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New York Giants GM Jerry Reese & Co. Adhere to “On Notice” Warning

January 18th, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Jen Polashock

Just when many became content in their thoughts of “nothing will ever change on the New York Giants front,” transformation does come and some have been more than surprised. Once former offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride retired, it was thought that that right there would be the only modification as far as non-players go. The fact that complacency took over those that spoke out against the presumed-satisfied Giants is moderately funny.

So far, before free agency opens up officially on March 11th (approximately 52 days), head coach Tom Coughlin has parted ways with two long-time offensive assistant coaches. Running backs coach Jerald Ingram and beloved tight ends coach Mike Pope are both now New York Giants football coaching formers. They combined for 32 Big Blue coaching years and numerous great Giants players under both. It is mid-January and the turnover continues, as promised a year ago. Remember that general manager Jerry Reese put himself in the mix for that impending amendment. Co-Owner John Mara has already voiced his legitimate concern as far as the upcoming NFL Draft.

Is more of a shakeup on the way? As the AFC and NFC Championship games play out this weekend, more coaching prospective candidates become readily available to interview. For what we have discussed as part of the offensive “rebuilding,” the running back and tight end positions both were deemed as part of a larger, antiquated problem. The offensive line was the glaring issue for the Giants in 2013. Could this mean Offensive line coach Pat Flaherty, with the team since 2004, is next in the line of things to change? As things have happened lately, it would only make sense as far as positions are concerned, no? Could the injuries (excuse) and players growth (like rookie offensive lineman Justin Pugh) save his job? Riding on past laurels (IE: past OL Pro Bowl status) only last so long on a resume.

While some are opting to retire, there are remaining “bubble guys” (that’s what we’ll refer to them as right now) that don’t know that a meeting about their future is on the pending schedule. Chances are the Giants aren’t finished tweaking things and with a new offensive coordinator in East Rutherford, a new playbook set to be printed and a younger, fresher regime running this side of the ball, well…

As 2013 was a cacophony of “not on the same page,” the bets are in now that that will most definitely not be uttered as an excuse for the Big Blue offense. Each man not signing up to be All In for the 2014 plan shall find himself odd man literally out. Former Giant coach, Vincent Lombardi had some great quotes in his time — ones coach Coughlin even utilizes from time to time — many of them on teamwork. They’re a bit apropos for what is happening here with the Giants. It’s time to put the pride aside and do whatever it takes for the better of the whole.

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual” — or better yet — “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work.”


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17 Responses to “New York Giants GM Jerry Reese & Co. Adhere to “On Notice” Warning”

  1.  GOAT56 says:

    Assuming Snee and Diehl don’t return we need to add two guards. I see some have jumped on Saffold as being an addition at OT but as a high round pick him being let walk by the Rams tells you a lot. But the link below says that maybe Saffold is an economic solution at guard.

    We need to add a free agent that can start at guard and a draft pick that can as well. I still believe we can get something out of Brewer and Mosley on a starting level but we can’t bet on it. If we have 4 guards battling for starting jobs we should create great competition. It would be a bonus if one of the guards we add also could play center.

    •  JBeast3 says:

      I think many here agree that we need two starting caliber Gs and possibly a OT if Beatty isn’t healthy. I personally would love 2 of the following: Mack, Asamoah, Saffold or Wade Smith (yea i know he is a bit older at 32 but for a year or two while we have a draftee learn and take over in that 1-2 years).

      The more i think about the draft and where we stand we need to go CB or WR in that order, unless Mathews or Clowney fall to us ( i know not happening). The value of that CB/WR at 12 is greater than the value of the other players that would be on the board. A top 2 prospect at his position will fall to us because more QB will be taken in the top 11 picks.

  2.  GOAT56 says:

    Nice piece Jen. For us making these type of changes on our offensive staff is the equivalent of some other teams firing their coach.

    Dan regarding TT I don’t know how you can blame any poster or fan for not thinking he can return. 3 ACLs is not something you bet on. I think everyone was routing for him but just didn’t think it was realistic. On his football side going forward I think he showed he’s still a good tackler, coverage skills and ball skills. But he has a big issue with speed. I think a move to safety would highlight his strength but minimize his weaknesses.

    •  Krow says:

      TT can be a solid depth player for several years.

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      I told everyone from the onset that 3 ACL tears is no different than 2 ACL tears. Citing my own experience with ACL tears, I preached relentlessly and to no avail that it was a matter of choice in returning and not so much limited ability due to No. 3.

      I’ll say it again: 500 ACL tears is no different than 2 ACL tears. It’s just a matter of the players mentality and willingness to go through rehab again.

  3.  Eric S says:

    “Just when many became smug in their thoughts of “nothing will ever change on the New York Giants front,” ”

    I must say Dan, I love the site. And I understand everyone donates their time to write articles. That said, I think it’s poor form for Jen to be condescending in her writing towards the people who post here.

    You’re trying to build a business and you’re doing wonderfully as this is by far my favorite Giants site. And all though I don’t post as often as I’d like to and can’t be counted amongst many who “became smug” it’s probably best not to take shots at your posters in the articles. This is the second time I’ve noticed something like this ( first time was a Doug Rush article). It’s off-putting. Just my 2 cents. Thanks for all your hard work.

    •  Jen Polashock says:

      Eric, thanks for taking time to post today. Realize this: Articles aren’t written solely on or about anyone personally in particular– especially about posters /SUPPORTERS here on the site. Fans are ALL OVER, not just here. Giants 101 research and experience goes well beyond this site, even though some of you may not. Please don’t take every sarcastic word to heart. It’ll kill ya!

      •  rlhjr says:

        Jen you regularly produce really good articles.

        Just my two cents but many here did not feel Tom Coughlin would ever be forced into ejecting his coordinators/coaches. Don’t get it twisted, TC is an excellent coach.
        But his expertise is in crossing the “T’s” and dotting the “I’s”.

        Many loved his no nonsense semi military way of doing things. And indeed when Coughlin first joined the Giants his attitude was very much needed. He set the required behavioral standard that any player wanting to call himself a pro needs to adhere to. In short, Coughlin demanded that you conduct yourself like a man with responsibility and accountability. Being ex military I saw this right away.

        Not all young and quite a few older folks understand that if you cant follow, you will never be able to lead. That concept goes right over their heads. Coughlin brought those and other principals to the Giants. And the team indeed the organization needed that.

        That said, todays NFL requires communication with your young players and the ability to move with evolving trends and understanding what does not change.
        In todays NFL “Freshmen” play. And due to financial concerns, they need to be given every opportunity to insert themselves into their teams lineups.
        That takes ability on the young players part, and encouragement and REAL coaching on the part of the head coach and the coaches under him.

        It is in this area that Coughlin and thus the team was sorely lacking.
        You have to work with these youngsters to tap their potential. And you do need to get the very best out of them. And no matter how hard line you might be, it’s in your best interest (and the teams) to understand this and proceed accordingly.
        One point that is not up for concession is the manner in which players conduct themselves as a person, and NY Giant both on and off the filed.

        Standby for more change, because I don’t think for a minute that Coughlin is stubborn to the point of stupidity. The hand writing is indeed on the wall.
        And change is good.

        •  Jen Polashock says:

          rlhjr, I couldn’t agree with you more. Realize that the McAdoo signing has a great deal to do with these releases, not TC being forced a hand here from above. The problem, in part, with TC’s military-like ways is that he fears putting a rook/incompetent on the front line if he can’t protect the fellow troops/team. One slip can cost a mission in his eyes. This isn’t Navy Seals, coach it’s football and learning has to occur in order for experience to be earned. Just as change in 2007 came about & brought GOOD, so shall this.

  4.  JIMMIE D says:

    I have been a Blue Screen blogger for many many years, RV does not print “stuff” all the time, so we waiton the next article and in between we post yet there are few
    “smug heads” just bashing away.
    No question this site is on “specualtion” not facts , other than Dan Benton’s articules, which I find important and questioning.
    I don’t ever get talked to, and I suspect that means I am not on the “in growd”
    though I enjoy these comments, some really make a great deal of sense the participation is limited to the 101 guys. Which is fine with me.


  5.  JIMMIE D says:

    Sorry, no spell check!

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