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New York Giants’ Cooper Taylor Likely to Make NFL Debut on Thursday Vs. New England Patriots

August 27th, 2013 at 3:43 PM
By Douglas Rush

It's been a long time coming, but rookie safety Cooper Taylor will likely make his NFL debut on Thursday night when the New York Giants take on the New England Patriots. He had missed most of camp with a lingering hamstring injury.

"Over the last few weeks, I would definitely say the attention to detail that you need to have at this level is what I took away from camp," Taylor recently wrote, via "You’ve got to get everything right. You’ve got to get your feet in the right place, your hands in the right place, your eyes in the right place, and your mind in the right place in every practice."

With the season-ending ACL injury that happened to Stevie Brown this past weekend and the ankle sprain to Antrel Rolle in training camp back on August 12; it will certainly help the Giants that they will get Taylor into the fold of things and into uniform the team just before the end of the summer and on the verge of the regular season.

Plus, Will Hill will be suspended for the first four games of the regular season for violating the NFL's substance policy and won't be activated until Week 5, so Taylor's stock really may emerge if he can stay healthy and potentially see some important playing time. Rolle is expected back for Week 1 against the Dallas Cowboys and should start opposite Ryan Mundy; who has very limited time in that role. If Mundy were to struggle, Taylor might be able to see some playing time in his rookie season.

Taylor's debut in the NFL has been an anticipated one and with the safety depth chart being slashed in the preseason, it will be a debut that will be welcomed by the team and the fans.


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45 Responses to “New York Giants’ Cooper Taylor Likely to Make NFL Debut on Thursday Vs. New England Patriots”

  1.  GOAT56 says:


    This helps Hill just as much as it does Blackmon:

    New rule helps Blackmon handle suspension

    After Wednesday’s walk-through and Thursday’s preseason finale against Atlanta, the second-year player from Oklahoma State begins his four-week suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. Had this happened last season, there would have been a lot more concern about how Blackmon would handle being away from the team for a month.

    But thanks to a change in NFL policy that allows players suspended for violating the substance abuse policy to remain around the facility and participate in meetings, Jaguars coach Gus Bradley is less worried about potential problems.

  2.  GOAT56 says:

    I’m excited because I have high hopes. I was really excited by another late pick in Cox and he hasn’t disappointed. I hope Taylor can provide the same type of showing because now we could really use it. But maybe more important than how he looks on defense is special teams because that’s where he will likely play the most at least to start the year.

    If Nassib and Taylor play well Thursday JR really might have aced this draft class. It reminds me of the 2007 class with possibly more star power.

    •  JimStoll says:

      don’t give a hoot about Nassib
      early returns on him are that he was over-hyped and we should never have traded up to grab him
      but maybe he develops

      Taylor is more interesting and someone, in theory, who can actually contribute

      he’ll only be playing scrubs Thursday so we will have to take his performance with a grain of salt

      I suppose if he does anything less than dominate, he’s a bust

      •  GOAT56 says:

        Nassib didn’t get nearly the number of snaps he should have. Maybe winning the #2 this year was never realistic in the teams mind but he still needs to develop. I feel like every snap Painter took should have been Nassib’s snap. We hurt his long term development messing around with this Painter scrub. If they wanted to challenge Carr there were much better options.

        With Taylor if he’s close to dominate he might be great. His first pro action he’s not suppose to be great. You more hope to see flashes. That’s why Moore’s performance stood out so much because it was dominant.

  3.  Krow says:

    Cooper Taylor … the man with two preppy names … Preppy Squared. It’s going to come down to speed/quickness. But I want to see this kid play.

    Nassib … deer in the headlights.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    Nassib was NEVER going to be the #2 quarterback. Crazy to think a rookie could handle this system. Eli was so much better in college than Nassib and look how he struggled his rookie year. The first we’ll see of the “real Ryan Nassib” is next season, and maybe not even then unless he gets a lot of work next summer and gets the chance to develop as a pro quarterback.

    •  JimStoll says:

      and that is why he was a wasted pick from the start

      •  fanfor55years says:

        The draft room felt compelled to take him because he was rated so much higher than anyone left on their board. It sure proves that they do NOT draft for need beyond those first two picks because it would have been so much easier to take a shot on another offensive lineman (that was my hope) or a linebacker.

        If he turns into a high draft pick in a trade or Eli’s successor everyone will declare Reese/Ross geniuses. Right now I cannot disagree that it seems like a very iffy decision.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      Even if Nassib wasn’t going to be the #2 that doesn’t excuse the lack of wasted snaps that he could have had because of Painter. That has been a waste in every since of the word.

    •  Dirt says:

      Eli struggled as a rookie because his position coach was Killdrive

  5.  fanfor55years says:

    I like Taylor’s upside, but I think it’s a bit nuts to count on too much from him. A safety cannot make mistakes out there because they cost you touchdowns. And ANY rookie is going to make mistakes.

    Kenny Phillips was one of the GREAT safeties to come out of college in years. He had played safety at a high level in college against top competition. How much did he play his rookie year? A little, but only when guys ahead of him on the depth chart were hurt. Yeah, he wound up starting in the second half of the season, but that was because he was a healthy body when those were in short supply. He played well when he got his chance, but again, most of his play was in the second half of the season and only when they HAD to play him. Taylor doesn’t have nearly the experience against top competition and the broad body of work that KP had at the same stage of their careers. I seriously doubt Taylor will know enough until midway through the season to be trusted on the field (except special teams, where he could contribute), if then, and only if Rolle, Hill and Mundy are not still out there.

    What we need is someone who could hold down the fort until Hill returns. I think that’s more likely a veteran than a very raw rookie.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I think at times competition level is overrated. Maybe he can’t play but I think the school is too often used as an excuse. KP played only 3 years of college when Taylor played 4 years but was there 5 years. Taylor did play at Georgia Tech and was a starter before his illness. Being ready to contribute is as much about football intelligence and Taylor has said to be pretty smart off the field. But with the Curry example it doesn’t always translate.

      It seems that the 3rd safety position is not the same risk as let’s say center field. Sash played some there as a rookie and Hill in his first year with us did the same last year.

      My point isn’t that Taylor will definitely be ready and you’re wrong. It’s that all these players are different. Look we felt comfortable enough to start a rookie MLB two years ago with a rookie backup. But both were really heady players, their issues have been physical. Looking at the past even players like Boss and Bradshaw from a small schools too were able to contribute the second half of the year.

      I agree that Taylor isn’t the answer to backup our starters early. I wasn’t saying that’s what Taylor would do. To me Taylor is locked in as the 4th safety. The issue is more I have no confidence in Sash. I think a vet could come in the replace Sash. I also think a CB will get some cross training at safety as well. In the beginning of the year Taylor could serve as basically the 5th safety.

      •  JimStoll says:

        I agree with your assessment of talent not necessarily equaling big school competition
        by and large, the best QBs come from programs slightly less than the best football factories

        alot of what makes that big school competition deceptive is that their entire teams are stacked while the lesser schools have a couple of gems paired with a ton of scrubs — much like the Giants defense

        •  GOAT56 says:

          I should add that there’s levels of small schools. To me an elite 1AA program like Richmond is a similar level to a MAC school. Look at Marshall for example that made that change from 1AA to the MAC. And that level of play while not the SEC is still a good level. The #1 pick came from the MAC.

    •  JimStoll says:

      the problem is those first two games
      whatever you want to say about Romo, the guy can play more often than not, and often has his best games agaisnt us
      very likely he beats us over the top 2 or 3 times opening night
      but for the eli in Big D factor, and our guaranteed 6-2 start, I’d pencil this in as a 42-24 loss right now

      the following week Peyton will absolutely torch us unless JPP has one of those 2011 Dallas-esque games

      I would not be surprised if come Monday morning following the Denver game we find ourselves desperately drawing parallels with the 2007 season after starting 0-2 and surrendering 90 on defense

      just saying

      •  GOAT56 says:

        I think we are fine with Mundy starting. We just probably don’t use the 3 safety package. We are just in trouble depth wise. But our starters are fine.

        Romo is dangerous and he’s a better QB than generally given credit for among fans. The key like always is our DL. Same with Denver. I expect to be able to score versus both teams.

        One thing that does matter with our starters in the last preseason game is how our OL looks. Eli even if bad I’m not worried about. But this is the OL that will likely play against Dallas and they need to play much better in the interior than last week. Also Boothe must make quality shotgun snaps.

        •  JimStoll says:

          not sure what kind of look they’ll get Thursday

          Coughlin suggested the starters would play
          likely a quarter

          you know the Pats will go with all back-ups. that’s what they always do

          so other than Boothe snapping the ball, not sure what takeaways we’ll be able to garner (unless of course we flat out stink — like the prvious 3 games — and then we’ll be further out on the ledge)

      •  giankees says:

        Stoll you are def a glass half empty guy. Cowboys have more problems than us and peytons team has been decimated with injuries. Plus he is like 48 now. I will take my chances but im thinking those teams are pretty worried about cruz nicks randle brown and wilson. Lots of speed there and some pretty talented people. Oh yeah im sure eli makes them worried too.

        Sometimes you get the espn blues where all you see from other teams are the nightly higjlights but with your own team you see every play.

  6.  creewan says:

    I echo 55′s thoughts on Taylor.

    Before Brown went down he was in a perfect situation for both the Giants and himself.

    His tools justify immediate impact on specials, as well as excitement for the future as a contributor on defense.

    But regardless of his level of competition, it’s a stretch to get excited about him being on the field this season. He has a lot to learn. The speed of the game is so accelerated as well as the speed and sophistication of the passing games at the pro level. We can’t afford to have breakdowns at the S position.

    Maybe by mid/late season he can see the field in specific situations where his skills can be used and his assignments can be simplified (see Jacquain’s rookie season). But to think he will be an answer for Brown’s injury this season is far fetched.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I don’t think anyone has said he’s the answer for Brown’s injury. I do think in the second half of the year he could contribute at 3rd safety or nickel LB. He only can help with Brown injury depth wise. The real answer for Brown’s injury is Hill but we have to wait 4 weeks. If it wasn’t for that this we be a lot less complicated.

  7.  Sintexo says:

    Starters apparently going to play 12-15 snaps vs the Pats.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      That’s about 8 too many. The best thing we have coming out of this preseason is general health. Lets protect that while remembering that we’re no longer in the era of 6 preseason games and two-a-days with full pads and contact. The first 4-6 weeks are “developmental” for most teams. If the Giants come out of those first six weeks 3-3 they’ll be okay and hopefully working well together by then. Get to 4-2 and it could be a great season. Forget the collapses in the second half. The past does not portend the future.

      •  Dirt says:

        This line of thinking drives me fvking nuts. You think Tom Brady-, Peyton Manning-, Aaron Rodgers-, or even Matt Ryan-led teams think this way?

        They’ve got Eli efing Manning, allegedly a future Hall of Famer, with allegedly the best receiving group in football, with allegedly one of the most dangerous playmaking running backs in football, with allegedly one of the most disruptive defensive lines in football, with allegedly one of the most deadly punters in football. On paper, they’re not a worse football team than almost any team on their schedule. I do no understand why such mediocrity is tolerable.

        They need more 2007 Patriots attitude, not “aw shucks, we’ll get em next time” attitude. That got the playing halfassed and 9-7 last year.

        While you are absolutely right that all you gotta do is qualify, setting the bar so low is such a risky proposition. Demanding excellence makes more sense to me.

        •  Dirt says:

          This isn’t a knock on you, more a knock on the lack of killer instinct from the team.

          But further expounding, going for a Wild Card is a risk – going for the division is a minumum. You get a home game at least, and maybe a bye week to get healthy. Let’s assume that they go 4-2 in the division as Krow suggested was a minimum. Looking at the other 10 games, is it so unrealistic to shoot for beating Carolina, Kansas City, Chicago, Minnesota, Oakland, San Diego, and Detroit? None of them are better than the Giants. That’s 11-2.

          Even going only 1-2 against Denver, Seattle and Green Bay and you’re at 12-4.

          Anything less should be considered a disappointment. Excuses be damned. The Pats, Broncos, Packers, Texans and Falcons won’t be concerned with excuses – they’ll be busy flirting with 12+ wins.

          •  Dirt says:

            Facts are, this 2012 team is better than the 2007. 2008 and 2011 teams.

            QB – has progressed every year
            RB- has an explosive legit top tier talent
            WR- most skilled unit in team history
            TE- same average level
            OL- Beatty + Pugh > Diehl
            DL- same pass rush, better interior
            LB- same ol, same ol
            CB- better
            S- only worse than the 2011 team
            ST- long leg, deadly punter

            Why shouldn’t this team expect greatness? Why shouldn’t they come out handing out beatdowns?

            •  jfunk says:

              Woot woot!

              I’m on board, Dirt. Might have to break out the kool-aid man avatar early this year.

              Forget the kvetching about every hole on the roster, there’s more reasons to have high expectations for this team than any other year during the Eli/Coughlin era.

              SnowBowl or bust!

            •  GOAT56 says:

              You make me seem like a pessimist. But understand where you’re coming from but I think years of playing below my expectations has tempered me some. But not that much because I think we should win 10-11 games. One thing that is different this year is to me this schedule is much easier. Especially, the second half schedule.

              What we need to find is that ability to be consistent week in and out that we only showed in 2012. Our best football has been elite every year but or bad football has been shown too often.

  8.  GOAT56 says:

    We have always played the starters about that long in the 4th preseason game so why would this year be any different?

    There’s a balance between being smart and trying to be ready for Dallas. I think the 2-3 series that 12-15 snaps is fine. Our OL can use the snaps for sure. If Brewer is our starter at LG, I wonder if him and Pugh maybe get extended reps because neither has had many with Brewer having none at LG.

    •  Dirt says:

      I also agree with FF55 that I have no interest in any snaps at all Thursday from any contributors. Pugh can get up to speed at practice againts our all star linemen, not New England’s future grocery baggers.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        If NE is not playing their starters then I would play our starters one series and then sit. I assumed they would be when I made that statement but you’re right knowing them we won’t see many starters I any from them.

    •  Dirt says:

      I guess I can get behind snaps for Brewer though. He’s not a bonafide starter like Pugh.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        Brewer hasn’t even played practice snaps at LG this preseason I think he really could use some work. But he’s our starter vs Dallas.

        Pugh due to being 2nd team and then missing time doesn’t have many snaps either. Maybe he shouldn’t play as long as brewer but I seems like he could use more work too.

  9.  kujo says:

    Kudos to Dirt’s screed against the pervasive attitude around here, where all we look for is “to qualify” and “you never know what can happen.” F-ck that! As Ricky Bobby says “if you’re not first, you’re last!”

  10.  creewan says:

    It’s amazing the lack of talk about DE Matt Broha

    No one ever brings his name up. We talk about Ojomo, Trattou, Tracy, etc etc etc…

    Broha has consistently been running with the twos. He’s always in there ahead of Ojomo and Trattou. He lines up inside on passing situations, even with the ones (in practice and preseason games). But no one ever gives him a shot to make the team. No one. Not the reporters. Not the coaches. No one ever mentions his name. It’s like he’s invisible.

    Am I tripping or does anyone else see the same thing?

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