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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hire Jason Licht as Next General Manager; Marc Ross Passed Over

January 21st, 2014 at 1:30 PM
By Dan Benton

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have hired Jason Licht as their next General Manager, reports Jay Glazer of FOX Sports. The decision comes on the heels of both Licht and New York Giants Vice President of Player Evaluation, Marc Ross, being named finalists for the position. Each received a second interview with the team prior to the hiring or Licht.

In addition to Ross and Licht, who previously acted as the Arizona Cardinals' Vice President of Player Personnel, the Buccaneers also interviewed Atlanta Falcons Director of Player Personnel Lionel Vital, Tennessee Titans Vice President of Player Personnel Lake Dawson and Washington Redskins Director of Pro Personnel Morocco Brown.

Meanwhile, Ross was also previously under consideration for the Miami Dolphins GM job, but things on that front seem to have fallen silent as their search continues.

Last year, Ross interviewed with the New York Jets, Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers for their general manager jobs but was not hired. Ironically enough, Ross' former colleague with the Giants, Dave Gettleman, was hired by the Panthers.

Ross first joined the Giants on May 18, 2007 and organized his first draft the following year. During his tenure as Director of College Scouting, the Giants have found draft gems in Terrell Thomas, Hakeem Nicks, Linval Joseph, Will Beatty, Jason Pierre-Paul, Prince Amukamara, Jacquian Williams, David Wilson and Rueben Randle to name a few.

In late May of last year, Ross was promoted to Vice President of Player Evaluation after his GM interviews fell through.


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9 Responses to “Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hire Jason Licht as Next General Manager; Marc Ross Passed Over”

  1.  GOAT56 says:

    Of all the players we drafted in the top 3 rounds under JR the player I had the least confidence in was Beckum. I was never a fan. I always said some underestimated just how small this guy was for even an HB. He was 235, at that weight you have to be dynamic and Beckum was never close. Yes, we could have designed the offense to get Beckum some catches but why when having him on the field is a dead give away? I has hope for Beckum just because he was on our team but never any signs he was even a JAG. Everyone forgets this guy hasn’t been picked up by another team even guys like Kehl got other chances.

    Sintim is a player that was injured too much to get on the coaching staff. I think he would have been used in a similar way to Kiwi if he were ever healthy. Before his last injury he was showing some signs too.

    We just got a big reprieve with Ross. Eventually we will lose him but given how important this draft will be for us to lose him and probably some scouts as well would have hurt us this year maybe more than others with so many underclassmen that need further examination.

    •  jfunk says:

      Agreed. Unlike Sintim this guy wasn’t just misused, he simply wasn’t any good.

      The problem with Beckum is that he was so incredibly inept at blocking that no defense would buy him as a potential blocker, so they’d just assign a DB to him every time. And a DB could beat him whether he tried to block or run a route, so no match up problem.

      Could you create some specific plays for the purpose of freeing Travis Beckum up in space? Yeah, but why would you? Those plays would be better designed to free up any one of the other receivers on the roster.

      •  rlhjr says:

        The fact that Sintim and Beckum were not studs is not what’s in question.
        The question is why were players of that particular skill set D-R-A-F-T-E-D
        when the team so obviously did not have roles for those type of players?

        Answer; Pissing contest right after the two kids were brought in.
        Result; Wasted draft choices.
        Reason; Lack of communication.

        No matter if you feel Beckum or Sintim were talented or not, their attributes did not match the type of football the Giants played. And now we have Moore who is pretty clearly a 34 rush linebacker. He weighs less than Sintim and could be a better pass rusher. But his natural size and weight is not what the Giants look for in a DE.
        Lets be real shall we?

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    I think Marc Ross is good. But given what has been happening on this team over the past few years, with clear mismatches of draftees with the schemes the coaches run, it’s hard to believe that teams haven’t been a bit reluctant to take a chance on him.

    Frankly, I think Reese and Ross adjusted their thinking ahead of where Tom Coughlin was, and there was no way that in a battle for John Mara’s blessing Tom wasn’t going to win every time right up to the point this season when at 0-6 it’s impossible to believe Mara didn’t start to think seriously about his commitment to everyone on the team. Continuity is great, unless it’s just continuing to do things that don’t work, and that’s really where things wound up over the past two seasons. I’m not sure anyone is really at fault here. Hard to fault coaches who just won a title thinking they could simply keep doing the things they had done, only better. Hard to fault the guys who brought in some terrific draft picks only to see many of them injured, a few misused by the coaches, and one potentially great one (Nicks) decide to worry more about contracts than about winning.

    I think that now all bets are off and everyone really is subject to close scrutiny from now to the close of the 2014 season. I think if Jerry Reese doesn’t have a good off-season, and if Marc Ross doesn’t organize a good draft (especially drafting at what for this team is a very high position) they are both in serious jeopardy of being fired. I think Tom Coughlin cannot survive another dismal season where his team is the less physical one each week and winds up missing the playoffs again.

    What we’ve just witnessed was just a modest alteration. But without a much better season that points in the right direction I truly believe John Mara will tear the house down and start building with a different foundation. And if it’s the case that he isn’t sold right now on Ross, what were the chances that someone else would take the leap? Like I said, I think he’s very good. But the proof will be in the pudding now. His draft picks in May and those from last April MUST play significant roles on a much-improved team in 2014. The owner demands it. As he should.

    •  JimStoll says:

      I agree with most of this
      JR rode the 2007 draft for a long time, even though that draft turned out to be more about the singular year of its happening than any long term contribution of top notch players

      right now the team just isn’t very good talent wise, and it has a lot of money tied up in unproductive places
      there is a lot to fix and precious few dollars to do it with
      if we don’t see Snee released soon we’ll have our first indication that things are not headed in the right direction for 2014

  3.  JBeast3 says:

    So i have been looking at multiple mock draft and began to think who should the giants take at 12? IMO i think if the top 11 picks go as expected where QBs OTs LBs are taken along with Clowney the giants need to take CB Dennard or trade down to the 20s pick up an extra pick.

    To take Dennard in the first will transform the giants defense from average to above average. We would have 2 good CBs capable of taking on number 1 wrs. This way PF could get more aggressive with his schemes knowing his CBs can handle them selves on an island.

  4.  JBeast3 says:

    I know some are worried the Giants are heading back to the 70s giants, but lets think about it how many holes does the team really have?

    QB: Set
    RB: Need 2 maybe 3 if Wilson cant make it back
    WR: Need 1 doesn’t need to be a star
    OL: In reality, 2 starting Gs are need (should be above average to good) and a C thats capable of starting in case of Baas injury.
    DE: Set, i can roll with Moore, JPP, Kiwi and Jenkins
    DT: Set if we resign Joseph and Patterson
    LB: need 1 if we resign Beason
    CB: Need 1 starter, I’m ok with Hosely and McBride as nickel and dime
    S: Set

    So we really need 8-10 players if we resign Joseph and Beason.

    My plan:
    Sign: G Asamoah and Geff Schwartz (or Wade Smith) C Evan Dietrich-Smith, WR Manningham, TE Andrew Quarless, RB Andre Brown and Gerhart.

    1 Dennard
    2 A OG Richardson
    3 LBer
    4 OL

    •  GOAT56 says:

      Good plan. There are tweaks about the basic idea is correct.

      QB: We really need Nassib to be the backup. As important as McAdoo is to returning Eli to form he’s also important to developing Nassib. If Nassib is our backup the next 3 years his pick isn’t the waste of a pick that many proclaim he was.

      RB: We need 3 because we can’t count on Wilson. It can be a later round pick or a JAG type vet but we need 3 RBs with 2 being capable of starting.

      DE: Jenkins I don’t think is a 4-3 DE for more than a pinch on running downs. We need a 4th DE. I guessing 2 out of 3 between Tuck, Kiwi and a mid to late round draft pick.


      LB is being addressed to early and WR not nearly early enough. I agree a new WR does have to be a huge contributor in 2014 but we need a young WR for better depth and possible as Jernigan’s replacement in 2015.

      •  James Stoll says:

        While I don’t disagree with the catalogue of needs per se, I take issue with the implicit assumption that it’s easy to pick up 8-10 upgrades in a single season.
        There are also a couple of needs not mentioned or not emphasized correctly, in my opinion.
        OT. — after last season I don think you can count on Beatty. He was beyond dreadful as a player and suffered what looked to be a very bad leg break. I haven’t heard how bad since then, don’t know if they had to pin him back together or what. But he’s not going to have much if any offseason to speak of. He’s always been on the soft side to begin with and with this break I don’t see him getting bigger, stronger, or improved in his technique by standing around on crutches. Although we have a ton of poorly allocated dollars tied up in him and that may mean he starts next year and beyond, right now he’s a big liability that will haunt Eli and this offense next season.

        C — Baas as the starter is another unpleasant thought. The guy has not been healthy since he arrived 3 seasons ago, and he’s never been anything other than a disappointment. He’s over 30 and he’s not going to suddenly transform into a top player. Again, poorly allocated dollars and the absence of any other center on the team, likely means he starts again, but that’s another haunt for Eli and the offense. He and Beatty together mean the left side of the offense is shot before it starts.

        G — I agree 2 guards are sorely needed and that starts by releasing Snee. When is the last date that can happen that financially benefits the team? Whenever that is, if that doesn’t happen, look out, because the Giants need to bring in one super stud LG to compensate as much as possible for Beatty/Baas, and one solid RG to fit in next to Pugh.

        RB — Agree we likely need up to 3 guys that are reliably healthy and solid runners and receivers. In the MacAdoo scheme, the RB has to be a pass catcher too. Andre Brown fits the bill and I really like the kid, but by now we know that he’s made of glass. No way he can reliably carry the brunt of the action for a season and not go down. Wilson is a mystery. Will he be healthy? If he is, can he cut it in the NFL? So far the early returns say no. He looks skittish, indecisive and overwhelmed. How will his mind be with a his neck issue rattling around in it? I would draft an RB in the 4th or later if the talent is there and give MacAdoo a young healthy guy to mold from the get-go.

        TE — Of all the positions, I don’t think you mentioned this. We need at least two, and one of them has to be more than a bum. We all are still waiting on Robinson to play so we can see if there is any there there, but it doesn’t look good. Coughlin did not have a guy at TE over the past 2 years that was one of his guys, like Diehl or Snee. It must be that Robinson needs lots and lots of work if he is ever to materialize. Last season he was hurt the entire year until the very last game, and then he gets hurt on the opening kick-off. Doesn’t look reliable. Donnell looks fat and slow. Meyers was a bad signing and will cost a ton to keep; if JR doesn’t release him, he should release himself. A bad signing that will become an albatross if not cut loose. This will likely need to be a FA fix this season and possibly a draft fix next.

        WR – With MacAdoo as the OC, this position becomes an interesting question. We know we have Cruz and that he will rise to the occasion. After that we have big questions. Randal has been erratic as all get out. The question is whether he just couldn’t manage mentally Gilbride’s allegedly overly complex system, or whether he’s just one of those guys who gives you a stinker play for every good one. If he’s mentally challenged, will learning a new system, even an ostensibly simpler one, be something he can handle? Only time will tell, but penciling him in as the No. 1 receiver doesn’t fill me with confidence. Everyone is now on the Jernigan bandwagon Asa result of his play in the final 3 weeks of the season, and I hope everyone is right; but stats amassed in garbage games with the season effectively over and what little concern defenses had turned towards Victor, is less than a convincing resume. There is also no descent depth behind these 3. So the team really needs one quality guy and 2 upgrades for the 5 and 6.

        By my count there are upwards of 7 starters and upwards of 8 backups that the offense needs to be truly transformed. To be better enough to compete, they need at least 4 new starters (2 guards, a TE, an RB) and a prayer (LT).

        Defense presents a different set of issues because of all the starters from last year who need to be re-signed.

        DL – Before we know what we will be, we have to figure out Tuck and Joseph. If we don’t sign either, we suddenly have big gaps. With JPP now coming off two seasons of serious injuries, it becomes an open question whether he can be relied on as a fixture into the future. Kiwi has never developed (or been allowed to develop) into a stud DE. Moore didn’t play enough to know what we have there. Given how well he played this past year, you can argue signing Tuck is a necessity. But of course he’s had myriad injury problems and most had written him off prior to this season for that reason. With limited resources, can JR invest here with the injury worry looming so large?

        Joseph had a horrible 2012 but a very good 2013. Having Jenkins at his side, with guys like Patterson and Rodgers and occasionally Hankins to sub in, helped tremendously. Ideally, keeping Joseph and having him and Hankins side by side would be ideal. Hankins flashed during 2013 enough to make you think he will be a player. Having a 4th year and 2d year player side-by-side would be comforting going forward.

        LB – the other piece of the defensive puzzle that we don’t know yet is Beason. Will he be re-signed? What a remarkable transformation the defense underwent once he arrived. He seems to have overcome his injuries, which is remarkable (if a little unsettling) all in itself. Can we afford him though? Again, we have a ton of money wasted along the O-Line, and another bigger ton tied up in Antrel and Eli. Whether we can find the necessary dollars for Beason is unclear. But if we don’t, our LB unit immediately returns to liability status and lots of help will be needed.

        CB – by now everyone agrees CWebb is done and needs to be replaced. Everyone also seems to agree that Hosely isn’t that guy. And TT for all his grit determination and perseverance just doesn’t look to have the speed to be the starter any longer. So we are a man short here. That is a draft fix for sure. One can argue over which round, but top 3 no doubt. (By the way, for what it’s worth, I am less sold on Prince than most seem to be based on comments. He’s pretty good, but a big notch below the top corners. He is not a big hitter, doesn’t blanket his receiver overly much, susceptible to getting burned on the slants. Not a bad player at all, a starter for sure, just not a shutdown guy).

        S — The last piece of this puzzle is Will Hill. Will Will be suspended again? What is the depth behind him? Mundy? Taylor? Nothing to inspire in those two this far. Stevie Brownoff his ACL? Dicey. Plus he could never cover to begin with. Crazy nose for the ball though, and great return after the pick skills. If Antrel and Hill are healthy and give us a full season, this is a strong unit. If Hill has to spot us a month for the third straight year, well — let’s just say we’ve seen that movie before.

        The other big question mark is our perennial Achilles heal — Special Teams. Why are we always so bad on every side of the return game? We can’t return a punt to save our lives. We thought we had a kick returner in Wilson 2 seasons ago, but that is gone now, and to the extent the kick return remains a part of the game, nothing there. But worse yet, we can’t defend the return. What was it? 4 TD returns last year? How many big returns on top of that (big being measured as 15+ on a punt; 40+ on a kickoff).
        If we are bad because of coaching, we will stay that way I guess because Quinn appears to be going nowhere. If there is another reason, how do they fix it?

        So as I said at the outset, I don’t disagree with all the needs you identified, but I think your characterization of how easy it will be to fix them in one season is overly optimistic.

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