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Tom Coughlin, Kevin Gilbride Expected to Return to New York Giants in 2014?

December 22nd, 2013 at 9:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Fans who are hopeful for major offseason overhauls may find themselves sadly disappointed this morning, as Paul Dottino of WFAN made some interesting observations and revelations on Friday night during a brief spot with Tony Paige of Sports Radio 66. Among them was that head coach Tom Coughlin will, in fact, return to the New York Giants in 2014 unless his family convinces him otherwise.

"He's back. There's no way this organization is going to get rid of him unless his family ties a couple of ropes around his ankles and drags him out of the Giants' facility kicking and screaming — he'll be back in 2014," Dottino told WFAN. "He's not going to go out this way — he still has energy, still got gusto. He's still trying to find ways to win even though his team is clearly short-handed and under-manned right now. They have tremendous respect for him as an organization, and he's going to get a chance to right this thing."

In addition to expecting Coughlin to return, Dottino also suggests that offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride is in no danger of losing his job, either.

"I can say the same thing about Kevin Gilbrive," Dottino continued. "He's in the 7th year as the Giants' offensive coordinator. He's going to finish in the bottom third of the league, but in his previous six years at the helm, the Giants have not finished lower than 14th. In fact, in five of those years they've been in the top 10 in the NFL in offense and won two Super Bowls. … Can you tell me any way in the world they could come up with a reason to fire him?"

Ironically, Dottino feels defensive coordinator Perry Fewell is the one who may have the best chance of getting the ax. Despite rapid defensive improvement this year, it's the wildly inconsistent play of his defensive unit that may cause Giants management to step back and more deeply evaluate his worth to the team.

"Fewell is an interesting case because the defense has been inconsistent throughout his time here," Dottino said. "It's always been, well, at times they've been really good and at times they've been really bad. … I think he's got questions to answer. But if he comes up with the right answers, I think Fewell has enough cred and enough positives on his resume where I can see [Giants management] keeping him. I can also see if he doesn't give them the right answers, they might consider making a change."

Of course, all of this is subject to change depending on how the final two games of the season play out. And while Tom Coughlin is almost certain to return, if the Giants get shutout in each of the final two weeks, Big Blue management will have no choice but to evaluate Gilbride and what's been a horrid offensive season.

There is also a chance that Gilbride draws interest from elsewhere around the league, or as a possible head coach at the college level. He's received quite a bit of interest from college programs in recent years, so should one come seriously knocking, he may opt to leave New York and take the job.

Ultimately, it would behoove Giants fans not to get too tied up in potential changes. Odds are, come 2014, Coughlin is the head coach, Gilbride is the offensive coordinator and Fewell is the defensive coordinator.

Photo credit: Football Schedule / / CC BY-NC-SA


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27 Responses to “Tom Coughlin, Kevin Gilbride Expected to Return to New York Giants in 2014?”

  1.  dremac82 says:

    Let’s hope someone comes knocking.

  2.  James Stoll says:

    Truth hurts

  3.  Dirt says:

    Has Dottino paid any attention? If there’s any unit that has been inconsistent, it’s the offense. Equally capable of 40 or 0 for the last 7 years.

    If there’s any unit that’s been consistent, it’s the defense. It’s been a smooth, straigh downward trend from the championship teams of a few years back. With a consistent penchant for allowing teams to needle them to death and fold on the biggest plays of the game.

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      Dottino is absolutely correct with the end message though. Coughlin and Gilbride are coming back. There’s never been any scenario in which that wasn’t going to be the case.

      •  Dirt says:

        You’re right, he’s right, everyone is right – there is no way they’re leaving.

        Whether or not that’s a poor decision is certainly the question.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    I’ve said all along there was no way TC was leaving on this note, that the Giants would allow HIM to make the decision about returning, and that if he chose to return so, probably, would the coordinators.

    My fond hope all along has been that Mara NOT give any extensions. I’ve made my case often enough but will repeat it one more time. Tom Coughlin is among the very, very, few coaches who do not NEED more years on their contract than the one he’s in right now to command the respect of his players. Tom Coughlin is no one’s lame duck. So all the arguments in favor of extensions in order to have a coach maintain control over the team are ridiculous in this case. Tom could coach the rest of his career on year-to-year deals and it wouldn’t affect the locker room one bit. If TC can bring the team back into contention next year that would be great, and then I don’t care if he coaches some more years while bringing them toward a crowning championship as long as they are improving each season. But if it appears that he has finally reached the end of a distinguished road, then 2014 should be his last year here. The choice about 2015 should NOT be his.

  5.  fanfor55years says:

    And while I would like to see a change in the way we play, which would mean a change on both offense and defense, and would obviously require a different head coach because he is directing the philosophy that is being used by Gilbride and Fewell, I am still astounded at the lack of perspective around here.

    Any team that wins ONE championship in a decade has won more than its share of them in a league designed to create parity. Any team that wins two in a decade is accomplishing the near-impossible. Any team that wins two in seven years? Well, that’s a team that fans should be incredibly grateful for, and incredibly respectful toward all of the people who helped get there. I know this is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately world. That’s too bad. Whatever I think of what the future should be for Tom Coughlin, I respect the hell out of him for what he’s done. Same goes for Eli and a number of others whom the fans tend to savage on a daily basis. I fall into that trap on occasion. But I wish I didn’t.

  6.  fanfor55years says:

    Since I’m in the middle of working out a huge business deal that has to get under contract today I am going to miss seeing a Giants game for the first time in memory. I’m sick about it. Win, lose, or lose big (my expectation for today) they are my team, and I plan to forget this season the day it ends and look forward to much better times.

    •  Chad Eldred says:

      Having wealth to provide for and pass on to those you care about > value of watching another circus of errors.

  7.  skinnydoogan says:

    Well folk’s, there you have it. I’ll have to admit, I allowed myself to fantasize about all the different possibilities next year, but deep down inside, I knew I was deluding myself. Yes we have the 2 championships, and yes I am happy about it, however this regime, is out of gas, but why fight what is inevitable, we will be in this very same place next year. Only thing I disagree about is, there will probably be an extension, with a glowing endorsement of what is to come. In other words, Mara will be polishing the turd he is about to hand us. Oh and yes, I now do think it is entirely possible that all or any of the 3 washed up O-line men will be back in some sort of combination. No way Tom is going ito battle next ear without them.

    •  GIANTT says:

      Skinny , back years ago with the dynasties , you remember Steelers and Cowboys amongst others who kept their superstars all their playing days
      and won every year , well the NFL has concocted this scenario where any team can go from bad to good in one year . Think KC .
      So , the good news is that the NFL way of doing things now works for lousy teams . There is hope that the Giants can work things out and Im counting on them bringing in a bunch of free agents as they did last year with the defensive line which turned around in one year .
      Enjoy the game either way

      •  skinnydoogan says:

        I will enjoy it GIANTT, not going off on another diatribe, too tired and hung over for that. I will bring up this point on more time though, I work for a billion dollar company, I am good at what I do and highly respected for it. Having said this, they would unload me in a second, if I could not perform up to standards or way below them, and even more so if I held onto vastly under performing people which were helping holding me back. This is business 101 and like it or not, football is a business. Just happens to be one of the rare ones that makes money in spite of itself.

        •  Fran2Eli says:

          My feelings as well. As I stated here before how does this “business” (The NY Football Giants) ask the tens of thousands of ticket holders who have, and will be, paying a substantial amount for their seats to have to wait on TC? These are after all their customers. What of the millions of fans who support the business model? Let the inevitable new team of coaches oversee the wholesale changes that are needed. Why saddle them with pieces that don’t fit their scheme? The coming wholesale moves of 2014 may well turn out to be a obstacle for a new coach, and thus prolong the turn around project.
          Thanks Tom for a job well done, you will be respected for it beyond your years. I would expect to be hearing your valued commentary on TV for years to come. Sorry but new leadership is the key to the refresh that this organization needs so badly.

  8.  GIANTT says:

    55y , they have this thing called tape for us older guys or DVR for the younger guys . Besides , do you know how WARM its going to be ? Seriously though , sorry you wont see the game .
    Ive decided to take the afternoon off and either enjoy or suffer with the rest of us . Im going in with this attitude . Ive just about thrown in the towel but if the Giants win , I will be happy if they win and I will console myself only NOW that the Giants are moving up the draft order with a loss . So , happiness both ways along with the alcoholic haze .

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Nah, I hate watching events after they have already occurred. So I won’t DVR it. I’ll depend on you guys for my understanding of the game. I’ll read the post-game comments tomorrow to see what I missed.

      Have a great time. I fully agree with you: as long as we escape healthy (I would still remove Eli after a few series and never have him do a 5-7-step drop while he’s in), we win either way. Either massive upset or better draft position. Gotta look on the bright side.

  9.  skinnydoogan says:

    Paul Dottino has confirmed what I knew deep down inside, the sold out stadium is enough for the Mara’s. No other explanation for this.

  10.  GIANTT says:

    Jeez , I just read what I wrote . I swear I didnt start drinking yet but I hope it was comprehensible to those who are up and reading
    this early .

    •  skinnydoogan says:

      Your good GIANTT, I am still feeling the affects from an all day bender (was at a wedding) what you wrote made perfect sense.

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