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New York Giants’ Victor Cruz, Damontre Moore & Several Others Expected to Sit Out Vs. New York Jets

August 24th, 2013 at 8:30 AM
By Dan Benton

When the New York Giants take on the New York Jets Saturday night in their third preseason game, they are expected to do so without at least 11 players.

In addition to players on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list — defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul and defensive tackle Markus Kuhn — safety Antrel Rolle (ankle), cornerback Corey Webster (knee/groin), wide receivers Victor Cruz (heel), Ramses Barden (knee) and Louis Murphy (leg), offensive linemen David Baas (knee) and David Diehl (thumb), defensive end Damontre Moore (shoulder) and fullback Henry Hynoski (knee), will all likely sit out.

Widely considered the most important preseason game, having some of these players ride the pine could be troublesome for the Giants. As it stands, quarterback Eli Manning has had very little time to practice with his top four wide receivers as only Rueben Randle has remained healthy (knock on wood) thus far.

Meanwhile, for the Jets, they are expected to be without several players as well, including Santonio Holmes, Dee Milliner, Braylon Edwards, Quinton Coples and Lex Hilliard.

Starters for both teams will likely play the first half and possibly into the third quarter.

Photo credit: Football Schedule / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA


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21 Responses to “New York Giants’ Victor Cruz, Damontre Moore & Several Others Expected to Sit Out Vs. New York Jets”

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    I see the annual StupidFest is on in regard to firing Coughlin. It has gone beyond amusing to ridiculous.

    BIG game tonight for a lot of players. All of the linebackers, Austin and Patterson, James, TT, Jernigan, Cox, Torrain, Sash, Ojomo, Tracy and Trattou. Others as well but any of the above-named could go from significant roles to missing the roster. Great game to watch for all of us scouts manqué.

  2.  jfunk says:

    Fantasy keeper poll:

    Trent Richardson for a 3rd rounder or David Wilson for an 11th rounder?

  3.  jfunk says:

    I must say I have no idea who the last couple defensive linemen will be. We’re going to have to cut several guys I think can play and play very well.

    Would really love to see somebody, anybody, have a GREAT game at LB. Let us all pray that over the next three weeks Pugh puts to bed any thoughts of sending him back the bench in favor of anybody.

  4.  James Stoll says:

    Guys. Looking for a streaming site fir tonights game. All suggestions appreciated

    •  Barbarossa says:

      James Stoll if you are still looking for a streaming site to watch the Giants game tonight I’d recommend The quality of the video isn’t anything to write home about but they have every nfl game and I have never gotten a virus there.

  5.  William says:

    If your going to touch on the slightest criticism of TC you first need to acknowledge the way he has real old school standards, the long career success and of course the 2 rings. They are all significant without a doubt and unique in the league. Hopefully this preface will keep Demo from taking me to task on what I think is a fair critique of his NYG reign. That of course is the inconsistency in the regular season and the second half swoons.
    In many ways he’s a victim of his own success. If your going to show people how good you can be in the post season than you have got to expect people to be upset when you find new ways to miss the playoffs each year. For the most part these lost seasons have come down to a single game costing us an opportunity to get to the big dance. When you are blessed with a franchise QB who has an uncanny ability to play really well in road playoff games than missing the “dance” is going to bring out some detractors. I think its fair to at least wonder if 2 rings while epic; have we left a few on the table because we failed in a week 14 home game. Justin Tuck and a few others have voiced this exact concern. When your the coach, like the QB, you get too much of the praise and conversely the criticism when you fail, so I find those touchy about this topic somewhat confusing.
    I think it fair to say that TC has never really touched on why the team falls apart in the second half nor has he made any significant adjustments to remedy this issue.
    A couple of things that concerned me with this teams regular season struugles;
    1- rookie playing time; consistent regular season second half swoons might indicate vets wearing down. I think you could add that sticking with long time starters even when better vets are available has been an issue. Last year going back to Deihl over Locklear cost us IMO the playoffs. Not the first time that injured vets were re-installed and played poorly but not replaced.
    2.- terrible home record: this stat is truly shocking given our home winning % is in the mid 50′s versus other elite teams at above 75%. We just dont lose home games, we lose them in horrific fashion to in many cases terrible teams. Almost every year that we missed the playoffs you can point to a brutal late season home loss versus an inferior opponent. Thats also true in both Super Bowl years and nearly kept us out of the playoffs. Elite teams like the Pats go years without a home loss much less a bad loss. To me there is a coaching element involved because we play such a conservative style on both sides of the ball; especially on “d” where the PF bend dont break does nothing for the fans to get loud and disruptive. On the “O” side the team has over the years rarely blown a team away at home because we play so tight to the vest.
    3- Can’t beat the Eagles. Again, if ur going to miss the play-offs by a single game year after year then this is an issue. Its not just the struggles versus the Eagles its that we dont look why we try to adjust versus them. They have said publically that they know our plays and whats coming and it looks like that on the field. FACT!
    4. – Injuries: So far this year not as bad but I’m pretty sure we have blown the rest of the league away in ir’d players over the TC tenure. Bad luck, maybe,hard to say. But, again have we ever heard of a public realization of the issue and an attempt to fix it?
    Let me again say I’m ecstatic that TC is our coach and even if this year is a disaster I fully expect to see him next year which is his right given the success he has had. But, just like our franchise QB he is open to critique, especially when we miss the play-offs with such regularity in much the same painstakingly way.

    •  kujo says:

      So you’re saying you think TC should be fired and replaced with Bill Cowher?

      •  William says:

        Did you read this piece???? Not even close, I said I’m glad hes the coach. I will go a step further and say there is not a replacement (if he retired)that I know outside NE BB that I would swap for Coughlin. But, having said that he does have faults, just like Victor Cruz could stop dropping so many passes or DD’s struggles with speed rushers.
        We all take Eli to task when he thew too many interceptions why is it taboo to point to faults with the way TC coaches?

        •  kujo says:

          Lmao. Dust the sand out of your ****, Willy. I was making a joke.

        •  kujo says:

          Don’t you DARE put criticism of Coughlin, Eli and Cruz in the same stratosphere as that of Diehl. He doesn’t “struggle against speed rushers”–he SUCKS! He’s been a turnstile for years now, but it seems like as soon as his 2 biggest apologists on this site–FF55 and Demo–finally woke the f— up to that fact, we’ve got homies like you who wanna jump on that bandwagon.

          Coughlin is a HOF coach.

          Eli is putting together a HOF resume himself.

          Cruz is young and could do the same if he stays healthy and plays out his career with Eli.

          David Diehl is an overacheiver who, at one point was a decent offensive lineman with versatility. But that time has passed us by. He’s garbage and he’s been garbage for quite a while.

          •  demo3356 says:

            Its not waking the F up my little meatball, its acknowledging that he is no longer capable of starting in the NFL. Two years ago he was, as evidenced by the Giants winning a SB with him at the Most important position on the line in LT. Last year he was not good enough to be a starter and the line was much better with Locklear than he. Unfortunately Locklear tore up his knee and Deihl got thrown out there. I said my piece on Deihl in January and have repeated it several times since then. I love what the guy has done with the team and for the team, playing wherever needed and always putting the team first. Guy over came a lack of talent with hard work and heart and should be commended for it, not hated. I said last week that at this point in his career he should not only not start but should be the 9th out of 9-10 guys we keep. Pugh barring injury wil start at RT this year, if he goes down Brewer should be next up.

            •  William says:

              clarification: DD starts year at RT
              he gets hurt Locklear comes in and the offense improves,
              Locklear thrown to the bench by the coaches after DD returns
              then DD gave up 3 games of sacks (all losses), then DD was benched for Locklear,
              then Locklear gets hurt. DD back in.
              Again thats important when grading the coaching staff in a year we missed the play-offs by a single game.

              •  kujo says:

                Who’s grading the coaching staff? Not me. Coughlin is an excellent coach. You’re the one who just when on about all of his shortcomings.

          •  William says:

            #1 DD was a bit of a reach. my bad!

  6.  kujo says:

    Haven’t been around much this week, with school starting up and putting in those 12 hour days people conveniently ignore when saying teachers are overpaid.

    I see we have Pugh starting at right tackle? What happened to Diehl? Did Coughlin do what every sensible person would do (ie- bench his sorry a–) or did he get injured or whatever? It’s probably the latter, and you just wait for Diehl to upturn our 1st round pick when he gets back, just like he did to Locklear last year.

    And we sure are missing a lot of key players tonight. Seems like the Jets might actually win, and then we’ll have to hear about how Sanchez is miraculously fending off his challenger, Geno Limpnoodle Smith. I’m more concerned with whether guys like Rolle, Cruz and Baas will be ready for Dallas. Can’t imagine pulling out a win down that many guys in your core. We just gotta stay healthy tonight.

  7.  demo3356 says:

    Anyone that suggests in any way shape or form that the Great Tom Coughlin should or could be fired is a a clueless, drool cup wearing, crayon eating window licker that has the football acumen of a turnip and is not even worth debating. Guy is one of the best Coaches in the NFL and untouchable. A guy wins 1 Super Bowl he gets a 4 year pass, if he wns a Second he is a made man and gets to coach for as long as he wants. What these clowns dont realize is that no team is ever going to win it all or even come close to winning it all every year. Bll Walsh, Bill Parcells, Bill Bellicheck, Tom Landry, Chuck Knoll and Vince Lombardi all had several disappointing season s as Head Coaches and most of them were before the salary cap era when teams could be dynasty’s and stack roster 2-3 deep with studs at every position. This sport is specifically designed for mediocrity and for an even playing field. Every year you see teams go from worst t first and vice verse. The Salary cap, the draft the scheduling, its all put in place to make all 32 teams have an even shot at being good.
    All that said, no coach is perfect. They all including Tom Coughlin have weaknesses or things they do that fans dont like. The big picture is to take the good with the bad and realize with Tom Coughlen, the good outweighs the bad by a mile. I remember 3 years ago, one of our resident ankle grabbers was beating the drum for how much better of a head coach Rex Ryan was than Tom Coughlen. Before that he and his ankle grabbing life partner spent most days screaming about how much better of a coach Andy Cheese steak Reid was than Tom Coughlen. Folks need to appreciate the greatness that is Tom Coughlen and take off hteir Big Blue Goggles long enough tolok around at every other NFL teams last 8 years. Find me one besides the Steelers (two different coaches)that has had a better run than we have?

  8.  fanfor55years says:

    Given Barden’s absence can Kevin Hardy redeem himself after looking overwhelmed last week? Hardy should get the snaps in the slot after Jernigan sits down, so we should see both trying to stick. My guess is Jernigan does fine and secures his spot and Hardy winds up on the practice squad if he does well. The kid’s quickness is obvious but he can’t afford many more drops or he’ll be a goner.

    Also, is there ANY way for Mike Patterson to make this team? I have the feeling he’ll be somewhere else even if he is dominant tonight because he won’t get work against starters. He has looked terrific to me. Hard for me to believe we can’t keep him but the odds are really stacked against him.

    The same logic applies to Truman McBride, who has also looked pretty good. His odds of sticking seem slim. I figure Jones is going to stick, definitely on the practice team if not as the fifth corner/punt returner. I hope James makes it. As for McBride, he can play someplace even if not for us.

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