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New York Giants’ Justin Pugh Undergoes Successful Thumb Surgery

January 20th, 2014 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants may not have impressed as a whole during the 2013 season, but one of their bright spots was rookie offensive lineman Justin Pugh. Not only was Pugh the Giants' first first-round pick to start all 16 games since Lawrence Taylor did it in 1981, but he was also the highest graded first-round tackle by Pro Football Focus and was named to the Pro Football Writers of America's All-Rookie Team.

But playing in the NFL comes at a price — even when you're successful. And, much like his teammate David Diehl, Pugh faced offseason thumb surgery, which was completed successfully on Monday morning.

"Surgery on my thumb went great. Procedure was nothing major. Hanging out now waiting to go home," Pugh tweeted on Monday.

Although Pugh didn't detail exactly what was done to his thumb, a few short weeks of rest and rehab are all that's likely ahead for him. After that, it should be smooth sailing for him as he enters his second offseason with the team.

What lies ahead for Pugh becomes the real question. There's been much speculation about him moving inside to guard, but it's nothing he's given too much thought to. However, shortly after their 7-9 season ended, Pugh came right out and said he's willing to do whatever the Giants ask of him, even if it means switching position.

“I think I could play wherever they need me to play,” Pugh added. “I’m not going to say ‘I need to play this position.’ I want to win games. I want to go to the playoffs. I want to keep the quarterback upright. So if that’s me at tackle, me at guard, me at center, I’ll play.”

photo credit: Sean Thornton


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42 Responses to “New York Giants’ Justin Pugh Undergoes Successful Thumb Surgery”

  1.  Eric S says:


    Eric S says:
    January 20, 2014 at 11:11 AM
    Taylor Lewan. Tackle. Projected to go around where we’re picking. Real nasty sob. Slot him in at right tackle. Back up the brinks truck for Alex Mack. Slide Pugh inside to guard and let Mosley compete with a decent stop gap.


    •  kujo says:

      I can say with confidence that we will not be drafting anyone with an alleged-history of physical and sexual abuse towards women.

      •  Eric S says:

        Ahh didn’t hear that. No thanks then.

        •  jerseyrich says:

          Lewan wasn’t actually accused of rape….he was accused of threatening the woman who was supposedly raped by another football player. He also supposedly punched a guy in the face last month.

          I have to agree with kujo though….I don’t see the Giants even taking a chance, especially being the guy is a 1st rounder.

          With that said, even without the red flags, he wouldn’t be value at 12. Things will change in the next 2 months like they always do, but right now this guy looks like he’ll go late teens at best.

  2.  kujo says:

    “One thing I can’t accept is what I read after the game about Seahawks fans throwing food at 49ers linebacker Navorro Bowman as he was being carted off the field with his knee injury. If it’s true, it’s beyond terrible. That’s as low as it gets. I’m sure whoever did this is in a small minority of fans, because I don’t think that kind of action is an accurate representation of the character of the 12th man. Navorro Bowman is a great player who plays the game the right way. When he went down, I dropped to a knee and prayed for him. He deserves better than having food thrown at him as he’s carted off a field. All players deserve better than that.” – Sherman, in an article he just wrote for MMQB

    •  Dirt says:

      Thug, right?

    •  skinnydoogan says:

      I am with you Kujo, thug as other words is kind of stupid and has certain connotations that are not entirely true.

      •  kujo says:

        I think it’s funny whenever someone attempts to defuse a situation by pasting the ethnographic roots of a word from Wikipedia into whatever online forum they’re on.

        Yes, the last 1300 years have imbued the word “thug” with a very different connotation than it originally had. What point does THAT serve to prove or disprove?

    •  Krow says:

      Damage control. Probably after a sit-down with his agent who no doubt talked about the effect his behavior might have on his upcoming contract year.

      •  kujo says:

        None effect. None. Zero, not on the *actual* best corner on the planet, on a team that is built around him and his counterparts on the defense.

        Not in Seattle, where this sort of amped-up behavior is not only condoned, but encourage.

        •  Krow says:

          Age … contract discontent … injuries … the general effect of being close and failing 3 years running. We’ll see, but I think they fade. Not that they’ll stink mind you.

  3.  kujo says:

    Weatherford’s take on Sherman?

    “As a role model. Sherman’s reaction to NFC Champ game wasn’t ideal However, neither was mine.”

  4.  skinnydoogan says:

    As a 45 year old “white guy” I get tired of the race stuff, and wish it would go away. I am married to a South American who is as black as most African Americans so think I have clearly evolved to the point of moving past all of this stuff, just wish everyone else could too…..

  5.  Krow says:

    In other news … I am officially declaring that the San Francisco 49ers Superbowl window has closed. Slam ! The perfect example of why you need to make the best of your moment. Because it’s over way too soon. They had 3 very legitimate shots … and were not able to cash in even one. Game over boys … thanks for playing.

    •  kujo says:

      Absolutely see your point, but disagree with your conclusion. Well, at least for another year. Seems like 2015 is the offseason where the money problems generated by all these expiring contracts will really hit them in the face. Still, this last draft–where they had all those draft picks in the first 4 rounds or so–will lessen some of that, in all likelihood.

  6.  Krow says:

    There’s a lesson to be learned from the Pugh thumb injury. Had he kept it safely tucked up his a$$ like the rest of the offensive line he would have never hurt it. Rookie mistake.

  7.  Kettles78 says:

    So there is a report out there now I think from Ian Rappoport that says Nicks was fined several times during the season for being late for meetings/practice and for skipping treatments.

    If those are true that gives more insight into why Coughlin benched him

  8.  jerseyrich says:

    As for the niners, I think they have one more year left before the window closes. Next season they are still in fairly good shape contract wise. In 2015 however, kap, aldon smith, and crabtree all have to get paid. That’s when you’ll see guys like Justin smith and willis possibly leaving the team and the isit basically hitting the fan in SF.

    •  Eric S says:

      Yeah Kap’s next contract will trigger the trickle down effect. And if his rookie contract negotiations are any indicator then Crabtree will be a nightmare to try to resign. They better draft a potential #1 WR this year. Aldon Smith is going to command big money too assuming he stays out if trouble.

  9.  kujo says:

    Wide receivers taken in the first round of 2009:

    Darius Heyward-Bey

    Michael Crabtree

    Jeremy Maclin

    Percy Harvin

    Hakeem Nicks

    Kenny Britt

    Of all those guys, only Harvin has ever been to the Pro-Bowl. At one point, many thought that the 2009 draft could’ve been one of the best for wide receivers. But now, as the rookie deals are all expiring, this group looks….meh.

    •  kujo says:

      WR also taken in 2009 draft:

      Mike Wallace (3rd round)

      Brian Hartline (4th round)

      Johnny Knox (5th round)

      Julian Edelman (7th round)

  10.  Eric S says:

    All have flashed but none have sustained. Injuries have certainly plagued this group.

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