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Polar Vortex Expected to Return for Super Bowl XLVIII?

January 19th, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Since the very moment MetLife Stadium was chosen to host Super Bowl XLVIII, there has been seemingly endless concern about potential weather threats. In fact, the concern is so great that the NFL has even planned ahead to reschedule the game in the event of an extreme weather situation — something that may lead people to enjoy the live football action with 888sport instead.

“[If] it’s necessary due to matters of public safety or there are impracticalities, then rescheduling scenarios have to be considered,” executive V.P. of events Frank Supovitz said in mid-December. “Saturday would be as early as we would consider at this point. We have contingencies that take us into Monday and Tuesday.”

“There are postponement scenarios or rescheduling scenarios for 256 regular-season games each year. Same thing for Super Bowls since the beginning of Super Bowls. We’ve had those in place. … The fact is we’ve been in cold weather cities before, we’ve been in situations where snow has fallen ahead of the Super Bowl.”

What would be considered extreme enough to prompt a rescheduling of the NFL's premiere event and one of the most popular sporting events on the planet? Well, that's a subjective question, but the polar vortex and blizzard experienced by much of the Northeast over the first two weeks of the New Year might be enough to warrant rescheduling consideration. And, as fate would have it, early indications are that's exactly the kind of weather facing Super Bowl XLVIII.

Meteorologist Wes Junke, who works for the National Weather Association, predicts that from Tuesday, January 21st through early February, the Northeast will experience its second Polar Vortex of the New Year with temperatures of 20-30 degrees below average. The worst of this second round of the Polar Vortex is expected to hit sometimes over the next 10-14 days — the tail end of which is just in time for Super Bowl XLVIII.

“For us, it’s not just the game – we’re starting on Monday, and at that point the forecasting should give us a good idea,” New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority chairman Wayne Hasenbalg said on Friday.

Although a long-term forecast covering the date of the Super Bowl is not yet available, we are inching closer and closer towards it. And if Junke's prediction/forecast comes to fruition, the NFL's worst nightmares may be realized.

Photo credit: gargudojr / / CC BY


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One Response to “Polar Vortex Expected to Return for Super Bowl XLVIII?”

  1.  rlhjr says:

    I don’t know about a Vortex. But the “Hawk” will definitely be making his rounds.
    That’s going to be one cold “Mother Father”.

    Then again it could be 70 degrees. This weather is getting stranger every year.

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