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New York Giants Likely to Retain QB Coach Sean Ryan, Remaining Offensive Staff

January 16th, 2014 at 11:56 AM
By Dan Benton

After a whirlwind 48 hours that saw the hiring of Ben McAdoo as offensive coordinator and the termination of both Mike Pope and Jerald Ingram, it would appear as if the winds of change have calmed for the New York Giants. With the exception of hiring both a new tight end coach and running back coach, Big Blue is, apparently, done with their offensive staff shuffling.

Although originally considered to be on the chopping block, quarterback coach Sean Ryan, and any remaining offensive assistants, can now breath a sigh of relief. They are safe.

However, at least in the case of Ryan, it is expected that he will be reassigned. Where? Well, that remains to be seen, but at least for the interim, he remains the quarterback coach.

Meanwhile, additional assistants who will remain a part of Tom Coughlin's offensive coaching staff include offensive line coach Pat Flaherty, assistant offensive line coach Lunda Wells, wide receivers coach Kevin M. Gilbride and offensive assistant Ryan Roeder.

It is also expected — at least for now — that the defensive coaching staff, special teams coaching staff and strength and condition staff will remain the same.

photo credit: John M Photography via photopin cc


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7 Responses to “New York Giants Likely to Retain QB Coach Sean Ryan, Remaining Offensive Staff”

  1.  JIMMIE D says:

    Sean Ryan is a c
    “Career Qualiy Control Assistant”, and as one year, 2013, as QB Coach?
    No question my pick for this OC job Mac, will have a new QB coach or will do it himself. Ingram, and 71 year old Pope needed to go, and if you accept TC’s promotions from Quality Control Assitant to QB Coach {over the last ten years} look it up guys, then expect Eli to finally have someone who actually knows how to coach up a QB like Eli.
    This team just made the biggest and best changes that I’ve seen since Wellington’s Geogre Young hire, mafe through buying out Tim Mara and a deal with Pete Rozelle.
    I dd not think John Mara had the balls to push this, so Mara now gets one vote, mine for doing the right thing. Now Reese?

    •  rlhjr says:

      Bravo JAMMIE D

      I still want to know who everyone thinks is going to be calling plays.

      And hopefully everyone understands that Coughlin’s strong suit is organization and detail. Not X’s and O’s. He certainly understands and I am sure advises. But by far is best attribute is getting people prepared and on the same page. And that is no small deal.

      •  Sintexo says:

        You would think that with the change in offensive scheme, and the openness that Mara has showed in his opinion of how broken our offense was this year, that it would be McAdoo.

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    Hmm, Kevin Gilbride the Younger coaches the receivers (in his father’s system) and we wind up with a group that runs more wrong routes than ever before, has participants pulling up rather than fighting for receptions, and simply not reading defenses even remotely close to their quarterback’s reads. And this guy should stay where he is? Please. Get Ryan back to coaching the wide receivers since he is obviously not going to be working with the quarterbacks when we just hired a true quarterbacks coach as an Ooffensive Coordinator who will want to work directly with Eli starting, oh, tomorrow.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    Coughlin doesn’t call plays. It will be McAdoo.

    One factual correction to a posting on the previous thread. I never said that I’d spoken to coaches who thought highly of Mosley (wish I could talk to coaches, but other than Jim Harbaugh I’ve never had a single conversation with any coach, and when I was talking to him he was at Stanford, not in the NFL). I said that my sometimes good source on the Giants (an owner of a teensy piece who is only occasionally a source of decent information and usually knows no more than do we) told me that’s what the coaches thought.

    One other thing: anyone who doesn’t believe that McAdoo was hired with a clear indication that he was going to have the inside track on the Head Coach’s job within a reasonably short period (2-3 years) is smoking something. This guy was THE “hot assistant” and comes from a great coaching tree and has had a lot of experience at a very young age. The Browns would certainly have given him their top job. It’s possible that a few others would have as well. No way he came to the Giants without a strong assurance that he was likely to wind up coaching them. I am just about certain that the top job is his to lose.

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