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New York Giants Need to Find a Healing Power as Players Continue to Drop Like Flies Around NFL

August 17th, 2013 at 6:30 AM
By Jen Polashock

Injuries happen this time of year and are, perhaps, the most frustrating. The 2013 NFL Season doesn’t officially start until next month, yet players are dropping (and are ultimately lost) to tears, breaks and strains already. Entering week two of the preseason, how will the New York Giants fair in this area since Big Blue and the injury bug appear to be longtime annual compadres?

'Two Possible Injuries for the Packers' photo (c) 2009, Bjorn Hanson - license:

Although nothing can actually forecast how many injuries will occur, let’s call it a “gut feeling” that this year, they won’t be a lingering issue. Sure, players have been waived/injured due to being hurt (wideout Kris Adams and, maybe, tight end/fullback Larry Donnell), but so far no one that is of the expected core 53-man. If anything, some wounded players are of a higher mindset — like in the old school days when a few days were taken to “heal up” and the field was a priority. We still sit in the midst of training camp with roster cuts and preseason on tap, so there’s plenty of time for that old nemesis, injury to swing by for his humor-filled visit. Or not.

Back to that “gut feeling” — it sneaks up and is laughed at (see: 2007 post-Buffalo Bills exciting “all-weather” game and 2011 right after the battle versus the New York Jets) often, but it pokes for a reason. Let’s not get things twisted, because this feeling can (and has) set some of us up for some major disappointment. However, there are times when it is more than persistent and tends to reiterate with more than one type of reminder. 2013 is shaping up to be one of those seasons — where doubters come on strong, the underdog mentality reigns supreme, and “TEAM” means everything. This will include manning up through all types of hurt.

Recently, huge vocal team leader, safety Antrel Rolle rolled his ankle in practice and most of the Big Blue Faithful congregation held their collective breath. It didn’t matter who claimed they were ready to step in and up, the one thing about Rolle is that he is real and all about the New York Football Giants…and the fans trust his words. He’s more optimistic than trainers and doctors for the Giants. He wants to play in preseason. We all know is would behoove the team to let that ankle heal to 100%, no matter how much football passion #26 shows. It is tempting to have him always on the field, though…

Other players that are being thought of as questionable at the most for week one of the regular season versus the Dallas Cowboys (if activated off of the physically unable to perform list) are fullback Henry Hynoski (MCL repair in May) and defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul (herniated disc/micro-back surgery in June). Their “replacements” aren’t defined as of yet, but they may not need to be. Temporary depth slot players for a few key play calls may be all that are needed until these two are “full go” and off the PUP. Otherwise, another six weeks (into the regular season) are needed.

The inevitable is going to happen; American football is a brutal and violent sport. The statement here is that this season, it won’t be an obligatory fallback excuse for blue.


New York Giants Need to Find a Healing Power as Players Continue to Drop Like Flies Around NFL

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9 Responses to “New York Giants Need to Find a Healing Power as Players Continue to Drop Like Flies Around NFL”

  1.  James Stoll says:

    Point well taken. No matter what any coach or player says during the regular season about stepping up, playing with the guys you have, etc., the single greatest obstacle to a successful season is the health of the team. Generally speaking, team’s who reel of the 13, 14, 15 win seasons experience an unusual streak of good health. Most team’s do not get so lucky. In 2011 we struggled all season with an injured Tuck and Osi, to name but 2. But each got suddenly healthy around week 15 and our D-Line went from only JPP to 3 studs and our defense rose with their return to form.
    Thus far in preseason we haven’t lost a guy who figures heavily in the fortunes of the team. Rolle is nicked and that is a worry. The ankle may be gimpy all season since he’ll never get the chance to give it the rest it needs until Season’s-end. But hopefully he hangs in. JPP’s absence is of course irreplaceable and we are all just hoping the optimistic statements about his imminent return prove true and that he can be in playing shape before too long. And the Hynoscerous looks to be back by the end of the first quarter, and if not, we can easily compensate for his absence.

    It will be hopefully a good thing tomorrow night when Nicks walks on the field and shows he’s healthy. TT’s fate is looking sealed regardless of whether he is healthy or not. Can the Giants really rationalize keeping him as the last DB if they don’t think he’s healthy enough to play right now?

    But overall, we’ve been more lucky than not thus far with injuries. Knock on wood

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    Agree with Jim. We’ve been lucky so far. And while the mind suggests things will “even out” that isn’t necessarily so. Maybe this is our year to be the “lucky” team that stays healthy? If so we really could be playing at home as the visiting team in February.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    Ah, wanted to say I think I may have been the first around here to talk up Bostic and was certain he was the best of the inside linebackers around, I’d still take Hankins over him and think Bostic would have been a great third or fourth round pick. Given the way things worked out I’d take Moore ahead of him right now too, and he didn’t make it to the third round anyway, so I have no problem with our having lost him. But it sure would be nice to have him around even if he hasn’t yet proved he can cover well in the Bear’s Cover-2 scheme.

  4. Dan BentonDan Benton says:

    Wait until you guys see the video coming up at 8:30 about Terrell Thomas and the emotional battle he’s waged as he fights his way back to the field.

    Got it in a press release this morning and … wow.

    •  James Stoll says:

      Dan, do you think he’ll make the final 53 the way things are going?
      You would think given what he’s been through, he have to play a fair amount to convince the coaches h won’t simply collapse in a heap. I suppose if they feel they can buyr one of the young’ns on the PS they could give TT the benefit of the doubt even if he doesn’t play all preseason, but that seems like a long shot

      • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

        He was shutting down Victor Cruz the other day. I’d say yes, he’s def going to make the 53-man.

        The thing about ACL injuries that fans don’t seem to understand, is regardless of how many you suffer, it’s not an indication that they will repeatedly re-occur. If he were riddled with a number of other injuries, then yes, I imagine that’d be a concern for the coaches. But ACL injuries are relatively fluke things. There has to be a perfect storm of horrible things in order for them to tear. T2 just happened to get struck by lightning 3 times.

  5.  fanfor55years says:

    Can’t speak for anyone else but I already admire the hell out of Terrell Thomas. Rehabbing for a third time when the odds are so stacked against you and even if you make it back the big money is probably gone takes a dedication and outlook that speaks volumes about the man. He’s someone I’d hire in a nanosecond for almost any job. The Giants should keep him around in some capacity. Maybe PUP him or put him on IR with the intent to recall him if he continues to progress. Given that he has not been hitting and getting hit for three years he could have 3-4 years of ball in him once his knee fully heals.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Or, keep him now as a “swing” corner/safety if as Dan says he can actually squeeze his way onto the team.

      Dan, I’ve been under the impression he’s doing great underneath but can be beaten easily over the top. Not true?

      •  James Stoll says:

        Impossible not to love TT. Guys like him inspire. They lift everyone’s play around them. If they feel they have the room they should keep him just for that factor alone.
        David Carr may have to be sacrificed!!

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