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New York Giants Co-Owner John Mara Has Yet to Discuss Contract Extension for Tom Coughlin

January 21st, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Doug Rush

The future of New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin has been a very popular topic of discussion dating back to the summer and the pre-season for a number of reasons.

The obvious reason to wonder about his future is his age; as he's currently 67-years-old and the oldest current head coach in the NFL and by the time the 2014 season kicks off, he will have celebrated his 68th birthday, but when you hear Coughlin speak, he doesn't sound like a guy ready to fully trade in the headset and whistle for the rocking chair and be called grandpa instead of coach.

The other is the season the Giants just came off of; a 7-9 campaign and the first losing year for Coughlin since his first year with the team back in 2004, but the team did start out 0-6 and finished on a 7-3 run, so if anything, Coughlin really had to dig down deep to keep a team competitive with a laundry list of players on injured reserve and the others who were on the field playing inconsistently for the most part. Despite the 7-3 finish to the year, it marks as the fourth time in five years where Coughlin has failed to make the postseason with the Giants.

Despite all of that, Coughlin was given the green light following the 2013 season to come back for next year as he not only stated that he wanted to come back, but Giants co-owner John Mara also wanted Coughlin to come back for next season and hopes he can rebound from the extremely disappointing season.

With one year left on the contract that he signed just after winning Super Bowl XLVI two years ago, Mara spoke on the Mike Lupica Show of ESPN and said that while he has yet to discuss a potential contract extension with Coughlin, it is something that is on his agenda of things to do for the upcoming year.

"In terms of Tom’s future, we haven’t even had that discussion yet," Mara said on Lupica's show Monday. "He’s obviously going to be our coach here next year and hopefully for longer than that, but we haven’t sat down to even talk about that yet. I think he’s just focused on getting the team ready for next year, and sometime in the future we will sit down and talk about that."

The Giants have always had a rule in place to never have a coach who is considered a "lame duck coach" who is working without a deal and it is very likely that Mara could sign him to a one-year extension before the start of the season; something he's done several times in the past with Coughlin.


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9 Responses to “New York Giants Co-Owner John Mara Has Yet to Discuss Contract Extension for Tom Coughlin”

  1.  Krow says:

    Tom’s here till HE decides to leave. Deal with it.

    •  Nosh.0 says:

      Na. He’ll be gone if he misses the playoffs next year. Despite what many scarred Giants fans think, the 70′s aint coming back.

  2.  Eric S says:

    Let him coach out under his last year. I know Mara isn’t a fan of having a coach under the lame-duck status but I think it’s warranted here. The 2 Super Bowls kept him from being fired after this disastrous year. We’ve missed the playoffs too much lately for him to get an extension. Plus, I think it puts the lifetime members of the Coughlin country club on notice as well. Looking at guys like you Pascoe.

  3.  Nosh.0 says:

    So apparently Goodell is thinking about doing away with PAT’s. Can’t say I agree or disagree with the guy. I also can’t knock the idea of forward thinking. But doesn’t it seem like every month this commissioner wants to change something about the game. It’s gotten to the point where you almost can’t help but roll your eyes regardless of the idea he has, just because he has a new one every few weeks. Bad PR on his part.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    For about the tenth time I will say it: There is absolutely no reason to extend Tom Coughlin’s contract. The whole lame duck thing is irrelevant when you are talking about a man who commands as much respect from his team as does he.

    Now, if Mara wants to do it as a gesture and as a way of giving Tom a going away gift for past services if he is asked to retire after the 2014 season, then that’s fine. But I think it is folly to assure Coughlin another 3-4 years at the helm before seeing how much he can adjust in 2014. The truth is simple: This guy is a terrific inspirational leader and contributed mightily to two championships and is therefore deserving of great respect and gratitude on the part of everyone associated with the Giants, including the fans BUT his systems on offense and defense, the quality of players that have been brought in (with his influence), and the way those players have been used, are tired and in need of real change. If TC can show he can make a second great adjustment (the first forced on him before the 2007 season) then let’s give him a chance to play it out a few years,but otherwise 2014 should be his last season at the helm and it’s time to move on.

    Contract extension be damned.

  5.  rlhjr says:

    What I really hope is Mara is not adverse to having a coach in waiting.
    Whoever takes over when Papa Tom leaves needs to see the operation and make improvement/consessions and not try to fix what is not broken.

    The team needs fresh input and a hot-line into the collage ranks so that they can better select talent. And most of all solid communication between coaching, coordinators and GM. Even if your plan is bad, you really epic fail when everyone is marching to a different drummer.

    REPOST from previous thread:
    You don’t select players like Beckum and Sintim and find no usage for them.
    This was a basic philosophical disconnect. Not to mention being painfully obvious.

    The team has an MO and the plays selected should fit that MO. Anything less is bad communication disconnect between GM and coaches.
    It’s not like Beckum or Sintim either one were going to be HOF’ers.
    But they were not fits for the way this team did offensive/defensive business. So whatever potential either kid had was derailed by sloppy management on the part of the Giants organization.

    To say they weren’t any good is disingenuous. To say they weren’t any good in this environment is more to the point.

    Belichick has issues with Welker. So his take on the play is expected.
    Crossing patterns are designed to confuse and if possible “pick” off defenders trying to cover in man situations. Pick plays are simply cheating.
    Belichick also has one hell of a hot girlfriend. Off topic but true.

    And the NFL is going to subject illegal hits to a second (video) opinion.
    Guess Goddell got tired of being called out on his obtuse stance what constitutes a legal hit.

    In addition his 95 year old millionaire referees don’t have the visual acuity to make that call. In fact a 35 year old would have a hard time seeing a receiver duck just before a defender made contact. Or the play that cost the 49′ers a game against the Saints. What BS.

    Better to get it right instead of destroying the integrity of the game. Let’s see what else Rodger can UNSCREW that was perfectly fine before he arrived.

  6.  JimStoll says:

    If I had to bet right now, I’d bet on the Giants finishing under .500 next season and missing the playoffs for the third straight season, 5th out of the last 6th.
    There are just so many holes on the the team – 6 spots on the offense alone to believe the giants can fill them all in this off season.
    One would think Tom would have to go after that.

    •  jfunk says:

      I’ll have to wait to see what this team looks like in August before hazarding a guess, but I think some of the general hand wringing over the number of holes on the roster is overblown.

      Yes those holes are myriad, but they don’t ALL have to be filled to return the team to competitiveness. The teams that won it all had plenty of holes too.

      Finding 3-4 good players on the offensive line may take more than one year, but doing so should provide an excellent line rather than just a decent one. Finding two good players should be enough to elevate the line to decent, which should translate into much improved overall offense.

      •  JimStoll says:

        I think you are under-estimating the fact that we are shy 3, maybe 4 O-Linemen (4 given Beatty’s 2013 performance and injury), a TE, a RB and a WR.
        In addition, we may lose our best DT, we may not re-sign Tuck, we’ve yet to re-sign Beason, we need a replacement (most likely) for Webster, and we don’t know what JPP’s health status will look like.
        On top of that, when you look at last season’s record, don’t be fooled by the 7 wins; 4 came against back-up QBs, 3 against 3d string QBs. Only 1 game was against a team playing for something at the time — Detroit. And in that one Megatron was effectively only a decoy.
        The defense never held up a single time against a starting offense of any competence.

        Unfortunately, the team is a long long way away from being seriously competitive. It’s not all Tom’s fault; a lot falls on JR for assembling what has turned out to be a pretty motley crew. But until proven otherwise, it looks like an awful lot to fix in one off-season.

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