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Brandon Jacobs Prefers 5-7 Giants to Being Undefeated Elsewhere: “This is Where I Belong”

December 5th, 2013 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

When you talk about running back Brandon Jacobs, one of the first things that comes up is his passion for not only the game itself, but the New York Football Giants. After all, his love for Big Blue is not something he's ever hidden, and after a brief stint with the San Francisco 49ers, it became abundantly clear to him that New York is the only place for him.

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Even at 5-7 and with playoff hopes dwindling, Jacobs does not even remotely regret his decision to return. In fact, Jacobs told The Star-Ledger on Wednesday that he'd rather be with the struggling Giants than with another team that's 16-0.

"There is no place in the National Football League I'd rather be than 1925 Giants Drive. Nowhere," said Jacobs. "We could have went 0-16, I would be happy and smiling in this locker room because I'm a Giant at heart. I love this organization. I love these fans. I love that 'NY.'"

Unfortunately for Jacobs, he hasn't been able to make the offensive impact he had hoped when returning to the Giants back in early September. And although he did have big 106-yard, two touchdown game in a loss against the Chicago Bears earlier this season, it's been pretty much downhill from there.

A lingering knee injury has limited Jacobs' practice time, resulted in an inactive designation last week and has his status for the San Diego Chargers game up in the air. But beyond all that, it also has Jacobs thinking that 2013 could, possibly, be his final go-around in the NFL.

"My knee being the way it is, it is definitely fixable. So I'll see where I’m at after that heals up, whenever it happens. Who knows. I don’t want to start talking about it because we have four games to play,” Jacobs said.

In the interim, Jacobs says he will focus on the Giants' remaining four games and plans to go out a "soldier."

“I’m gonna go out a solider. I’m gonna go out fighting. That’s just it. They’re going to have to drag me through the dirt. Put me in a body bag and ship me home. Just do it after the battle is fought," Jacobs concluded.

Say what you will about him, but you have to respect Jacobs' loyalty and devotion. Not only to the team, but to the fans and the New York/New Jersey area in the general. Precious few players love it all like Jacobs does, and he will certainly be missed when he's gone.


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4 Responses to “Brandon Jacobs Prefers 5-7 Giants to Being Undefeated Elsewhere: “This is Where I Belong””

  1.  JimStoll says:

    No question Brandon bleeds blue
    Hakeem does too I think, just a lighter shade

    •  Krow says:

      To be honest … I think Reese and Coughlin blew it with Hakeem. They showed him no love … no contract … and then they bench him to teach him a lesson. No one is going to stick around after that.

  2.  Krow says:

    I can’t think of any reason not to keep him around for the next couple seasons. Solid blocker … good short yardage guy … great in the locker room. Vet minimum … 4th RB. Makes sense to me.

    •  JimStoll says:

      not if his body is as fragile as it was this year

      I’ll admit, in both the Chicago and Dallas game, he ran a ton better than I would have imagined, but he appears to be really brittle now

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