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Ex-Giant Barry Cofield Feels Tom Coughlin Still “Has Grasp” of Big Blue Locker-Room

December 26th, 2013 at 12:00 PM
By Dan Benton

Defensive tackle Barry Cofield may no longer be with the New York Giants, but even he feels like the Tom Coughlin witch hunt has gotten a bit out of control.

Speaking to reporters following Washington Redskins practice on Tuesday, Cofield said Coughlin still very much "has a grasp" on his locker-room and should, ultimately, be allowed to return in 2014.

“I think he deserves to stick around as long as he wants to coach,” Cofield told The Star-Ledger earlier this week. “He still has a grasp of the locker room. He’s a good coach. He’s been successful. He won them two championships.”

The "he should coach as long as he wants" sentiment is one often heard by current members of Big Blue, but to hear it from a former player — who has absolutely nothing to gain by brown-nosing — speaks volumes about Coughlin as a coach and a man. He is widely loved and respected across the league, and really shouldn't bare the brunt of the blame for a poor 2013 campaign.

But, one of the most common knocks against Coughlin is his age. After all, he's now 67-years-old and the oldest coach in the league, which leads some to believe he's lost touch with a younger generation of players.

Again, Cofield disagrees.

"I don’t think he really has to relate to them on a personal level,” Cofield said. “He brings passion to the game. He prepares. Even with his age, he brings a ton of energy. I don’t think age really matters.”

At the end of the day, this isn't just lip service. Current and former players alike, they love to play for Tom Coughlin. Who would have ever imaged that 10 years ago?

Photo credit: Keith Allison / / CC BY-SA


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  1.  Krow says:

    His frame of reference is Shanahan … yanno.

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