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New York Giants Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride Announces Retirement

January 2nd, 2014 at 3:54 PM
By Dan Benton

Less than 24 hours after the Washington Redskins requested and received permission to interview New York Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell for their vacant head coaching position, the Giants are facing another coaching loss as offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride has announced his retirement from the NFL.

Even prior to the end of the 2013 NFL season, there had been wide speculation about Gilbride and his job security heading into the offseason. His offense sputtered to a 28th place finish here in 2013 and had hardly been consistent in recent years. And immediately following the conclusion of the regular season, co-owner John Mara noted that changes would be coming after an "offensive failure."

“I think our offense is broken right now and we need to fix that, and we need to make some improvements on defense, too,” Mara said. “But, obviously, the offensive side of the ball, we’ve got to improve there and we can’t go into next season with the same personnel.”

Head coach Tom Coughlin then met with General Manager Jerry Reese and team owners today as offseason evaluations began, and you're left wondering if retirement was Gilbride's only "clean break" option. The alternative, of course, to be fired publicly despite helping the team to two Super Bowl championships since 2007. Then again, perhaps retirement is something Gilbride has been mulling for quite some time now.

Whatever the case, and prior to today's meetings, Coughlin had expressed faith in his coordinators, saying "you don't conquer by diving, you conquer by inspiring," and was expected to fight for their return. It was a situation that had the potential to cause a rift between Coughlin and team ownership, but that appears moot now.

"I have great confidence in this group of men that we've had here as a coaching staff," Coughlin said on Monday. "I believe in them very strongly."

What now becomes of his son, Kevin Gilbride Jr. (wide receivers coach), remains to be seen, and reports suggest no decision has been made on him. Meanwhile, the obvious choice for replacement offensive coordinator is Mike Sullivan, who was the Giants' wide receivers coach from 2004-2009 and quarterback coach from 2009-2011 before taking over as Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator prior to the start of the 2011 season.

Sullivan became available on Black Monday as a part of the Buccaneers' cleaning house, which including the termination of head coach Greg Shiano and General Manager Mark Dominik.

Note: This story was first reported by Mike Garafolo.


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91 Responses to “New York Giants Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride Announces Retirement”

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  1.  skinnydoogan says:

    I am at a loss for words……

  2.  jfunk says:

    Just heard this on TV.

    I guess Coughlin’s “loyalty” didn’t last the afternoon of meetings.

    I’m excited about this for reasons I’ve stated already, but I don’t think this guy was an idiot or no good at his job like many either.

    He’s worked with Eli since we drafted him and called the plays all the way to two trophies. Thanks for all the hard work Kevin, there are a ton of guys that could have been sitting in that office that wouldn’t have done the job for us.

    I’m excited to see what somebody else can do with Eli during his final stretch, but as the years pass I think my memory of Gilbride’s tenure will feature a lot more of the 2011 stretch run than it will of the 2013 debacle.

  3.  turkish says:


  4.  bluetick says:


  5.  Dirt says:

    I promised myself I wouldn’t cry!!

  6.  kujo says:

    Let’s be very clear here.

    This is the end of a very good, albeit imperfect era. This mustachioed man, for all his many professional and philosophical warts, was an integral part of 2 Super Bowl victories, and responsible for coordinating an offense that was consistently among the league’s best.

    Still, it was time to go, and I for one am gratified that our coach, our general manager and our owner aren’t besmirching this man by “firing” him. Instead, they’re doing exactly what I said they would earlier in the week–they’ll thank him for his services and wish him well.

    God speed, Kevin.

    •  Nosh.0 says:

      Yeah I agree. He was very good for us for a long time. And a huge part of those 2 SB’s as well as playing a big role in developing #10.

      But you could see it from week 1 2012 that the offense, particularly the passing game, was out of sync.

      I recently re watched SB 42 and one of the things I noticed was how much more balanced our offense was. Not just in terms of run/pass, but we lined Eli up under center much more often. As an outsider it seemed like Gilbride got a little to option route based/ shotgun heavy these last few seasons. It obviously worked great in 2011 but had become ineffective the lat 2 years.

      •  kujo says:

        The offense was very much broken in 2013.

        Getting rid of its architect was the reasonable response.

    •  Krow says:

      Sums it up for me too.,

    •  The Real LT says:

      +1…No One can blame KG alone for the decline in the offense but his retiring is a step in the right direction…No doubt KG had the Giants offense running on all 4 cylinders at one time but it was time for a change…Who to make his successor? In my opinion if they hire Sullivan as the new OC we can probably expect some of the same results

      •  Sterling says:

        I don’t think Sullivan is a Gilbride clone at all. He runs basically the same system, but I don’t think the system was the problem. It was the play-calling in a lot of situations, and the inability to mix things up, and to adapt.

  7.  turkish says:

    Joe Lombardi please.

  8.  Krow says:

    Two Superbowls … can’t argue with results.

  9.  WellingtonsGhost says:

    Killdrive’s system was way too complex for players to learn and execute. He failed to adapt when it was apparent the o line was broken. If you can accurately predict the play call most times, something is wrong. KISS principle applies to football, Keep It Simple Stupid. Players make plays, not blink ‘twice if you want a curl’ option routes.

    Good riddance, I know I’m not the only one who got tired of cursing Gilbride every Sunday week after week. 3rd and 2-4, oh wait lets throw a go route, they’ll will never suspect that. Need I say more?

    Dude was a bum, more than glad to see him go. If he wasn’t a bum he would still be with the Giants. And if anyone wants to rag on this rant because it lacks “class,” its football where nice guys finish last.

    •  The Real LT says:

      @WellingtonsGhost: I agree with most of what you said but when we had the personnel to run Gilbrides system we had some formidable offensive stats-the reason I thought Gilbride should go was because he doesn’t make in-game adjustments and doesn’t adjust to the personnel that is available to him…

      •  stuh says:

        That’s right about the adjustments. How about the half time adjustments other teams made this year and the Giants brain trust would stand around picking their noses. It really had to be bad for Mara to sound off about it.

        •  buljos says:

          How about Chase Blackburn having current knowledge of Giants plays during that Carolina shut out? Mr. Gilbride couldn’t make adjustments between the time Chase signed with the Panthers and that game? That wasn’t predictable? It was as if Chase showed up for the game in a Giants uniform, and changed uniforms and sides that day.

          But that’s not what bothered me about Gilbride Sr. the most. I wish him well, and he did deliver 2 SBs. So I won’t bad mouth him as he retires. But I for one did not appreciate moving Sean Ryan from WR coach to QB coach so that Gilbride Jr. could be WR coach. After two seasons, I don’t think many would argue that turned out well… nepotism often doesn’t. I think Ryan’s a good WR coach, but I for one don’t believe he’s the right QB coach… or there are others who’d probably have been better positioned to do a better job with Eli. What’s an example of a QB coach the Giants should pursue? Tom Clements of Green Bay… tutored Aaron Rogers, coached Bret Favre, QB coach for Steelers, Saints, and 2 time CFL champion QB, and All-American QB at Notre Dame. How does Sean Ryan’s experience stack up against Tom Clements? I’m not suggesting Tom Clements is to be had as Eli’s coach. I am suggesting Tom Clements is the benchmark by which candidates ought to be judged. Eli deserves nothing less.

  10.  stuh says:

    It’s about time. I guess that whoever wrote that Coughlin would quit if Gilbride was fired happened to be wrong.
    I’m not sold on Sullivan because Tampa wasn’t exactly the most potent offense in the league.
    If we see a new offense strategy then we will know that Coughlin wasn’t calling the shots when the team sucked in the red zone.

    •  buljos says:

      …and if we see that Coughlin hands his new OC the Giants offensive playbook and tells him to execute this, then what? Can a new OC execute the same playbook as well as Gilbride did? Maybe that’s not at all what will happen. Maybe Coughlin will allow a new OC to come in with a blank piece of paper. I don’t know….

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