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Aaron Rodgers Praises Newly Signed New York Giants Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo

January 17th, 2014 at 2:00 PM
By Billy Javed

When the New York Giants hired Ben McAdoo as their new offensive coordinator earlier in the week, they may very well have acquired one of the brightest up and coming minds in the NFL.

McAdoo, who will be replacing the retired Kevin Gilbride, like Gilbride, also has a championship ring. Albeit he was the tight ends coach at the time in Green Bay, he has proven to be no slouch at his recent post as quarterbacks coach. The Giants seem to have so much faith in him that reports confirm McAdoo would be calling the plays in 2014.

Perhaps such faith has to do with the fact that the Giants were very much aware of how the Packers were able to sneak into the playoffs with second and third string quarterbacks at the helm. Giants faced the Green Bay Packers' third string quarterback, Scott Tolzien, earlier in the year and were impressed by his performance despite the four interceptions, especially considering how little time he had to prepare. Then the team later switched to Matt Flynn at quarterback and was able to hold on to the final playoff spot with some solid play from Matt Flynn who seemed to struggle everywhere but Green Bay. McAdoo certainly played a role in preparing and making adjustments for each quarterbacks success in such a limited time and surely the Giants were very well aware.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was quick to throw praise at McAdoo in an interview with the Plain Dealer where Rodgers said,

“Any opportunities he gets, he deserves. He’s a guy that works extremely hard. We had a long talk yesterday, and I just continued to echo the things that I felt about him and appreciate about him," Rodgers said.

"He’s a guy who really puts the time in. He’s got an incredible work ethic, and I think he’s really worked hard to become a better coach in the time that we’ve spent together and a guy who I really trust and appreciate for his approach and the way that he makes sure that his guys are prepared.”

Such endorsements and promises of a “fast-paced, up-tempo, attacking style offense” should excite Giants fans as at the very least this could mean less delay of game penalties.

Photo credit: ron.diel / / CC BY-NC-SA


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8 Responses to “Aaron Rodgers Praises Newly Signed New York Giants Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo”

  1.  Fran2Eli says:

    I for one could not be happier. Let the turn around begin.

  2.  Kettles78 says:

    Delay of game penalties might be the most frustrating to me because there is nothing from the d that causes it as far as beating a man and causing a holding etc

    •  WellingtonsGhost says:

      Totally agree, how could that not be fixed? Got to the point I just accepted it was gonna happen and prayed the refs weren’t watching the clock like hawks.

      Either it was constant substitutes making it tough to break the huddle in a timely manner and/or long and delayed-incoming play calls from Killdrive. Personally I want Eli to have the freedom to change the play at the line or spot adjustments with cadence, given what his brother can do.

  3.  JBeast3 says:

    What my plan for the offseason would be expecting that we have 25 mil in cap space:

    1. Resign Beason to a 4-5 mil/yr contract
    2. Sign Asamoah (spelling) 5 mil/yr
    3. Sign Saffold 5 mil/yr
    4. Resign Linval 4 mil/yr
    5. resign CW, TT, Boothe, Patterson to 1 mil/yr
    6. draft a CB, WR, OC, RB rounds 1-4

    I would say good bye to Tuck and Nicks both of whom i would like to keep but only if they take a bit of home town discount.

    The OL would be:
    Beatty Asamoah Baas Pugh Saffold

    DL would be: JPP Linval Jenkins Kiwi with Moore, Patterson and Hankins rotating in.

    •  jerseyrich says:

      We don’t have close to 25 mill in cap space right now. we’d have to cut snee and terminate myers to get to about 22 under. The cap will be 126 next year and we are at 115 today.

    •  WellingtonsGhost says:

      Personally I think Corey Webster is done

      •  jerseyrich says:

        He might be, but his cap hit is neither here not there. Snee and Myers are the only 2 giants who have to be cut. There are a couple of other guys who we can possibly still cut after june 1 to save some money, but then theyd still count as dead money in 2015 (baas and kiwi).

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