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NFL Mock Draft Version 1: Who Do the New York Giants Select?

January 16th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By axr29

With the underclassman deadline to enter the 2014 NFL Draft having passed, the entrant pool is pretty much set. The total number of early entrants was last listed at 91, which will make this one of the deepest drafts in recent memory. It might not have the star power of past drafts, but as far as quality in each round  it ranks among the top. In order to get an accurate feel for what players would be available in which rounds I used Fanspeak has developed a NFL Draft simulator, which allows you to draft for the team you select. The formula used to develop the system can be found here.

Since we still have not hit the NFL Combine or free agency, I decided to include two different versions of this mock draft. The first version starts off using Mel Kiper's first round pick in his latest mock, C.J. Mosley from Alabama. The second version uses what seems to be the consensus of the fan base, which is Darqueze Dennard from Michigan State. Let's take a look at the results below (you can click where it says "version" for a view of every pick done by the computer):

 Version 1Version 2
1C.J. Mosley, LB, AlabamaDarqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan State
2Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida StateAustin Seferian-Jenkins, TE, Washington
3Jackson Jeffcoat, DE, TexasAndre Williams, RB, Boston College
4Bryan Stork, C, Florida StateBryan Stork, C, Florida State
5Andre Hal, CB, VanderbiltDenicos Allen, LB, Michigan State
6Chris Watt, G, Notre DameMichael Campanaro, WR, Wake Forest
7Isaiah Crowell, RB, Alabama StateIsaiah Crowell, RB, Alabama State

Overall, I prefer "Version 1," especially if Hakeem Nicks leaves via free agency, and might  prefer it even if he stays. The New York Giants have not drafted a linebacker in the first round in a very long time, but why should that stop them now? Mosley is an exceptional linebacker prospect, and could start right away next to Jon Beason (if he returns). They would be in great shape at linebacker with Mosley, Beason, Spencer Paysinger and Jacquian Williams, and for once would have some depth at the linebacker position.

Benjamin, while he has issues with drops, is a phenomenal athlete that can make the tough catches. You can't teach size (6'4") or speed (a 40 yard dash in the 4.5 range), and is also an exceptional blocker in the running game. Jeffcoat is an underrated defensive end, that still has some work to do technique wise versus the run. If Justin Tuck returns, Jeffcoat won't have to get major snaps right away, and can rotate in behind Tuck, Damontre Moore and Jason Pierre-Paul. Jeffcoat's pass rush skills and athleticism could allow the Giants to line him up at the SAM linebacker spot on passing downs as an extra pass rusher.

The Giants get some offensive line help in Stork and Watt, who could probably step in and contribute right away. Hal is a sleeper so far in the draft, and was probably the best cornerback in the SEC this year. Hal finished his senior season with 40 tackles, 14 pass break ups and two interceptions. Standing at 6'0" and 186 pounds, Hal played exceptionally well against bigger receivers such as Mike Evans of Texas A&M and Donte Moncrief of Ole Miss. He also has experience playing off of receivers, which defensive coordinator Perry Fewell likes to have his cornerbacks do. One of my favorite picks in this mock is Isaiah Crowell of Alabama State, who some of you might remember from his Georgia Bulldog days. Crowell burst onto the scene his freshman year at Georgia, and was regarded by many as the most explosive running back in the country. He was dismissed from the team after he was hit with felony weapons charges, which were later dropped. He did not dominate at the FCS level like many had hoped, but his 4.49 speed is something scouts will love. He has the ability to be a play maker at the NFL level, he just needs to stay out of trouble.

While I may prefer "Version 1," "Version 2" would be an excellent draft for the New York Giants as well. They get the best cornerback in Dennard, and the best tight end in Seferian-Jenkins. Given how much success new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo had with good, but not great tight ends in Green Bay, Seferian-Jenkins could be dangerous in his system. The Giants add Heisman Trophy finalist Andre Williams to a back field that needs some help, and he should be able to get ample opportunity to succeed. Campanaro is small (5'9") but makes plays in the open field, and has a lot of similarities to New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edleman. Allen has a lot of work to do in terms of learning how to take on blockers, but is very good versus the run and in coverage.

photo credit: mattradickal via photopin cc


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11 Responses to “NFL Mock Draft Version 1: Who Do the New York Giants Select?”

  1.  rlhjr says:

    Good article axr29.

    “Jeffcoat’s pass rush skills and athleticism could allow the Giants to line him up at the SAM linebacker spot on passing downs as an extra pass rusher.”

    Jeffcoat (Is he related to the ex-Dallas DE?) may be “all that” but the Giants should be able to do exactly that with Moore. Especially considering that is exactly what he did as a collagen. And he did it very well. Part of the problem with the club is they seem too obtuse to utilize players according to their strong points, preferring rather to put young players in awkward situations.

    Do the Giants typically have press conferences for new hires? I would assume yes for head coaches, but not sure about coordinators. Would be interested in hearing what McAdoo has to say.

  2.  rlhjr says:

    Kujo I like your explanation to Jbeast. However, I do think that Reese is not alone in culpability.

    De facto Coughlin bears some blame simply because of his position.

    Studying from afar, it seems like a mini power struggle has been taking place. With Reese as you stated trying to prove his astuteness, and Coughlin establishing his authority as head coach. The coordinators not properly utilizing assets based on what the head coach tells them behind closed doors.

    The victims are fans like us and the young men who may not get another chance at their lifelong dream. I could be wrong, but this has/had the feel of “personal” BS afoot. People are people, and life is life. $7!+ happens.

    I’m praying the Giants field a much improved football team this year.
    And the strengths of both players and coaches are allowed to shine.

    By the way, who does everyone think will call plays McAdoo or Coughlin?
    I’m thinking Mc, but am curious to know what others think.

  3.  JBeast3 says:

    Krow says:
    January 16, 2014 at 8:39 AM
    Fixing the OL …

    Let’s face it … when Reese goes swimming in the free agent pool he usually looks for a bargain … for value. Oh sure, there’s the occasional splash. But for the most part he’s careful with his cap dollars. So channeling the inscrutable JR this is how I could see it unfolding:

    #1 Resign Boothe … he may not be wonderful, but he has a certain versatility … he’s a known quantity … he’s going to be reasonably priced. This is virtually a no-brainer IMHO.
    #2 Jon Asamoah … he’s a B-to-B+ OG who has lost his job. This means he’s not going to command a substantial deal like we’ve seen OGs get in the past few years. He’s fast … smart … and I think 26. Immediate upgrade. No character issues. Our kind of guy.
    #3 Rodger Saffold … he won’t be cheap. But he won’t be over-priced either due to injury concerns and positional competition. Probably a $5-6 million per year kind of number. But he plays ORG and ORT. If there’s debate on Pugh’s future he would be the perfect guy to have in the fold. Rams have cap issues so he won’t be tag’d. They also will need money for the draft having bent the R-words over on the RGBust deal.

    I know this isn’t the usual ‘vet minimum one year show me and revitalize your career then leave for more money’ moves we’re used to. But I think they solve the problem at a cap-livable price. Besides, they wouldn’t be making all these dramatic coaching changes if they weren’t committed to improving our single biggest weakness.

    Packer center Evan Dietrich-Smith also has to be considered because of the McAdoo connection. Especially since Baas has played guard.


    I completely agree with these moves, i would also like to still draft an OL in the 2nd or 3rd round. With Saffold he can play G or T and is perfect to play next to Pugh who also can play G or T.

    If we can’t get Asamoah another guy i would look into is the G from Houston Wade? He might command quite a bit of money.

    •  rlhjr says:

      I like the options presented. However, the central theme is this line is like paper mache up the middle. They also lack anyone not named Pugh who can have an effect on the second level. With the type of offense McAdoo may implement its imperative the linemen (at least center, one guard and one tackle) possess the ability to haul a$$.

      They can get away with three physical point of attack guys. But at least two O-linemen must be able to get out in front of screens and misdirection plays.
      It would nice to have three so defenses couldn’t diagnose plays based on who’s moving.

  4.  rlhjr says:

    Given the state of the offensive line, some here would go into cardiac arrest over the Mosley pick.

    Then a miraculous recovery would take place once they saw him inserted into the Giant defense. Smart, rangy, fast and powerful this bunch would fall in love with him overnight.

    No issues for me. Then again my middle name is linebacker.

    However, I wonder how of if this team will ever come up with another 10 year talent on the offensive line. Being practical, an offensive lineman should be first on the menu.

    Kujo once had to remind me that $nee was a 10 year player. But I really could not take that seriously. He’s been a bum for 6 years and counting in my view.
    Jumbo Elliott was close at eight years.

  5.  jfunk says:

    I agree with many people’s frustrations over Coughlin/Gilbride/Fewell’s failure to integrate players with certain skill sets into their schemes.

    However, a lot of the commentary lately seems to be implying that this has been the result of some kind of deliberate subterfuge or an act of protest, particularly in Coughlin’s case, and I find that suggestion completely preposterous.

    These guys have their flaws, but I cannot believe that any of them would simply refuse to do everything in their power to be successful. Do you guys really believe it’s more likely that Gilbride simply refused to put Beckum or JJ on the field because because “I’ll show ‘em!” rather than because he lacked the ability to figure out how to modify his scheme to utilize a player that doesn’t even exist in the plan anywhere?

    The guy had a (largely successful) scheme. It was the only way he knew how to do things, and that was a big weakness because he couldn’t adjust when his way didn’t work. But to suggest that he would deliberately undermine young men’s careers and his own merely out of spite for not getting his way on draft day is absurd.

    And by the way, Travis Beckum’s primary problem was always that he wasn’t a very good football player. Guy caught a safety flat-footed and beat him deep one time…every other time he lined up he got his **** handed to him by the guy lined up over him, whether it was a CB, S, or LB. Match-up nightmare my ****, more like match-up wet dream.

    •  Eric S says:

      While I don’t believe it was a full on p!$$ing contest you can’t completely dismiss it entirely. Yeah they stubbornly refused or simply didn’t know how to adjust to play to the strengths of Wilson and JJ but JR has hinted in the past that the young guys need to play. Coughlin and crew would then fire back with nonsense about Wilson’s pass blocking rendering him unable to play. Or not finding some way to get JJ and Cruz in the field at the same time god forbid.

      Coughlin is a very good not great coach. He knows a ton about football yet the game has passed him by. Unless he adapts to the way things are now we will continue to flounder. With the salary cap and now the limited practice schedules it’s impossible for guys like Mosley to win a job over a preferred vet like Diehl. FF55 said that the coaches he spoke to like Mosley a lot but feel he needs more reps before putting him in there. Well that’s impossible under the new CBA. Trial by fire is the new norm. TE slow cooker approach of Coughlin is a hindrance in today’s NFL. Coughlin doesn’t deal with the cap not like Reese has to. Reese and Mara, like most of us continually scratch our heads as to why guys like JJ, Wilson, Robinson and even Moore couldn’t have specific packages designed to utilize what they already do well whilst still rounding out their games. Coughlin demands you have a masters degree before seeing action. He needs to change that line of thinking.

      •  Kettles78 says:

        Not being able to pick up a blitz is not nonsense. That is a valid reason for not keeping somebody on or putting them on the field. Couple that with fumbles

        •  Eric S says:

          To the extent that they buried Wilson for it since day 1 it is nonsense. Every rookie needs to work on blitz pickup yet they still get to see the field and impact the game. The fumbles are an issue yet Tiki was 7 years into his career before he got that under control.

  6.  Eric S says:

    Furthermore if he was so bad at blitz pickup then don’t call for 7 step drops when he’s in there. Let him run. Utilize 3 step drops. Start him on the backfield then split him out wide. Line him up in the backfield with Braddy or Brown and have him flare out. Use your gd imagination. Kid was a beast on KR yet these guys couldn’t imagine ways to get this kid into space to take advantage of what he already could do exceptionally well? Pfft, Sean Payton, Chip Kelly and their ilk would salivate over drawing up plays for this kid.

  7.  Vince says:

    I very much like version 2. However, one change i’d make is to substitute one of the RB’s with Florida St RB James Wilder, Jr. He’s an underclassman who declared a few days ago. He was used quite sparingly and has a tremendous amount of potential. I think he’ll be a steal of the draft somewhere in the middle rounds. Had some legal problems a couple years ago, but has since had a kid and seemingly matured. Sky is the limit

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