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New York Giants Will not Retain Tight End Coach Mike Pope

January 15th, 2014 at 8:30 AM
By Dan Benton

Following the hiring of Ben McAdoo as offensive coordinator, the New York Giants are expected to make several other changes to their offensive coaching staff. Among the changes is the departure of tight ends coach Mike Pope.

“Mike and I coached together on the Giants staff back in the 1980s,” Coughlin said. “When I returned as the head coach, I didn’t intend to keep anyone from the previous staff. I visited with Mike and made a decision that I wanted him as a part of our new staff going forward, and it was certainly the right decision."

Of all the coaches on the New York Giants' staff, Pope would have appeared to be one of the safest behind only Tom Coughlin. He's the longest tenured coach on the team, having been hired back in 1983 by Bill Parcells (although he did also have stints with the Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots and Washington Redskins before returning in 2000). And, as recently as last year, Pope was lauded as one of the NFL's top assistants along with offensive line coach Pat Flaherty.

“He is the best tight ends coach in football,” head coach Tom Coughlin said of Pope upon his arrival in 2004.

Little has changed since 2004. Despite the early struggles of Brandon Myers in 2013, Pope is still widely considered the very best in the game. He's been credited by players such as Kevin Boss, Jake Ballard, Jeremy Shockey and Martellus Bennett for making them better overall players. And he was one of the very reasons Myers (and Bennett before him) chose to sign with the Giants in the first place.

Given McAdoo's experience as a tight end coach, and the change in offensive philosophy going forward, he may try to handle double duty. However, as of now, that's pure speculation. The only thing that's known for certain is that Pope will not be back in 2014, has no plans to retire and will almost certainly find work elsewhere in the league.

Pope is the only Giants coach to have his name on all four of their Lombardi Trophy's.

Photo credit: Zruda / / CC BY-NC-SA


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10 Responses to “New York Giants Will not Retain Tight End Coach Mike Pope”

  1.  jfunk says:

    This would seem to indicate that McAdoo does indeed intend to go in a different direction with the TE position.

  2.  JBeast3 says:

    So Quinn stays but Pope get canned??? Yea Myers was a failure is that really popes fault? Look at all the other guys he made such as Bennett, Boss, Ballard. Not happy if Pope is canned

    •  jfunk says:

      Unrelated. This is clearly as a result of the McAdoo hiring. He wants something different from his TEs and wants to hand pick his assistant. Remember, this guy has been a TE position coach more than anything else in the NFL.

      Coughlin’s words about the players needing to learn a new scheme and the removal of Pope are two pretty big confirmations that McAdoo is being given a lot of control over the offense.

      Quinn (who absolutely should be fired…for the nth year in the row) is a coordinator. Whether or not to retain him is a completely different discussion than whether or not to retain a position coach that works directly under your new coordinator.

  3.  JBeast3 says:

    Jim Stoll- Do we really need 4 OL, WR and a TE?

    Yea we need 2 maybe 3 OL based on Beatty’s health. We dont need all 5 to be pro bowlers add a pro bowl like G or C along with Pugh and a but chipper or above average FA like Asamoah. I think if Beatty is healthy he can carry his own weight. He can’t carry his weight and make up for the other line men too. Gimme a line of Beatty, Asamoah, Baas,Yankey/Richardson, Pugh and watch the OL go from a liability to an asset.

    As for WR i think we are set even if Nicks leaves. I would like to resign Nicks but to a team friendly contract if he doesn’t take it thats fine we will be ok with Cruz Randle and JJ then draft a rookie in the third or fourth round.

    TE’s i do agree with we need help there lots of help lol.

    •  Krow says:

      The OL will get free agent attention. Historically the Giants address need in free agency, and there’s none bigger. Then the draft can go “Best Player” … to a large extent. To be honest, you can’t depend on the draft to address a crying need. You have to pick from what’s available. TE could see FA action too.

  4.  JBeast3 says:


    I see most ppl here think there won’t be an OL player good enough for the 12 spot and would rather take a WR at 12. I agree that OL isn’t in the cards without reaching or Matthews fall to us ( dreaming here) so i think we shouldn’t go OL at 12 we should go CB and take Dennard, then take G/ OT Richardson or Yankey in round 2.

    This move would solidify our CB position for 4-6 years and it would shut down the opposition passing game. We would have a close to shutdown defense and a decent offense with an improved OL.

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