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Police Smelled Odor of Marijuana Prior to Arrest of New York Giants’ Will Hill: Report

December 31st, 2013 at 3:00 PM
By Dan Benton

New York Giants safety Will Hill was arrested on December 20th in Little Falls due to a child support warrant that was filed on December 10th. At the time, the Giants announced that it was a "personal matter" for Hill and declined to comment further. Two days later, Hill started for the Giants in a victory over the Detroit Lions. And while that seemed like the end of the story at the time, it now appears to have only been the beginning.

A Tuesday report published by The Star-Ledger indicates that a lot more went on that day than just an arrest over back child support. In fact, the arrest followed what was otherwise a routine traffic stop that escalated when the officer "detected the odor of burned marijuana emanating from within the vehicle" which was driven by Hill's acquaintance, Dawud Al-Ghaffaar aka Dawud Lane, who is a former Rutgers football player.

In addition to the smell of marijuana, the arresting officer also claims to have viewed "cigar shavings throughout the vehicle as well as pieces of cigar wrappers suggesting marijuana was once prepared and smoked in the vehicle."

The significance of this report, of course, is that Hill had previously been suspended for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy and later admitting the failed test came as a direct result of smoking marijuana. He had also previously been suspended for violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing substance policy as a result of using Adderall.

"Nothing to do with football. It’s from family member, everyone reaching their hand out thinking I’m an ATM, and people who think you owe them something," Hill said after being suspended for marijuana use. "It was just a situation where I was visiting back to my hometown and a guy pulled a shotgun on me right then and wanted money. How do you deal with those situations? I really can’t so I dealt with it the best way I knew how."

The report also suggests that Hill owed upwards of $9,184.92 in back child support despite earning $480,000 this season.

Whether or not the Giants were made aware of the circumstances surrounding this traffic stop and subsequent arrest remain to be seen, but head coach Tom Coughlin did go on record as saying he and the team fully support Hill.

“We support him in every way we can. If there was something, he’s trying like heck to meet all of his responsibilities. I don’t know any more than that and you probably know more than I do. It is a private matter and it’s something he has taken care of," Coughlin said. "We, again, support him as best as we can. He tries like heck to meet all of his obligations.”

Hill, to date, has not been suspended by the Giants or the league over this arrest or the corresponding police report, but because drugs were listed in said report and Hill would be considered a repeat offender, the NFL is involved and reviewing the case. Depending on the outcome, Hill could again face suspension from the league.

Photo credit: The Brit_2 / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


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42 Responses to “Police Smelled Odor of Marijuana Prior to Arrest of New York Giants’ Will Hill: Report”

  1.  BillyS says:

    I absolutely hate these whole pot issues that players have. Yes, I agree that they could do a lot worse things than pot, but as of now it is against the rules and to jeopardize your career like that is just plain STUPID.

  2.  Krow says:

    “Hey son, how about I make you rich and famous for the rest of your life. Play professional football. Live the dream. Never have to work at a real job … never ever. There’s just one rule though … you can drink as much as you like, but no illegal stuff. Deal?”

    “Ummm no thank you Sir. I’d rather smoke weed.”

  3.  ERICHONIUS says:

    “Guessing at when that will end is ludicrous.” (good years Rolle has left)

    Umm… I believe that we call this risk assessment, and it is hardly ludicrous. Now you can assess the risk as “worth it” but that is obviously an open debate.

    “Ask him to share the risk with the team by constructing a contract that’s heavily performance incentivized…”

    Let me ask you this, how many players do you know that are on incentive-laden contracts? Now, let me ask you, how many of those incentive-laden contracts were signed after a career (probowl-level) year by that player? Yeah, so lets come back to reality and assume that an incentive-laden contract is off the table.

    I am not saying that Rolle has been bad. I am saying that between 2010-2012 he was not really worth the 7.4 million a year he was earning and, likely, the only contract extension that he will sign will be in that salary range. Now, with this news, we are probably going to have to give him the four years he wants. That is (probably) not going to be good for this team long term.

    •  buljos says:

      Ok… you may know more about risk assessments than I do, but when I do them for the defense industry they’re just a function of Probability of Occurrence and Severity of the Outcome, not about guessing when in the future a guy’s performance will drop off. But apparently you’re working with a more advanced risk assessment algorithm, so I’ll defer to your asserted mastery in the field.

      How many players who you don’t know are on incentive-laden contracts? I seem to recall a few contracts having incentives… sacks, etc. No? Again, I guess since you know the answer to your question I’ll again defer to your greater familiarity with NFL players’ contracts, especially since I’ve left reality. No incentive contracts for good players. Got it.

      You’ve made quite a few serial assumptions that you assume will lead to signing a long term contract that’s probably not going to be good for the Giants. Let me ask you, do you ever challenge your own assumptions, or are they pretty much accepted as truth until proven otherwise?

  4.  Nosh.0 says:

    I know there have been some knocks about Lewan but I kind of like his nasty demeanor. Anyway for anyone who cares here’s espn’s scouts inc report on him.

    PASS PROTECTION- Sound hand placement and keeps defenders in front once locked on. Big and strong enough to hold ground against power. Sets high and can give ground initially versus speed-to-power moves, but resets feet and recovers well for the most part. Adequate initial quickness, and knocks edge rushers off-balance with powerful punch. However, can get beaten around the corner by better speed rushers. Average athlete who struggles to redirect quickly. Quick inside moves and fluid double moves give him problems. Top-heavy and vulnerable to pull moves.

    RUN BLOCKING- Powerful drive blocker. Shoots hands inside and controls defender once locked on. Above-average initial surge and drives through contact. Can end up in stalemate and/or slip off block when he doesn’t keep pads down, but is the lower man more times than not. Masks average body control and athletic ability with sound angles, and engulfs linebackers at second level. Above-average range for his size. Enough lateral mobility and balance to develop into an effective zone blocker.

    AWARENESS- Keeps head on a swivel and shows good pre-snap awareness. Picks up most blitzes, but can be late recognizing line stunts in pass pro. Locates second-level assignments when pulling, but will occasionally duck head and miss the linebacker when combination blocking up to the second level.

    TOUGHNESS- Hasn’t always controlled emotions and has crossed the line at times, but there is a lot to like about his nasty disposition and he has improved his discipline. Is mean and looks to bury defenders once locked on. Blocks through the whistle and gets under defenders’ skin. Always looking for someone to hit and picks the pile.

    •  Nosh.0 says:

      He doesn’t sound like the best athlete, but sounds very much like a “football player”. Not saying we should take him, but he’s got the kind of on field personality I would like on my O-Line.

      •  kujo says:

        Yeah I don’t follow college football outside of UCF and Notre Dame, so I don’t quite understand why Lewan went from a sure fire top 10 pick, to someone looked at so skeptically.

        Any of our NCAA fans have any insight on this?

  5.  Nosh.0 says:

    Also love these mock drafts that have us taking a Linebacker in the first round. Very cute. They have a Fisher-Price “My first Mock draft” feel to them.

    •  kujo says:

      LOL! Graziano from ESPN laughs them off every year. “The Giants DO NOT DRAFT LINEBACKERS IN THE FIRST ROUND!”

      •  buljos says:

        Yeah… a few weeks back I commented to a mock author who had the Giants taking LB in the 1st that there’s absolutely no way, then proceeded to illustrate why. Others replied in the affirmative. The author actually responded, essentially acknowledging and that argument made sense. Next iteration of the mock… he had us taking LB in 1st again. Different LB. Maybe they’re not trying to be accurate, but instead just inspiring fans to respond to uninformed picks. I guess if you’re selling advertising, that’s what matters most.

      •  buljos says:

        And the draft that was just updated has… drum roll please… Giants 1st round pick DE/OLB, 2nd round pick CB, and 3rd round pick OLB. I guess they missed John Mara’s press conference.

  6.  Nosh.0 says:

    And lastly, lets all be very thankful that John Mara is the Giants owner. I know some of the older fans that suffered through the 70′s tend to get Nam like flashbacks every time the Giants put out a bad team, but as long as Mara is running things the 70′s aren’t happening again. And I think his press conference confirmed to everyone that this guy knows what he’s doing.

    There’s a reason the Mets are the Mets, the Knicks are the Knicks, and the Giants are the Giants. And it all starts with ownership.

    •  buljos says:

      I don’t know enough to know if Mr. Mara knows what he’s doing. What I do very much appreciate is his candor, and forthcoming responses to questions. I get the sense that he wants to do more than deflect questions and talk a lot but say nothing… like others at the podium tend to do. I mean, when he says things like “the offense is broken” and that he feels for the fans in other cities who don’t get to see their Giants but once every few years, and then they don’t play worth a darn, like in San Diego… that hit home, because that was me. Sitting in the stands in San Diego, having had December 8th marked on my calendar for a long, long time. I was rather disappointed to say the least, and Mr. Mara acknowledged that. He’s a darn good owner.

  7.  kujo says:

    Rolle could be extended for a 3-4 year deal easily. Don’t even know why that’s a question around here. Rolle had to have pissed in the cereal of some of ya’ll, because that’s the only explanation for the lack of appreciation for a guy who has led our team in tackles every year that he’s been here, and has just been a straight up baller who routinely shifts up to play a significant number of snaps at cornerback 2-3 games a year.

    Heart and soul of our team. Does he talk a bunch, saying crazy things like “we can win out” to inspire the troops? Hell yeah! You gotta do that when you’re a vocal leader who backs up his talk off the field with his play on the field.

  8.  Krow says:

    Well … that Nicks blurb earlier is the opening salvo. I don’t know if he really thinks he’s a top tier WR … but it sure looks like he wants to get paid as one. That means he’s going to shop around. And there’s always one team that bites.

    Take care Hakeem … thanks for that Superbowl.

    •  LUZZ says:

      In my mind he’s already gone

      •  kujo says:

        In Will Hill’s mind, Nicks is a gigantic spider, eating Funyons and drinking Code Red Mountain Dew.

      •  buljos says:

        Mixed feelings about Nicks. Thankful for the memories… the Super Bowls, and that game against Green Bay, and the Tampa Bay game when he absolutely undressed Aqib Talib… I can still hear Collinsworth laughing how Talib hopes he never sees 88 again. I’m sure somebody will pay him, and I wish him well, except when playing against the Giants of course. On the other side of the mix, I just don’t know if he’ll ever be as good as he once was, and if 2013 is Nicks going forward, then the Giants are arguably better off without him. If he’s just banged up and will heal up and return to form, then we’re missing out on a real good WR. I just don’t think he can afford to lose half a step… he was never quick (4.63 combine 40), but half a step slower and he’s probably the slowest #1 WR in the league. Hard to reach the end zone when the DBs have dramatic closing speed on ya.

  9.  LUZZ says:

    Will Hill’s biggest obstacle has always been the Off-season. It’s true of all his years at FL and its been true each season with the giants. Lets see how he does this offseason.

    If he has a solid 2014 season, he will absolutely become a multi-millionaire in 2015. It’s all right there in front of him. One more substance violation and there will be nothing that Reese can do for him, it will become a league issue and it could cost him a lucrative career.

  10.  turkish says:

    This is why I wanted Reese to trade Nicks. Hope he doesn’t end up in a Fn Eagles uniform in 2014.

    •  kujo says:

      Yeah, because signing our other damaged goods, Smith and Phillips, really helped them fill their trophy case….

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