Offensive Lineman David Diehl Announces Retirement from NFL After 11 Years

January 24th, 2014 at 4:14 PM
By Doug Rush

It was widely expected following the 2013 season that longtime New York Giants offensive lineman David Diehl would announce his retirement from the NFL. On Friday, the 33-year-old did just that.

The longest tenured member of the Giants announced his retirement from the league after 11 years in the NFL and winning two Super Bowls with the team; one in 2007 and the other in 2011, both of which he was a starting offensive lineman for in each season.

Following his announcement, Diehl said one of the hardest things about his walking away from the game was how his seven-year old daughter Addison would take her father not playing football anymore.

“It’s not very easy for my daughter to talk about me retiring and not playing football,” Diehl said. “The Giants are just as much family to her as they are to me. She’s been going to the games and at seven years old, she understands everything. She understands the game and the players and how important it is to play in the NFL. For her, my stepping away from something she loves as much as I do is not an easy thing.”

Diehl was a former fifth-round pick out of the University of Illinois back in the 2003 NFL Draft by the Giants and became a fixture of the line in his rookie season, starting in all 16 games. During his career, he played all over the line from left tackle in 2007 to right guard, which is where he played in his final season in 2013; a spot he ended up taking over for when Chris Snee went on season-ending injured reserve following an early season hip injury.

Before the 2013 season, Diehl was a candidate to be cut from the team due to his high salary, but because of his experience and the Giants need for lineman to protect Eli Manning, the team worked out a deal in which Diehl took a pay cut in order to stay with the Giants; a move that ended up working out for the season given that four starters on the offensive line were put on season-ending IR during the year. When he spoke about his career, Diehl talked about how much he loved the sport and felt like a very fortunate person in his 11 years.

“I love football,” Diehl said. “I love being in the game, I love watching film, I love doing all of that and I’m going to miss that aspect of it. But I know I’m ready to start the new and next chapter of my life. I’m ready to not only be a bigger part of my daughter’s life, but I’m ready to spread my knowledge and help other people with the game and continue to do stuff throughout our community and charity work and be involved with the New York Giants in any way possible. I’ve accomplished everything I could possibly dream of as a football player. If in 2003, anyone would have said that Dave Diehl, a fifth-round draft pick out of Illinois, would win two Super Bowls, play in the Pro Bowl and win every single Giant award possible, people would have said you’re crazy. I have a lot to be proud of.”

With Diehl now retiring, the only remaining offensive lineman from the team's Super Bowl XLII team is Snee and his status for 2014 is up in the air because of his health.

We at Giants 101 would like to wish Diehl well in retirement and would like to congratulate him on a successful career which featured two Super Bowl championships.

Photo credit: alexa627 / / CC BY


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7 Responses to “New York Giants Offensive Lineman David Diehl Announces Retirement from NFL After 11 Years”

  1.  Krow says:

    He’s had an exceptional career … and was an exceptional team-first player who gave it his all. I hope he does well.

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    I’m a charter member of the David Diehl fan club. Love the guy and his attitude and wish him well. Forget these late years, except for the fact that he was willing to do whatever it took to help the team. Its time for he and Chris Snee to move on, but they were both players who helped win two rings (were, in fact, pretty crucial contributors) and we should all be very grateful for that.

    Give me more players like Diehl and BJ who bleed blue and want to stay part of this team forever.

  3.  jerseyrich says:

    Another great Giant career comes to and end. He was a total pro…he does have a lot to be proud of career-wise, and also, he didn’t force the Giants hand in the matter at the end. Hopefully his buddy Snee takes note.

  4.  kujo says:

    I tip the cap to my old nemesis. Glad he’s retiring…should’ve happened sooner than this. But there’s never been any doubt about his grit, or his attitude.

  5.  stuh says:

    I was a big fan of D.D. but it was time for him to go. They will miss his toughness.

  6.  jfunk says:

    Great Giant. Absolutely amazing career, especially for a 5th round pick.

    The fact that a guy who was never the best athlete declined after a decade in the league is nothing to hold against him. Would have been great if he were strictly depth his last few years. The fact that we had to rely on him as a starter is management’s fault, not his.

  7.  rlhjr says:

    Outstanding football player. Parcells would have sat him down and spoken to him way in advance of this. He made sure to let all his guys know when it was time.

    That said, this is the type of player you want/need on your side. A fighter pure and simple.

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