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New York Giants’ Will Hill Arrested on Child Support Warrant; Makes Trip to Detroit: Report

December 21st, 2013 at 4:42 PM
By Dan Benton

Will Hill's off-field troubles continued this week, as Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News reports that the New York Giants safety was arrested on Friday night on a child support warrant.

In a statement by the team, the Giants distanced themselves from the issue, saying it's a "private, personal matter he's dealing with."

Additional details on the arrest have not been made available, but Hill had previously told The Star-Ledger that he has four children — two with his ex-wife and two with another woman. In fact, prior to the birth of his fourth child, Hill cited his three other children as the reason he gave up collegiate eligibility at Florida and declared early for the NFL Draft.

“It took a while to come to that conclusion, but the thing that made me come out and try to go pro is I have a family,” Hill said in 2011. “It’s a priority of mine to help my family. I have little ones to look after. I feel like this was best decision for me and them.”

Despite declaring early, Hill's draft value took a major hit due to character issues that plagued him in college. His wild posts and pictures are Twitter are well known, and the incident subsequently led to Hill going undrafted.

In 2012, the Giants gave Hill an opportunity after an impressive workout, but made it abundantly clear that he needed to get his life in order.

Since then, Hill has faced dual four-game suspensions — one for violating NFL’s performance-enhancing substance policy, which he claimed was Adderall, and one for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy, which he admitted was due to a failed marijuana test.

Hill has also been arrested for driving on a suspended license (2011) and alleged domestic violent on his now ex-wife (2012), although charges were never ultimately filed.

Despite the arrest, Hill did travel with the team to Detroit and is expected to play on Sunday.

Photo credit: The Brit_2 / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


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13 Responses to “New York Giants’ Will Hill Arrested on Child Support Warrant; Makes Trip to Detroit: Report”

  1.  Kettles78 says:

    Damn Will get it together

  2.  GOAT56 says:


    Nosh.0 says:
    December 20, 2013 at 4:07 PM
    Do you really think the Giants screwed up the Nicks contract situation? What exactly should the Giants have done? The kid hasn’t been a difference maker since week 2 last year. Do you really wish the Giants had paid him?

    I know there are some on here that still undervalue Cruz, but would you really have paid Nicks ahead of Cruz? In a bad year in which the QB and OL meltdown, Cruz goes for almost 1,000 yards and 73 catches. Oh and that’s with constant double teams. Nicks can’t beat single coverage from a teams #2 corner.

    If Nicks Giants career got screwed up, it was done so by his legs, nothing more.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      The screwed up because they miscalculated how paying Cruz and not paying Nicks would effect Nick’s production. I can’t argue that it was the wrong decision right now because of how poorly Nicks performed this year. But what was done didn’t work. Maybe their was just no right move.

      I still think you are overvaluing Cruz. Cruz is a good player but he’s a #2 WR. 1000 yards nowadays doesn’t mean you’re a top player. Cruz just isn’t the same player since Nicks has been relatively ineffective. We were behind in a ton of games so their were plenty of chances that Cruz and our WRs had that balance out the struggles of the OL.

      With Cruz going forward we have to hope Randle or a rookie develop into a #1 WR because Cruz is just not that IMO. Cruz is what I thought he was sadly Nicks hasn’t been. But Nicks struggles don’t make Cruz a player than he has been. Cruz was out best WR this year which is part of the issue we had. The dirty secrete is that when Eli did have enough time the receivers didn’t get open consistently including Cruz. For all the praise of Cruz he averaged 71 YPG and Nicks 61 YPG.

      Hopefully Cruz can prove me wrong and have an Antinio Brown type of year in 2014 after losing Wallace. But I just don’t see it.

      •  Chad Eldred says:

        Are you somehow suggesting that Nicks isn’t playing well because Cruz got paid? That Cruz getting paid caused Nicks to cast aside the motivation to play for his own contract at the end of the year and cost himself millions with his mediocre play?

      •  Kettles78 says:

        Nicks didn’t want to discuss a contract last year becAuse he wanted to come off a good year this year. After struggling for a few weeks after the first Dallas game I think it really messed with him.

        •  Kettles78 says:

          This is from May 2013:
          New York Giants’ wide receiver Hakeem Nicks becomes a free agent after the 2013 NFL season. He said on Monday that he is willing to wait for contract talks with the front office and will finish out his rookie contract.

          According to Ian Rapoport of Nicks is in no hurry to negotiate a contract with the Giants and is taking at “anti-Cruz” approach to the situation. Nicks wants to finish his rookie contract and wait for the Giants to approach him with an offer.

  3.  GOAT56 says:

    F55 – I completely disagree about not playing Eli. That’s not how you play football. If Eli had some injury he could play through but didn’t want to risk it that’s different. But Eli from what know is healthy. If the game plays out and Eli is taking a beating then yeah it makes sense to sit him but you don’t give up before the game starts. I don’t see Matt Ryan sitting and they play at SF.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      To each his own. I see you accept “The Code”. I don’t. This isn’t about manhood. It’s about the strategic interests of the franchise. “How you play football” is that you have to be “all in” when winning has a purpose, but once that isn’t the case any longer you protect your ability to win again when it matters.

      While I hate football-to-war analogies, your approach, and Tom Coughlin’s, would be that of the insane General who believes that a strategic retreat from battle in order to win the war is a poor choice that should never be taken because it might “hurt the men’s morales and make them less of a ‘fighting machine’”. Horse manure. That’s the thinking of small minds that leads to unnecessary and fruitless casualties that serve absolutely no purpose.

      It’s just plain idiotic.

      •  Kettles78 says:

        No disrespect to you but winning at this point doesn’t matter to you some others but to those players and coaches it still means something

  4.  Krow says:

    Baby Mommas get their hooks in … I’m not too concerned over this money grab. Too bad the court system allows itself to be used as a tool. Get a lawyer Will.

  5.  turkish says:

    F’N loser.

  6.  BleedingBlueSince04 says:

    I’m dying to see what changes are made this offseason . Hopefully it’s a bunch of good ones that make us championship caliber once more .

  7.  stuh says:

    Will Hill a potentially great player but he can’t keep it in his pants, but he is not alone pro sports are loaded with spoiled athletes who are fathering kids with no regard for the responsibility that should go along with it.
    As for playing Eli I say let’s see what the rookie can do. Eli hasn’t done to much and if they value him so much they shouldn’t throw him to the wolves. However that ‘s not going to happen.
    The best thing that can happen is that they dump the coaching staff after the season and try to start with a new philosophy, not this same old tired one. Tom Coughlin can retire with his record in tact and maybe the team can be rebuilt around someone who can make changes on the fly instead of the same plays over and over again no matter what the other team is doing.

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