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New York Giants’ Antrel Rolle, Will Hill & Mark Herzlich Named to PFF’s All-NFC East Team

January 22nd, 2014 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

As offseason awards continue to roll out, many members of the New York Giants have been finding themselves left off of ballots — such is life in New York when your team finishes with a 7-9 record. However, safeties Antrel Rolle and Will Hill have been the exception to the rule, with both earning a variety of offseason awards.

Rolle, of course, has been the more decorated of the two with a Thurman Munson Award, a Second Team All-Pro honor, as well as a trip (however delayed it may have been) to the 2014 NFL Pro Bowl. Additionally, he, like Hill, were also named to ESPN's All-NFC East Team with teammates Cullen Jenkins and Justin Tuck.

Now the duo can also add Pro Football Focus honors, as the safeties have been named to the 2013 PFF All-NFC East Team.

"The Giants’ duo makes up our pair of safeties for the NFC East team. Will Hill was second only to New England’s Devin McCourty in our overall safety rankings allowing just a single touchdown all season and only 186 passing yards. He wasn’t beaten for a completion longer than 25 yards all season long and graded well against the run too. Antrel Rolle finally lived up to much of the hype that has surrounded him for years. He graded inside the Top 10 of our safety rankings and is asked to do a lot more in terms of underneath coverage than a lot of other safeties across the league. Quarterbacks targeting Rolle this season had a passer rating of just 43.1."

While both Tuck and Jenkins were left off this version of the All-NFC East Team, the Giants did have a third player named … and it was one you may not have expected.

Linebacker Mark Herzlich also took home a PFF All-NFC East Team honor, having been named to the team due to his outstanding performance on Special Teams.

"This Giant prevents a Dallas clean sweep of the special teamers, notching 10 special teams tackles and three assists for the season."

Herzlich, of course, was grateful for this honor.

"Blessed to see my name with some of the greats on this list," he tweeted.

Photo credit: BigBlueCowboy via photobucket cc


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15 Responses to “New York Giants’ Antrel Rolle, Will Hill & Mark Herzlich Named to PFF’s All-NFC East Team”

  1.  JimStoll says:

    alas, being named to the All-NFC East team is akin to being the tallest midget

  2.  jfunk says:

    FF55 – lol, thanks for reminding me about Romo’s butterfingers on a FG so short it was effectively a PAT during that Seattle playoff game. I don’t know how I forgot such a great memory.

    To top it all off, he was well within reach of the 1st down marker when he got tackled…all he had to do was stretch the ball out. An epic choke and only the first of many to follow.

  3.  Eric S says:

    Man I hope Will Hill can keep it together off the field. Herzlich is RFA I believe. Have no problems tendering him. Solid special teamer and cheap depth at LB

    •  jfunk says:

      Agreed. Could be a Blackburn-ish type player for us. Smart enough to line him up (probably at any LB spot) and know he won’t kill you with mistakes. Can probably help younger players on the field too, but will always be limited physically so you’ll always want to try to find somebody else that can keep him on the sideline.

      Those are great kinds of players to fill gaps in your roster in between the stars and the young/potential guys. As long as he’s willing to do it on the cheap, he can play on my team for a long time.

      •  WellingtonsGhost says:

        I was one of Herzlich’s biggest supporters after Conner went down but watching him play LB is a no go aside from the goalline. Paralysis by analysis, way too timid out there as a LB. Watching him play and then Beason is like night and day. Beason is moving a hundred miles an hour all the time. Herzlich looked lost. Special teamer is all.

  4.  Krow says:

    Next week they’ll name the All NY Giants team. We should have several players make it.

  5.  skinnydoogan says:

    I would like to name Jim Stoll to the “all angry” team

  6.  fanfor55years says:

    Look, I know this season was a disaster, but let’s not get too cynical. Those two safeties were the Real Deal this season and if Hill keeps his nose clean he’s going to be the best in the NFL at that position.

    And yes, Mark Herzlich was a beast in kick coverage this season and played his heart out when many would have sulked about their inability to get on the field. Like others have said, a good depth player. And in a pinch, I wouldn’t mind his seeing some playing time. He’ll never be a star, but a “Blackburn-like” player? Why not? That represents value.

    jfunk, yep, that play will forever cast Tony Romo as Chokmo. And while I actually think he’s probably not a bad kid, he certainly has lived up to that reputation for a long time. Much to all fans of the Giants’ delight.

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