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New York Giants Place Corey Webster on IR; Sign WR Julian Talley from Practice Squad

December 17th, 2013 at 4:34 PM
By Dan Benton

On Tuesday, the New York Giants announced that cornerback Corey Webster (ankle) has been placed on season-ending Injured Reserve (IR).

Webster, a nine-year veteran, played only four games for the Giants this season due a variety of lingering injuries. In addition to the ankle injury that landed him on IR, Webster also dealt with a groin issue that kept him out for several weeks earlier this year.

In total, Webster made eight tackles and defended one pass in what will likely be the final season of his Giants career.

Taking Webster's place on the 53-man roster is wide receiver Julian Talley, who has been signed from their practice squad in what would appear to be a move of preparation.

In Sunday's 23-0 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, fellow UMass product, Victor Cruz, suffered both a concussion and a knee sprain, and appears unlikely for Big Blue's Week 16 game against the Detroit Lions.

Rounding out their roster moves, the Giants also signed running back Kendall Gaskins to their practice squad, taking the place of the aforementioned Talley.

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124 Responses to “New York Giants Place Corey Webster on IR; Sign WR Julian Talley from Practice Squad”

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  1.  Kettles78 says:

    What took so long for this move to happen.

  2.  LUZZ says:

    Jim – lets finish this conversation. As I said, my problem is with your 6 year look-back of the giants being mediocre or average. This year and going forward I (as everyone) has questions and support adjustments.

    Of the 31 other teams, who’s track record would you trade over ours? Give me a team name.

    Are you arguing for a standard that doesn’t exist in today’s NFL?

    In other words, name the team in the last 7 years that consistently wins 12 games, hasn’t finished a season poorly, hasn’t been blown out in a few games, AND won 2 rings. Name that team so I can finally see your side of the argument.

    •  William says:

      If we finish 6-10 then after 10 years the TC regime will be 89-71 or the basic 9-7 season that has marked his run with us. We have won more than 10 games only twice and truly dominate just once in the Plax shooting himself year (12-4). On the positive, just 2 losing records in those 10 years is quite a feat. Add in the 2 Holy Grail runs and there is little to complain if your satisfied with that or like some saw what could have been. The bottom-line is we were 9-7 more than we should have (see the overall record) been and in almost every case it cost us a playoff berth. How often do you get a QB like Eli who plays so well on the road in the playoffs? Add to the frustration is that the issues with this team that go back to year 2-3 are as still present in year 10.
      red zone
      time management on offense
      not playing rookies
      soft defense (except with Spags)
      special teams
      terrible home record for a good team
      If your going to be 9-7 a lot and miss the “show” by a game in the majority of years and not address your shortcomings then expect people to complain, even when you lift the Lombardi trophy twice because your that close to raising it even more.
      As I have mentioned numerous times the Pats set a worthy standard on how it can be done to make sure you get to the show not at 50% but at 90% plus. The headcoach job is a two fold strategy….get into the show…win the show. TC is great on number 2 which is why the shortcoming’s on number 1 sting so much.

  3.  Krow says:

    TV talking heads ripping the hearts out of Jerry Reese and Eli.

  4.  James Stoll says:

    It’s the two ring argument that is your only trump card
    So solely because of that you argue we’ve been successful
    What about 2009 when we started 5-0, finished 3-8, including getting blown away by Denver on Thanksgiving, Carolina in our last game ever in Giants stadium and Minnesota when we were still in it? Successful? Great coaching?
    How about 2010 where we were 9-4, had a 19 point lead on Philly with 10 minutes to go in the game at home, didn’t see the insides kick coming, couldn’t punt the ball out of bounds, lost; then went to GB the following week with our fate still in our hands and got rolled 45-10? Successful? Great coaching?
    How about 2012? Started 6-2; finished 3-5, including back-to-back blow out losses to Atlanta/Baltimore with our fate in our hands. Successful? Great coaching?

    Now let’s look at the 2 supes
    2007. 6-2 to start. Then 9-5 by week 15. Down 14-0 to Buffalo. Then Jacobs gets injured and for the first time all season Bradshaw plays. He breaks off an 82 yard run amongst other heroics and bails Eli out of a 3Int, 2 fumble performance. Great coaching to put Bradshaw in?
    Now we dd get hot in the playoffs and played great and I’ve always said that and marveled at it.
    Same in 2011 where we were a Dez Bryant fingertip from being eliminated, and where once we had outr fate in our hand after the first Dallas win, we laid an egg against the Rex Grossman Skins in our house. Great coaching?

    So yes, we have won 2 titles. And yes we played great for two 5 week periods against the best best the league could throw at us.

    But that was luck. Not luck that we played great in those games. Luck that we could be so mediocre to miserable all season long and then flipped a switch?
    Great coaching? Do you really believe that?
    Do you believe Coughlin said let’s play like a .500 team all season long and lull our opponents into believing we stink, and then we’ll spring great play on them?
    If that was his demonic plan, why not do it in 2006, 2009, 2010, 2012?

    •  LUZZ says:

      All fantastic points, Jim. But you forgot to name the team you would be willing to trade the last 6-7 years with, which was the basis of my whole question.

      So lets try again. GIVE ME THE TEAM NAME.

      •  LUZZ says:

        You like to compare us to air or a fantasy team. I’m asking you to compare us to the NFL. So, you have 31 other teams to pick from. I’m not asking you to name 10, just freakin give me 1 team you would trade our last 6-7 years with.

      •  William says:

        Luzz, so your point is the 2 titles is as good as it ever could have been. One more victory in just one of 4 years getting us into the playoffs could not possibly translated into another title based on parity? One year in which we play 7-1 ball at home or God forbid 8-0 and a #1 seed? Bill Belichick at the helm and 9 playoff appearances I think you might have 3-4 trophies.

        •  LUZZ says:

          That’s not what I’m saying. Yes, more playoffs could translate into more rings. That’s not the debate. Jim’s ripping our last 6-7 years under TC. My point is to keep it in context. In context, my question is what team has a better track record in those years.

          •  Kettles78 says:

            Most people will not answer that question because when you dislike your team you will find any negative. When you like your team you will find positives and then be called a homer. The Giants suck their 2 superbowls were luck and that kind of stuff is all you are going to get unless you blast TC and others

            •  Kettles78 says:

              While they have had 9-7 years and missed the playoffs they have also had a 10-6 year and missed the playoffs

    •  Kettles78 says:

      The year the Packers won the superbowl were they the best all year? How about the Ravens last year? Were they the best all year long? To you it is luck when a team puts it all together after catching a break (See Ravens last year vs Denver) but I disagree. The Giants have talent they have good coaching but sometimes things don’t work and I think Reese overestimated what he had in Oline depth this year was a major issue. Nicks being a shell of himself is another big issue. There are several issues

  5.  LUZZ says:

    Hey, I’d love to win the Super Bowl every year, but that’s not the way the league is set up.

    I’ll ask you. Give me the name of the team you would trade places with over the last 6 a 7 years?

    And if belichick is such a lock to win 4 super Bowls with our team over the last 7 years, then how come he can’t win one with his own team in as many years?

    •  Kettles78 says:

      Anybody answer this yet? Well I can answer why Belichick hasn’t yet. Its TC’s fault literally this time

  6.  Nosh.0 says:

    So much to discuss. Gonna have to break it down into several posts.

    First of all, where’s DEMO, Kujo, and 55 at? If this place is an echo chamber it’s because you guys haven’t come on here and help dictate the conversation. I understand people have lives, but if the only reason you haven’t posted is because this place has become “too negative” than that is just weak.

    Now onto the coach and QB.

  7.  Nosh.0 says:

    Before we can evaluate the job TC has done we need to get a few things straightened out first.

    1. Belicheck > Coughlin
    2. Brady, Brees, Peyton, Rodgers > Eli

    For the longest time on this site we were beaten to death by arguments that Eli was “Elite” and that Coughlin was a HOF. If that was the case than we’d be in the postseason close to every year. It’s simply not the case. So we can put that argument to bed now.

    By the way this is not an indictment on Eli or TC. There’s no crime in not being a HOF (both of which still might get in with another ring).

    Somebody the other day mentioned how Tuck was not the same player/leader that Strahan was. Well yeah. There’s a reason Strahan is a HOF. Tuck is not some failure because he won’t be in the Hall. Neither is TC and Eli. But we need to stop this whole “Elite” debate when it comes to coach and QB. Because they’re not on the same level as the great ones.

    •  LUZZ says:

      Agree, Brady and Belichick are HOFers. The fact that we’re beating them in multiple championship games makes TC/Eli overachievers. That’s how I see it anyway.

      •  Nosh.0 says:

        Don’t know if your’e being serious or not but, 2 match ups in which we won by a combined 7 points is a poor argument.

        Phill Simms beat Elway in a Super Bowl. And there is no one in their right mind that believes Simms is on Elways level.

        So no, TC and Eli are not on Brady and Bellichecks level. That’s not even a discussion anymore. We’re now talking about whether the coach should keep his job next year.

        Homers on this site feeling the constant need to facialize themselves with Eli and TC proclamations are a big reason the conversation doesn’t always move forward on here. So lets give it a rest.

        •  jfunk says:

          Nosh, I think you misread his post. He’s agreeing with you that TC/ELi aren’t on their level. He’s stating that their beating them makes them “overachievers” as opposed to indicating that they are equally good.

          •  Nosh.0 says:

            Yeah I wasn’t sure. Tough to decipher sarcasm in text form.

            BTW I don’t think Eli and TC are over achievers. I thick they’re really good at what they do. Right below the HOF line. Don’t see why that has to be an indictment on either.

            But for the longest time on this website if you didn’t put both coach and QB in canton than you we’re an idiot. And all we heard was “2 SB’s, 2 SB’s” while we were in a middle of another meltdown last season.

            I don’t totally agree with Jim, but listening to the Eli/TC homers on this site did get irritating. And really would hold the conversation back. So it’s nice that we can finally have a discussion without it degenerating to a 3rd grade level.

    •  kujo says:

      LOL….1 year changes everything.

    •  Kettles78 says:

      I agree with that. Especially number 2. But I would not rather have any QB to handle the NY pressures like Eli does. Even Peyton I don’t think could handle being in the spotlight of NY media the way Eli does. Just a hypothetical though since we would not know how those others would handle it. Just a belief on my part

  8.  Nosh.0 says:

    Pro’s for keeping Coughlin for 2014
    - Track record. When he’s been in the hot seat before, he’s delivered rings.
    - He has proven he can win with Eli
    - He hasn’t lost the locker room
    - Can’t blame him for (the worst OL ever assembled, 1st round pick David Wilson getting hurt, Hakeem Nicks all the sudden sucks, His franchise QB, not playing like a franchise QB, Brandon Myers, JPP being MIA)
    - Coughlin deserves a lot of blame for this year, but not all of it
    - He’s won 2 SB’s, 3 Division titles, and brought us to the postseason 5 times.

    Cons for keeping him
    - This has been a year and a half of offensive ineptitude. There is a possibility that TC really can’t fix it.
    - A change could do this roster a lot of good. See (Philly, San Fran, KC)
    - History of collapses.
    - 2014 will be a lost season if he can’t fix the offense.

  9.  jfunk says:

    Jim’s point has been the same for years. He’s trying to sell that the battle is more important than the war.

    Asking him whether he’d trade the 2 trophies is a patently invalid argument though and it’s missing the real point of his argument too which is that we’ve been simply a turnover or two away from not making the playoffs at all for Coughlin’s entire tenure. My point is rather that he’s holding the Giants to a standard that isn’t met by anyone.

    I’d wager that any team that has consistently reached 10+ wins every year for a decade happens to have benefited from incredibly easy schedules (and THAT is luck, unlike our playoff appearances). Combine that with the fact that they haven’t translated those appearances into trophies and one could conclude that they were paper tigers rather than superior football teams.

    Rather, I propose that those two “lucky” runs are proof that Coughlin’s methods DO work. When his system is hitting on all cylinders, it can win championships. That’s more than most coaches can claim. It just might be hard to execute BECAUSE it’s better when it IS executed.

    All of that being said, I agree with Jim today that it’s time for a change. The message is stale and the players either aren’t responding or are not capable of executing what is being asked of them. With Eli and Cruz being the only players we know we can rely on to execute the scheme properly, I don’t believe there is time left in Eli’s career to build back to that place.

    It’s time to bring in a simpler scheme, one that can be implemented in full within one year. Even if it’s less championship-likely at it’s apex than this scheme, it could still give us one or two more chances to roll the dice where this scheme probably won’t.

  10.  kujo says:

    “..your point is the 2 titles is as good as it ever could have been.”

    No. We could have won every single game, every single year, resulting in an astounding 10 Super Bowl titles under Coughlin and Eli.

    But in lieu of that fantasy, I’ll take our 2 rings in 7 years over ANYONE. Why? Because no one else has done better in that time frame.

    Are there things that need to be addressed, in terms of personnel, scheme, coaching, scouting and free agency? You betcha! But you can’t say you’d trade our 2 Super Bowl runs for more playoff appearances, under the assumption that more playoff appearances somehow would have resulted in more Super Bowl titles. Why? Because the Patriots. And Steelers. And Ravens. And Chargers. And several other teams I’m not thinking of.

    All have more playoff appearances in the last 7 years. All have LESS Super Bowl titles.

    •  kujo says:

      Jim likes to do this thing where he takes away the two things–the two Lombardi trophies hanging in our cabinet– that utterly demolish his opinion of Coughlin as a sub-par coach of a mediocre team. It’s absurd, and you’d all do well not to fall for this fallacious form of argumentation.

      Some facts:

      1) This is the worst team Reese has ever assembled

      2) Coughlin has ever coached.

      3) This is the worst year of Eli’s career

      4) There is no reason to assume everything wrong with this team can’t be fixed or excised in a calendar year.

      Disagree with any of those things? Prove it.

      •  skinnydoogan says:

        1,2 and 3 yes, not sure if 4 is possible given the amount of fixing that needs to be done.

      •  LUZZ says:

        These last 2 posts have been my position all day. There’s no other team that has been better than us over the last 7 years.

        I am NOT arguing that Eli is better than Brady. I am NOT arguing that TC is better than Belichick. I don’t know where you got that from any of my posts today, Nosh?

        My position all day is that our current team sucks, but our last 7 years have been a great ride.

        Jim’s position has been that the whole TC regime has been no better than average.

        This has been the debate all day, nosh. There, now you are caught up.

    •  kujo says:

      I should note that the Steelers also have 2 Super Bowl titles, and are similarly awful in 2013.

      So, yeah.

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