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New York Giants Must Slow Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson, Take Advantage of Injured Secondary

October 20th, 2013 at 9:30 AM
By Billy Javed

In what many are calling the most lackluster Monday Night Football matchup of the year, the sleeping New York Giants will face an almost equally inept team in the Minnesota Vikings who will come in to MetLife Stadium with one more win than the 0-6 Giants. By the end of Monday night, the Giants will hope to finally have their first win of the season under their belt.

In order to do so, defensively, the Giants the must limit Adrian Peterson’s first and second down yardage, as he is the pulse of the Vikings offense averaging over 95 yards per game (second in the NFL).

In each of the past three weeks, the Giants have faced a Pro Bowl running back and have held the likes of Jamaal Charles, LeSean McCoy and Matt Forte, to just 67 yards or fewer on the ground. If the Giants' front seven can continue the trend to four straight weeks against another Pro Bowler, it would make life only that much more difficult for the Viking’s newly acquired quarterback, Josh Freeman.

The Giants’ best bet of picking up their first win of the season would be to make Freeman, who will most likely be utilizing a simplified version of what is already a rather basic playbook, defeat them through the air. Despite the secondary’s struggles in the past few weeks, the matchup on Monday night is much more favorable for Big Blue considering the return of Corey Webster and the overall rest and preparation time the team has had; as they will have had eleven days between last weeks Thursday night game and the upcoming Monday night match.

Though the Vikings do have some talented receivers in the veteran Greg Jennings, the speedy young rookie Cordarrelle Patterson, the athletic Jerome Simpson, and a sure handed tight end in Kyle Rudolph, they have all yet to prove any in-game chemistry with Josh Freeman. Look for some miscues, maybe even an interception or two if the Vikings are forced to pass due to a struggling run game, or if the Giants score early and often.

Offensively the Giants matchup better with the Vikings secondary than they do against Minnesota’s front seven. Despite being ranked 31st overall in total defense, the Vikings have more playmakers in the front than they do in the back end of their defense where the secondary is battered with injuries. If the Giants can protect Eli Manning, expect him to carry the team to victory with his arm against a banged up Vikings defense that will be without linebacker Desmond Bishop. Promising young safety Harrison Smith is battling indications of turf toe, and cornerback A.J Jefferson is doubtful with an ankle injury. Rookie cornerback Xavier Rhodes is also battling an ankle injury but is probable for Monday night.

The Vikings defense will aim to limit Brandon Jacobs’ productivity on the ground to set up the Giants for third and long passing situations where the likes of Jared Allen and Kevin Williams can put pressure on Eli and force him into further interceptions. Every defense that plays the Giants is very well aware that Eli is not shy about throwing the ball up for grabs, thus it wouldn’t be too preposterous to assume that most defensive backs actually look forward to the opportunity to face Eli knowing that they will be provided opportunities to pad their stats. However, during a week in which Eli surely has heard the comments about certain fans wanting him benched, expect Eli to be… well… Eli. In the face of adversity and pressure, Eli usually comes out cooler than the other side of the pillow. If the Giants can give Eli even average protection, the offense should be able to put plenty of points on the board.

Though if the Giants manage to lose this particular matchup, well then there may very well be a serious debate as to who should hold the title for worst team in the NFL between New York and the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Giants however are favorites to finally win this week at home and it’s entirely possible they put up 35+ points in this game and maybe, just maybe, look a little like the Giants team most fans expected to see this season. It would indeed be pleasant sight, even if it were for just one game.

Photo credit: Joe Bielawa / Foter / CC BY


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189 Responses to “New York Giants Must Slow Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson, Take Advantage of Injured Secondary”

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  1.  turkish says:

    Seems like Peterson is closer to Wilt’s record of 20K than Dickerson’s 2,105.

    •  stuh says:

      We don’t know how many kids Wilt had. But he’s going after some of the other guys fathering records.

  2.  James Stoll says:

    Pretty sure the giants will find a way to embarrass themselves this week as they have for the past six and most of the past 14 dating back to the middle of last year
    If the Vikings front 7 is half way decent then we know, because we have seen it over and over, that it does not matter how bad their secondary is. Eli will never have the time to throw and he will make mistakes. 3 INTs or more await.
    Josh Freeman may stink but the last time he played us he torched our secondary. That secondary has gotten weaker not stronger since week 2 of last year.
    The Vikes supposedly have a decent o-line and a decent TE. Need I say more about the way in which Freeman will take Perry Fewell’s defense apart?
    And while we have looked good in the middle of the defense this year against the run, we have not been able to set the edge and we always give up 2 to 3 big runs a game. For most RBs a big run is 20 or so yards. When it’s AP, that big run goes to the house.
    I look for AP to score 3 times and JF to be something like 18-23 for 165 yards and 2 TDs, plus 2 pick 6′s for Eli and the final score is 49 – 17 Minnesota

    It will hurt, but in the long run hopefully good
    From here on out it is not enough to lose
    We must be humiliated horribly each week
    We need to be punished in ways that no team ever has
    It is the only hope for Mara sweeping Tom out and bringing in new blood, new philosophy and new life

    If the Giants do something stupid like win the next 3 before returning to form, that will likely be enough to cause us to suffer with Coughlin and Crew for at least another year

    I don’t think that will happen; I firmly believe 0-16 with an outside shot at surrendering 600 total points is our ultimate fate, but it would be so NY Giant like to beat just enough of the league’s dregs to make many, and especially, Mara to lie to themselves and saddle us with this horrible coaching staff for indefinite years to come

    •  The Real LT says:

      @Jim-I’m with you on this:
      “Pretty sure the giants will find a way to embarrass themselves this week as they have for the past six and most of the past 14 dating back to the middle of last year”….I thought for sure that we were going to beat Philly…after that lose I have no confidence whatsoever that we will win a game…Any game that we may win will be a pleasant surprise…Hate to be so pessimistic but I think it’s easier to expect them to lose than to have high hopes and get aggravated when they don’t

  3.  stuh says:

    James… You are making me feel like an optimist. I don’t think the Vikings are capable of scoring 49 points.

  4.  stuh says:

    Is there an over a under on how many sacks the Giants get? If there is, it starts at 1.
    How can we lose we have Webster, Baas and Andre Brown back.

  5.  stuh says:

    FF55 I,m next door at Gleneagles. If all is well we will be down there early in December. I’d love to meet you.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Sounds good. I should be down for a few days in December but I hope to get down for a week in January and then again in February. Let me know how to get in touch with you and we can have a meal together.

  6.  skinnydoogan says:

    Going and back and revisiting this hackneyed premise of old pictures one more time, who really cares? I have never once in all the years coming to this site stopped just to look at pictures, I am interested in the content, from the writers and the posters. By the way Mr. Stoll I happen to think you are right, I have tried to be optimistic this week, but we have not been given any evidence to the contrary that this team will show us anything other than surrender and lame comments afterwards. I did state the other day I thought they might pull this one out, but that is just my inner Giants fan who does not want to go though weekly punishment, but hey let’s be realistic, time to look forward to next year. At this point anything more than 2 wins will delude Mara into the same situation next year. Sorry Kujo, I think Tom has worn his welcome out, SB’s and all…..

  7.  fanfor55years says:

    I want to again say that David Baas should not be considered a loss yet. If he can come back and play decently the rest of the season it would give Reese the opportunity to stick with him and Cordle one more year while focusing for 2014 on adding just two key pieces on the O-line. Baas doesn’t have to be great, just good enough to allow them to get the center over two years rather than one. That would make the transition to a new O-line much, much easier.

  8.  GIANTT says:

    Jim , Ive got to think that is one of the funniest pieces youve written in a while . Ive chided you in the past for your pessimism but now this is making me smile that you think so little of the Giants and skinnydoogan agrees with you to boot . Do you really think the Vikings are going to completely overwhelm the Giants with some other lousy teams castoff at QB with a week or twos practice ?
    If you say well he beat up on the Giants before , that was with a DIFFERENT team .
    One might also say AP is going to run all over the Giants , but as has been pointed out , the Giants have done reasonably well against othe teams running backs so I am hopeful that EVEN FEWELL can design a defense to stop the Vikings number one offensive threat .

  9.  skinnydoogan says:

    I am not so much worried about AP as I am our penchanct for making mediocre and or bad quarterbacks look great during their debuts.

  10.  skinnydoogan says:

    While we are at it can we please stop talking about AP? the man makes me sick as do others who do the same thing in life. I have 4 kids, yes 4 that I have struggled to raise, especially up here in Northern NJ, never once did I think to go blaze a trail of glory through life like these guys do, oh yeah and to boot, I am broke trying to raise them. Will probably be working until I am dead because of it.

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