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Eli Manning Ready to Make Older Brother Peyton Feel Right at Home Leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII

January 20th, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos are headed to Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. And their No. 1 fan? That would be the man seen in the family suite cheering loudly immediately after Denver took down the New England Patriots on Sunday; little brother and New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

As Peyton had done for him prior to Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, Easy E is prepared to play host for his older brother in New York/New Jersey. Anything Peyton needs, he will get.

"I’m just happy for him to be in New York and be in a Super Bowl," Eli said following the AFC Championship Game. "Obviously, I play in one in Indianapolis, and he was great to me. Whatever I needed, he was going to try to help me out, and obviously, I’ll do the same for him."

The remarkable scenario the Brother's find themselves in is not one they've given much thought to, says Eli. And although they'll eventually have time to reflect on it, playing Super Bowls in each others home stadiums is remarkable in an of itself, made only more remarkable when you consider that in the last eight Super Bowls, a Manning brother has started at quarterback in five of them.

"I hadn’t thought that deeply about it," Eli added. "Obviously, it is unique that we’ve played for championships in each other’s home stadium, but he’s got another game to play and I’ll be rooting for him hard."

The real question becomes: will Peyton be crashing on Eli's couch? The oldest Manning brother, Cooper Manning, says that's not likely.

"I think it has too much popcorn and peanuts underneath that couch, maybe some nickels lying around [in the cracks]," Cooper joked.

Whether you love them or hate them, fans had better prepare themselves for all Manning all the time over the next two weeks.

Photo credit: sdk / / CC BY-NC-SA


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6 Responses to “Eli Manning Ready to Make Older Brother Peyton Feel Right at Home Leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII”

  1.  James Stoll says:

    Happy for Peyton and the Broncos and Jon Fox (who I wish had become our head coach the season after our Super Bowl loss to the Ravens)
    Glad Seattle beat the Niners.
    Hard to say who has the advantage but after watching the NFC Championship, I must say it would be wonderful to have a great defense again. Both of those defenses last night attacked and made play after play after play. Each got burned on occasion, but on balance they dictated the game
    Peyton may be able to overcome Seattle because of his quick release and diagnostic skills. But it won’t be easy. I can see Lynch running wild and Peyton being shut down more clearly than I can seeing Peyton rolling the Seattle D alas New England.

    By the way, for those not in New England, following the game last night the Boston press was in full fledge panic. They see the Tom Brady window closing quickly and they have convinced themselves that the team has gone the wrong direction in not investing in high quality WRs. It will be interesting to see if Belicheck retires as soon as Tom does.

  2.  GOAT56 says:

    On Sherman many are going to say negative things about him but let’s consider a few things. Minutes ago he just made the game clinching play against his arch rivals, a WR who talked trash to him at a charity event, he put his team into the SB and his still plays with the chip on his shoulder of being a 5th round pick. Guys need some time to compress in that situation. For a guy that talks that much to back it up in that situations i can do nothing but give him credit. Many great players talked like deion, larry bird, MJ but they all backed it up. So far Sherman is backing it up.

    Watching Sherman it makes you think that Prince can learn something from his play. Maybe Prince will never be sherman but he can be more physical and play with more of an edge. Prince in someway seems too nice. But he’s improved every year and another jump puts him in pro bowl mix.

    •  James Stoll says:

      Never been a fan of trash talking, especially in victory
      (Although Antonio Pierce’s “trademark that” comment was both close and kinda sweet)
      Sherman gives the impression of being a thug and has at least the verbal history to back it up
      The history books are littered with talented athletes who were just as talented at being bad human beings
      It generally ends badly and then no one cares

  3.  kujo says:

    Wait, why is Richard Sherman a terrible human being, or a d*ckhead? Because, from what it looked like, the FOX crew shoved a microphone into the face of a man who had just made a Super Bowl berth-saving play on a player who he appears to really dislike (and who appears to really dislike him).

    I don’t know. People make fun of the benign, boring, hohum interviews almost all players give, then hate on a guy who actually spoke his mind instead of trotting out the “we competed hard; they competed hard; won against a tough opponent” cliches.

  4.  Kettles78 says:

    Really glad Peyton is going and glad the 49ers are not. With that said as much as I can appreciate the way Sherman plays the game the guys talks too much for me. He is very good at being physical and getting away with things most guys wouldn’t get away with.

    I don’t see Sherman as a Thug though and as far as I know he hasn’t been in trouble off the field with the law. I think he is just an arrogant player who thinks he is better and tougher than anyone else on the field and speaks his mind. Is that he is loud and arrogant that makes him a thug?

    Last year when he was in Brady’s face after the game talking trash, I still can’t believe nobody from the Pats stepped up to Bradys defense.

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