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New York Giants’ Kevin Gilbride Considering No Huddle Offense Vs. Kansas City Chiefs

September 27th, 2013 at 6:30 AM
By Douglas Rush

Before the season started, the New York Giants offense was supposed to be one of the more prolific and explosive in the entire sport, but heading into Week 4 of the season, the team has been struggling just to score points.

In fact, the last time the Giants put up any points on offense was back in the fourth quarter of their Week 2 game against the Denver Broncos in a 41-23 blowout loss at MetLife Stadium as in last week's game, the Giants were shutout and shut down in an ugly 38-0 loss to the Carolina Panthers in which the team couldn't even muster 200 total yards of offense.

So now the Giants, who are currently sit at 0-3 and are staring at a potential 0-4 start when they square off against the 3-0 Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium, and offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride is searching for answers on how to get the offense going and when he spoke to Conor Orr of the Newark-Star Ledger at Thursday's practice, the notion of running the no-huddle offense with Eli Manning came up and he wasn't opposed to the idea of it on Sunday.

"We went into this game thinking that we needed to be more balance because of the turnovers and that wasn’t as successful as we would’ve liked it to be," Gilbride said. That first half was probably about as low as you can be. We went to the two-minute and we moved the ball, but we still didn’t put any points on the board. We’ll try to do whatever we can to galvanize this group and give them a chance and the big thing is can you intellectually handle the scheme, the schematic challenges that are inherent in their defensive approach, which is quite significant."

It comes as no surprise that the Giants and Gilbride would want to change things up as the offense has become a bit too predictable (shotgun-draw, anyone) and the Giants offense ranks near the bottom of the NFL right now, thus, his consideration of shaking things up with the style of offense ran on the field. When Gilbride was asked about the kind of plays that could be ran, such as short, quick passes that wouldn't give the defense much time to prepare or react to, Gilbride acknowledged it was something the team ran in the summer and might break out again for the Chiefs.

"That’s what we did, like the traps that we hit last time, those were the big runs we had," he said. "You try to do some things like that to give yourself a scheme when you’re not just able to line up and knock people off the ball. You try to give illusions of one thing and, in fact, come back and do something different. That’s what we did. You can only do that so many times. You’re not going to do that 60 plays a game. You’re not going to fool them 60 plays a game. You need to execute and that’s where we have to upgrade."

The no-huddle offense might actually be a really smart strategy for Gilbride and Manning to run considering the Chiefs defense has been playing extremely well through the first three weeks and really got after the Philadelphia Eagles last Thursday, as they sacked Michael Vick six times, intercepted him twice and held them to just 16 points in their own building last week; something Gilbride, Manning and Tom Coughlin have likely been studying and preparing for all week and must figure out a way to guard against otherwise, that 0-4 start could in fact become a reality.

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6 Responses to “New York Giants’ Kevin Gilbride Considering No Huddle Offense Vs. Kansas City Chiefs”

  1.  Chad Eldred says:

    After careful deliberation, Kevin Gilbride is also considering that the earth may indeed be round.

  2.  James Stoll says:

    Kevin Gilbride: we will run the no huddle. Two different plays. Shotgun draw. Long bomb. We will speed up the time it takes our offense to get off the field. Our goal is to allow our defense to play a full 50 minutes.
    We want to be the first team to surrender 100 points in a game.

  3.  BBWC says:

    They need use a lot of Wilson out of the backfield this week in order to win this game. If… and that’s a BIG IF, Gilbride would come up with some creative ways to utilize Wilson we have a shot. If he keeps putting Jacobs and Scott back there….it’s gonna be long day. Wilson gives us that X factor, just put him out there and cut him loose. If he makes a mistake…stick with him. We need to get him going! He is too explosive to be sitting on the bench, plus its hard to get going when your in and out……put him in and leave him in!!!!!!

  4.  buljos says:

    Cool… no huddle and some short, quick passes and other plays that take advantage of an aggressive defense. But they can’t do that all game, so they must address BLOCKING!! They can’t exchange a very good blocking RB for one that doesn’t quite get it yet, and also exchange a very good blocking TE for one that doesn’t quite get it yet, and lose a very good FB, and lose the starting Center and RG, and start a rookie at RT, and not think that the cumulative affect on BLOCKING will be anything but disastrous. It’s just too much to lose all at once. What to do? Conner’s a start. But Myers has to sit until he can block. Put Pascoe in at TE now that Conner’s FB. Brewer can get it done, but Mosely’s very raw, and this isn’t the game to play Cordle. So Diehl has to step up, and demonstrate he’s not done. Wilson either learns how to pick up the blitz, or he sits on 3rd down… and there are apt to be lots of 3rd and long situations in this one. Eli with blocking will find Cruz, Nicks and Randel. Without blocking, it’s another long day… or worse.

  5.  Andiamo P says:

    A no huddle with 3 new Olinemen? I guess it could work but wouldn’t that depend more on the routes you are running with your WRs and RBs?

    Anyone can run a no huddle. The Giants mix it in pretty much every week. But it’s still going to boil down to your game plan and how you attack this defense, and the routes you are calling.

  6.  Andiamo P says:

    so if Diehl and Baas can not go on Sunday what would the Oline look like?

    Beatty – Brewer – Boothe – Mosley – Pugh?

    would Cordle play instead maybe at C and Boothe go to G?

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