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New York Giants’ Jayron Hosley Anxious for More Playing Time, but Endurance Still a Problem

November 29th, 2013 at 9:00 AM
By Dan Benton

After missing five games with a hamstring injury, New York Giants cornerback Jayron Hosley returned in Week 12 against the Dallas Cowboys, but saw precious few defensive snaps. And although the aforementioned injury has improved each and every week, the toll it's taken has been significant.

"It was tough," Hosley said prior to Week 12. "You prepare every week to be ready to play. When you go down with a hamstring, it could be prevented sometimes. It happened. You got to roll with the punches. Keep fighting."

The "very anxious" and excited Hosley did defend a pass in a 24-21 loss to the Cowboys last Sunday, but he still didn't see as much action as he would have liked. And whether or not he'll see his playing time ramp up in Week 13 remains to be seen.

While speaking to the media earlier this week, head coach Tom Coughlin expressed concern with Hosley and his endurance after missing so much time this season.

"He’s practiced some," Coughlin said. "He’s had some issues, as you know, and trying to extend him to the point where he feels like there’s enough endurance there that he doesn’t have an issue; that’s where we are."

With Trumaine McBride dealing with a groin injury and Corey Webster still recovering from an ankle injury, now would certainly be the time for Hosley to step up. However, when asked who would start in place of McBride if he was unable to go against the Washington Redskins, Coughlin was non-committal.

Endurance issue or not, Hosley is ready if called upon.

"Whenever I get my chance I'm going to be ready. That's part of the game," Hosley said. "Being ready when a man goes down. Next guy has to step up."

Photo credit: Football Schedule / / CC BY-NC-SA


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6 Responses to “New York Giants’ Jayron Hosley Anxious for More Playing Time, but Endurance Still a Problem”

  1.  James Stoll says:

    We too would like to see you get more snaps Jayron; but alas it seems unlikely

  2.  Kettles78 says:

    Hopefully this kid can stay healthy for a stretch of games.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    This kid is a remarkable athlete. He did things in college that were almost inhuman. Injuries and the Giants’ approach to things have kept him buried but make no mistake: his emergence is a critical part of the story for the next few seasons for this team.

    Corey Webster is likely to be gone, or at most kept around in a Sam Madison-like role that will not entail more than the #5 corner on the depth chart.

    As much as I like TT, if someone offers him an attractive contract I don’t know that he’ll be back, because we may not be able to afford a lot of dollars for him.

    We’re going to be depending upon Prince, Hosley, McBride, perhaps James, and a corner-to-be-named who will be big enough to handle the big wide receivers in the league. Thomas is big enough but cannot cover deep very well. Webster is big enough but slowing and diminishing as a result of injuries and age. Hosley can play bigger than his size thanks to his enormous vertical ability. Hopefully, though, he can be the guy who covers the slot because his quickness and recovery speed is the best we’ll have on the team. He really has to prove out or there will be a hole in the secondary at corner that even a great group of safeties will not solve.

    •  buljos says:

      I hope you’re right ff55. I’ve yet to fully appreciate Hosley’s skills, having not watched him in college or play all that much yet with the Giants. Would like to see him on the field as much as he can handle over these last hand full of essentially meaningless games from a playoffs perspective. But I feel the Giants do need a shut down corner opposite Prince, with Hosley, McBride, TT and Webster rounding out. I’d like to think TT’s often expressed gratitude for the Giants’ loyalty to him through his physical trials will translate into commitment on his part to the organization… providing JR makes him an acceptable offer.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    If the coaches want to do the best job for the organization going forward the guys who MUST play are Hosley, Hankins, Moore, Brewer and Mosley.

    Cornerback, defensive tackle and defensive end are all “high value” draft positions and the Giants really HAVE to know what they have there among the youngsters and what they need.

    Their negotiating power with Joseph depends a LOT on how Hankins looks. They should have Jenkins, Patterson and Kuhn available to them next season as well as Hankins. The degree to which Joseph is critical to the defense is certainly somewhat dependent upon what they think of Hankins. If the latter can be expected to reproduce the play of Joseph then Reese will stick with a reasonable number and be prepared, if necessary, to use the draft again to acquire a “comer” at defensive tackle, but probably not with a high draft pick. If Hankins doesn’t look like he can be an anchor of the defense, especially against the run, then they have to sign Joseph and that money cannot be spent elsewhere. So seeing this kid play more snaps is important.

    I described the dilemma at cornerback above if Hosley can’t prove out. He needs reps to show what he can do. If he isn’t an answer then cornerback HAS to become a big priority in the draft, which means that one of the first three picks probably has to be at that position. If Hosley looks good they STILL need to pick a corner, but they may be able to look for a “type” (good size and physical) whom they can get a bit later in the draft rather than use a premium draft slot to get him.

    This defense, in the end, will live or die based upon stopping the run and rushing the passer. The latter need is not being met in 2013, largely because of JPP’s health. Will he get back to 100%? No one knows. But even if he does, they are in need of a great pass-rushing defensive end. It sure appears that they have one in Moore. But they need to confirm that because otherwise that role becomes a high priority over the next two drafts. If Moore is the guy, and they will be able to line up a healthy JPP, Moore, one of Tuck or Kiwi, Jenkins sliding outside as needed, and a youngster who is already around or is drafted in later rounds this next draft or earlier rounds in the subsequent one, then they are much more free to use early draft picks on positions that are becoming critical on this team: offensive line, tight end, running back, linebacker and a wide receiver who can play outside.

    Play the youngsters, Tom, so the team can figure out which way to go in the draft and via free agency. We’re not making the playoffs. Your pride is less important than the future. Even if you plan to depart (which I doubt), make the crop of young players your last legacy to the Giants. Remember, you were handed Eli. You should hand your successor a lot of future value too.

    •  buljos says:

      I’ve been ranting the same sentiment for a few weeks ff55, but not nearly as eloquently as you have here. Very well said. If the coaches are willing use these last few games to the team’s maximum advantage, they’ll get Moore, Hankins and Hosley on the field. Those three guys will without question benefit from the hundreds of regular season game reps left in this season, accelerating their development and increasing their 2014 playing time effectiveness. If these guys step up, this defense could be a shut down corner and top shelf WILL away from being very good… enabling JR to focus his draft on WR (I don’t get a good feeling about Nicks), RB (David Wilson’s a huge ?), and O-line (although picking O-linemen is tough… PFF has Fisher rated 71st, Joeckel 59th, Johnson 67th, Fluker 31st, and Pugh 55th of 73 OTs).

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