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Chicago Bears’ Martellus Bennetts Acts as Voice of Reason Following Brandon Myers’ Tweets

December 16th, 2013 at 10:00 AM
By Dan Benton

To say it's been a frustrating year for the New York Giants would be a bit of an understatement. And following a 23-0 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, that frustration came to a head as things took an ugly turn in the locker-room following the game.

'David Carr and Martellus Bennett Warm Up' photo (c) 2012, Marianne O'Leary - license:

Safety Antrel Rolle interrupted Tom Coughlin's speech to the team, demanding he not take blame for players quitting — telling Coughlin that he "can't coach heart." That then led to other players voicing their opinions, which subsequently resulted in tempers flaring.

“Today, it kind of came to a head, frustration just came to the top of the gauge,” Justin Tuck told The Star-Ledger. “Some guys voiced their opinion on it. We felt like we failed [Coughlin] today.”

One player who did not respond well to the lashing was tight end Brandon Myers, who voiced his opinion on Twitter.

"Getting cussed out for encouraging people am telling them they did a good job is mind blowing," Myers tweeted. "If people on this team wanna take shots at me an say I have no passion they are mistaken. I give everything I have each an every week."

Although Myers didn't delete his initial tweets, he later admitted that emotion got the best of him.

"My emotions got the best of me. I just want to win. All focus and energy will be on that," he tweeted.

In a strange twist, former Giants tight end Martellus Bennett, who is now with the Chicago Bears, chimed in and acted as the voice of reason.

"Just go hard. They'll love you," Bennett tweeted to Myers. "Keep your head up, bro. You're in a special place. They love the TE position. Just show it on the field. Don't ever explain yourself."

It's a pretty telling sign when former players need to assume a leadership role for the Giants, but kudos to Bennett for reaching out and attempting to calm the waters.


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17 Responses to “Chicago Bears’ Martellus Bennetts Acts as Voice of Reason Following Brandon Myers’ Tweets”

  1.  jahmyrr says:

    This team is an emotional mess. Rolle is about the only man on this team that played with fire and passion all season. This team has needed Strahan to come in and give them a pep-talk far more often than should have been necessary. Yet in the end even that didnt work two seasons in a row.

    This team is a bunch of emotional crybabies that seem to have expected another miracle season to have been dropped in their laps. Like an over privileged spoiled brat upset they got a Lexus instead of an Escalade.

    There is no question, this team needs a shake-up along with a firm kick in the pants. Love TC, but its clearly his time. This team failed to do the simple task of showing up for work every day. They were still failing on the O-Line the same from week 1 as they were week 15. Absolutely unacceptable from the tops of the food chain on down to the lowest assistant coach.

    I want to see something drastic happen, regardless if it works or not. I just want to see SOME attempt to fix this insanity. Its not the talent signed, I honestly believe its the mental strength (or lack there of) of this group of wilting flowers called football players.

    •  turkish says:

      “This team has needed Strahan to come in and give them a pep-talk far more often than should have been necessary. Yet in the end even that didnt work two seasons in a row.”

      This is on Tuck. Never ended up being the “leader” expected of a Captain. I’ll give him his props for having a SOLID contract season, but as a leader he just isn’t the guy Strahan is. We already have a quiet leader in Eli as one of the team captains. Tuck is an AMAZING compliment talent, but he is NOT the ELITE DE Strahan was. Not even close.

      •  turkish says:

        That said I do truly hope Tuck returns, but there is no doubt Tuck needs a guy like Rolle around to light the fires.

      •  jahmyrr says:

        Without question. Tuck has his own mental demons. While hes a solid player and a wonderful person and humanitarian, weve seen recently that hes struggling to be 100% of himself, much less instill that mental toughness in the rest of his team.

        Rolle tried and tried and tried, but the team, much like to Coughlin, just refused to respond to the bell.

  2.  Nosh.0 says:

    Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk discuss what it’s like playing out the string.

    “Once you realize you are out of it, it’s like, “Okay, I’m good. We can take the rest of the year off,’ ” Warner said. “Just call me when it’s time for training camp so we can start the process of winning a championship.”

    A player would not be speaking the truth, Faulk said, if he didn’t admit to being mentally shot with one foot on the putting green. “You have four games to play … your uniforms look different. You want to wear something different at home,” Faulk said. “I can remember a coach coming in and saying, ‘Listen our season starts today.’ I’m like, ‘You must be talking about next year.’”

  3.  Nosh.0 says:

    I actually have high hopes for next season. Every year we see a worst to first team. And this team has pedigree. If the roster is addressed correctly then I see no reason why we can’t be back in the SB.

    Plus we never really had a chance this season. Home teams never make the playoffs when the big game is in their own building. It’s like NFL law or something.

    •  Nosh.0 says:

      Plus Eli Manning really might be Keyser Söze. His entire career has been setting people up only to walk straight at the end. This is all part of his master plan. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he couldn’t play Quarterback. And then poof, like that, he’s got another ring.

  4.  LUZZ says:

    Hate to start doing this but SOURCES say that Billy Obrien is increasingly unhappy in off all places… Happy valley.

    Man, what a shot in the arm that would be Eli’s career?

    I know, small chance of happening. But I really can’t talk about the games any more.

    •  turkish says:

      One of the guys that picked Chip Kelly’s brain while in NE. Speaking of Kelly, hope Nicks does’t end up in Philly next season. They will be looking for a WR with Cooper and Maclin’s contracts up.

      •  BigBlueGiant says:

        Nicks might be done. Not too worried bout him. No explosiveness and he’s got the heart of a chicken.

        •  jfunk says:

          You’re crazy. You know damn well that if Nicks winds up in the NFC East, he’ll catch six touchdowns a year against us…even if they’re the only six he gets all season.

  5.  BigBlueGiant says:

    Anyone who still thinks Kevin Gilbride job is safe has lost their minds.

    That was as pathetic as an offensive effort that i’ve ever seen. From Eli, to the O-line, to the Wr’s, to the RB’s…. Pathetic.

    I think a change of scheme is must needed. We’re a long way off.

    Also, Defense didn’t play terrible.

    And Brandon Myers needs to stop cyring over twitter. If he gives it his all every week, than his all is nothing we should be interested. Appreciate the effort, next man up.

  6.  Nosh.0 says:

    Last post for the day as I unfortunately have to get some work done. Gotta pay for that Young Whales T-Shirt!

    I completely understand everyones frustration with Tom Coughlin and this staff. Especially the fact that they clearly have no answers for the offense.

    But TC has no quit in him. This is a guy that will coach for the next 20 years if you let him. He’s one of those mentally ill people that bleed football. Look no further than 2 examples.

    1. After being fired from JAX, he goes to the combine on his own dime, with no job, and sits in the stands and scouts players by himself. Cowher and Jimmy Johnson were def not doing that.

    2. If you can find it, listen to the interview he did with Francesa after the season last year. He sounds like a guy that’s gone stir crazy. All he can talk about is the fact that he wants to be game planning and coaching, the fact the season is over is eating him up.

    (Gruden is built like that too, although I’d be worried Chucky is a little too addicted to the West coast offense and Monte Kiffin to hire him)

    So I understand everyones frustration with this staff. I vented mine out after weeks 3 and 4. And I have never been an undying TC loyalist like others have. The coach clearly has some weaknesses.

    But we also know what he’s capable of. And while a change will be exciting at first, it’s far from a guarantee to make things better. Point is, if you’re going to fire Coughlin, you better be pretty sure about his replacement. Because the grass is definitely not always greener.

    Personally I’d give the entire staff one more year. Fully equipped with seat warmers.

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