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Time Has Come for New York Giants, Kevin Gilbride to Go Their Separate Ways

December 16th, 2013 at 12:00 PM
By Doug Rush

The New York Giants reached a dubious goal on Sunday in their embarrassing 23-0 loss to the Seattle Seahawks at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. Not only was it the second time they were shutout on offense this season — the first was back in Week 3 in a 38-0 blowout loss to the Carolina Panthers — but out of the 32 teams, the Giants were the only team to be shutout on the scoreboard in Week 15.

Think about that for a second. The Giants (5-9), who don't even possess the worst record in the NFC much less in the NFL, watched as 31 other teams in the league were able to put points on the board (14 games played on Sunday), yet in two games this season, the Giants laid a goose egg.  There is no excuse for this kind of effort from the offense and while a lot of fingers are being pointed, one person deserves the majority of the blame: offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride.

Last season, the Giants were a top-10 offense in the league that showed a ton of potential if they had all of their offensive weapons healthy and on the field, but this season, even with most of them healthy and available, the Giants offense has looked like anything but the explosive one that the league saw last season and for a brief moment in Week 1 three months ago.

Instead of watching Eli Manning guide the offense down the field and getting the ball to his play-makers like Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz, it's been opposing defensive coordinators figuring out a very lackluster offense and being able to game-plan what Glibride is calling and shutting them down. Since Week 1 back in September where the Giants put up 31 points against the Dallas Cowboys, the best effort the Giants were able to put up was 27 points against the Green Bay Packers a few weeks ago. And over the last two weeks, you've seen the Giants put up 14 points against the inconsistent San Diego Chargers and then nothing against the Seahawks; who very well may be coming back to New Jersey come February to play in Super Bowl XLVIII.

This hasn't been the first time where Gilbride's lack of imagination and predictability has killed the Giants offense, as it has been going on since he took over seven years ago. Last season, you saw his ineptness at calling plays in Weeks 15 and 16 in losses to the Atlanta Falcons and Baltimore Ravens in what were considered must-win situations to keep the Giants playoff hopes alive, and the offense sputtered terribly. This season, it's been the same of Gilbride's ineffectiveness to call the right plays all year long and the last two games against the Chargers and Seahawks have shown that Gilbride is not the right guy to be calling this offense.

Manning needs a new voice and a new vision from someone else calling the offense in order to have a bounce-back season in 2014 because while he's had previous success with Gilbride as his play-caller, especially for two Super Bowl wins, it's not working with Gilbride anymore. With explosive weapons like Nicks, Cruz, Randle and others, there's no excuse why this offense should be getting held to 20-24 points per games on most nights, and in some cases, 14 points or less like they did in the last two weeks.

While Tom Coughlin wouldn't publicly call out his long-time friend and coach in Gilbride, his calling of the offense "pathetic" on Sunday exemplifies just how Giants fans feel about the offense in 2013 and how Gilbride has ran the offense and after the season is over, a much needed and long overdue change is needed on who runs the offense next season.

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13 Responses to “Time Has Come for New York Giants, Kevin Gilbride to Go Their Separate Ways”

  1.  Ditch Digger says:

    Posted this in the game thread, but:

    That’s about all I have to say about that.

  2.  GOAT56 says:

    BBG – I’m maybe the biggest Gillbride supporter here but after the offensive performance the last 20 plus games his job is definitely in question. Everyone’s job but Eli and a handful of other players are in question. The offense has just issues on every level at this point so though it’s far from just KG’s fault you have to start somewhere.

    I seems like both TC and Eli are talking about Nicks and you know what they are right. given that we are not going to the playoffs and he’s gone after the year I think calling him out somewhat makes since. Maybe it should have been done much earlier.

    The only players that should be guaranteed starting spots next year are Eli, Pugh (maybe G or C), Beatty (maybe at RT), Cruz, JPP, Joseph, Beason, Paysinger, Prince, Hill, Rolle and Weatherford.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      GOAT, you and I bumped heads ALL season long. And there’s no love lost. I value and respect your opinions on this thread. And I what I admire more is that you’ve remained optimistic throughout. That says something about you as a person.

      That said, When the Offense has struggled like it has the past 20 games or so as you’ve stated (maybe more), there should have been a way to solve what the problem really is. It’s hard to imagine that something like this wasn’t talked about, but when they step on the field, it seems that they just don’t come to terms with how to make these adjustments.

      Take yesterdays game. For a team that NEVER uses screen plays all season we some how decide to use about 7 screen plays yesterday. All netting pretty much doo doo in yardage. Doesn’t make sense. The shotgun draw? again? these read option routes, in game 15 having the Wr’s and Eli STILL on the same page? Clearly the players play, but as an OC Gilbride’s gotta say ” hey, NO MORE READ OPTION ROUTES. Randall, Hook Route, Cruz, Slant over the middle, Nicks Sluggo, Brown you block, Myers- chip block, then out route. Or something of that sort. OR Eli the Great needs to make that call in huddle. I know it’s easier said than done. But CLEARLY anyone who watches this giants team scratches their head as to the predictability of the play calling, the LONG snap counts, the run schemes, the pass blocking, the routes. Everything. So yes, we can blame the line being bad because it’s part of the problem, Eli being off with his WR’s etc…. But the real underlying issue is the offense this team is running. $hit, even if we do a trick play or two it’s soooo easy to tell it’s coming.

      Last night, the steelers ran a no huddle that caught a very good bengals defense in surprise. They moved the ball on them with ease throughout 3 and a half qtrs. Steelers aren’t known to do that! But it’s the element of surprise that made it successful.

      Anyway. Agreed on those players to return. I also want Jenkins back, and or Paterson or Rogers. I think resigning Linval, Beason are musts. i’d like Rolle to restructure, but i just don’t see how you ask him to after the year he had.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        The only point I disagree about is that I don’t see as the WR, QB being off as on Gillbride. I understand the complains of the offense but the players have to be held accountable too. Yesterday I didn’t see anything but in perfect throws and bad effort from the WRs, mainly Nicks. Nicks had many balls he could have caught this year and that’s on him, Eli and the OL not KG IMO. But the other points about the offense are fair. My point has always been that the offense is top 5-10 in ppg and yards for many years running. Since that’s no longer the case then it’s more than fair to put blame on KG. To me the complaints before were not nearly as valid because we were still successful. I still think KG has been hurt more than the players play and execution than his schemes but when things go this wrong for this long changes need to be made.

        The no huddle point is very fair. That’s one thing that KG is definitely guilty og not doing enough over the years. But especially when we have struggled.

        I’m not saying there aren’t other players that could help like Jenkins. But we could easily start Hankins next year much like with Joseph in his second year after barely playing his rookie year.

        For me I have to see a lot to want change. I remember wanting someone new form Simms and Ewing years ago. So I now value someone like Eli even with his flaws. So I understand patience but 4 out of 5 years missing the playoff and becoming a bad team and offense this year is too much to ignore. Even last year and since Eli has been our QB, our best football could always beat anyone. That’s not the case in 2013 so we need to make some changes to make that the case again.

  3.  BigBlueGiant says:

    I feel like Doug just wrote everything that i’ve said in the past few days.

    ( not saying you’ve plagiarized what i’ve written).

  4.  Krow says:

    This week set an NFL record for total points scored. The highest scoring weekend in NFL history. Most points ever.

  5.  Fran2Eli says:

    I will spend the off season in depression if Kevin Gilbride is not gone, this has gone on for too long. Although I might be able to tolerate TC coming back I don’t see the purpose. We need a total over hall, and that should be orchestrated by the next team of coaches starting now, not delayed a year or two waiting for TC to move on. Some speak of TC’s right to hang around after the Super Bowl wins. Those 10?s of thousands of people who paid big bucks for their seats, should wait on Tom? The literally millions of fans that support this franchise should wait on Tom? Sorry, but no they shouldn’t as this is bigger than Tom. A failing CEO doesn’t get to hang around based on past successes once the business is in serious need of a new direction. This is business and this team needs a refresh, it should start the week after the season ends with a cleaning house, I’ll take my chances now on a new coaching staff rather then later.

    skinnydoogan says:
    December 16, 2013 at 12:21 PM

  6.  LUZZ says:

    In a perfect world JR is hosting Billy Obrien at Scores this week. Make it rain Jerry!

  7.  buljos says:

    These Giants under TC and JR are an enigma. One year the defense is horrid but the offense scores enough points to bail them out so they can contend. In 2011 the Giants scored 394 points, good for 9th in the NFL, while the D allowed 400 points, or 25th in the league. So JR fixes the defense, but then the offense becomes putrid and they don’t contend. What the heck happened!?

    I for one did not fully appreciate the vital importance of the O-line to the character of the Giants until this season. Sure, I’ve watched teams focus on so called “skill positions” year after year at the top of the draft yet still represent the laughing stock of the league… because they couldn’t win in the trenches. But I guess I’ve been spoiled by generally unrecognized yet solid play from the Giants O-lines over the past half dozen years. This season, I’ve been recalibrated… dramatically… like a slap in the face. Not too long ago I bought David Diehl T-shirts on his web site… big checkerboard shield like his tat. I was proud to wear it to sports bars in San Diego, and nobody knew who he was. I did. I appreciated his rough transition to LT, and how hard he trained in the off season and hung in there with his LG Richie Seubert… tough as nails, and they worked well together. David wasn’t nearly the best O-lineman in the league, but he was a character, and he loved playing for the Giants. I feel for him today. RT Kareem McKenzie was a tough **** in his prime who seldom got the credit he deserved. O’Hara was a darn good Center, but he referred to RG Chris Snee as a steal in the 2nd round in 2004, and “…the heart and soul of our line. We all feed off him.” I remember when Madden said Snee was one of the best guards in the league. Yet I still didn’t fully appreciate what he brought to the offense. I took him and the rest of the line for granted. I wouldn’t pay much attention to them, even when they would execute multiple pulling, blocking schemes that not many lines were capable of doing. Eli grew confident behind a damn good line, and that confidence translated into big plays.

    Fast forward to 2012 and 2013 seasons… that once really good… ok, I’ll say almost great line went away, and I didn’t understand what was lost until I witnessed what a huge affect it had on Gilbride’s offense. Diehl’s heart is without question, and I still wear his Ts. But his physical skills have waned. The line could no longer feed off Snee. Baas isn’t O’Hara. Pugh is much better than I thought he’d be as a rookie, but he doesn’t seem to have the mean **** mauler persona like McKenzie. That good line just went away, and they took the entire offense with them. Who knew… I didn’t. I do now.

  8.  True2BigBlue says:

    Our thought process should be….
    Jr Gilbride=NO
    Strength and Conditioning Staff=NO
    QB Coach(Sean Ryan)=NO

    It’s the only way we have a chance to right all those wrongs so we can become the Big Blue Beast again.

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