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New York Giants’ Antrel Rolle Out of Walking Boot; Hoping for Preseason Return

August 14th, 2013 at 12:30 PM
By Dan Benton

When New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle went down with a sprained ankle on Monday, he said it was the most "excruciating" pain he's experienced in his lifetime. He added that he heard a few pops as it happened, and that led to some pretty significant concern. As it turned out however, Rolle suffered no breaks or ligament damage, and even avoided the dreaded high ankle sprain.

On Wednesday, the news got even better for Rolle, who showed up to Quest Diagnostic Training Center sans walking boot.

"I'm a fast healer. [And] boots are for wimps," Rolle said, adding that he grinded all night to get rid of it. "I ain't no wimp. I’ve never been a guy who’s milked an injury.”

Shedding the boot wasn't just for show, either. Despite only two days having passed since he sustained the injury, Rolle says he's feeling a lot better and not ruling out a preseason return.

"It just feels a million times better than it did initially," he said.

The veteran safety went as far as to say he wanted to play against the Indianapolis Colts this weekend, but realistically, that's a pipe dream. Minor injury or not, there's little to no chance the Giants risk a re-injury or setback in what amounts to an absolutely meaningless preseason game.

Still, it's difficult for a guy like Rolle to sit out. After all, this is a hard-nosed player who hasn't missed a single game since joining the Giants (regular season or playoffs), and someone who hasn't missed a game since week 17 of the 2009 NFL season (the only game he's missed since 2005) when he was with the Arizona Cardinals.

At this point, it's relatively safe to assume Rolle will be A-OK and ready to go when the Giants open their season in Texas against Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys.

Photo credit: Avila_Ny / Photobucket / CC BY-NC-SA


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12 Responses to “New York Giants’ Antrel Rolle Out of Walking Boot; Hoping for Preseason Return”

  1.  creewan says:


    Preseason Game # 1
    New York Giants at Pittsburgh Steelers

    Spencer Paysinger highlights


    Stephens Howling receives a draw play to the offensive right side while the Giants blitz from the offense’s left side. Perfect play call against that blitz. The OL can simply ignore the defenders from the weakside and attack the second level of the defense. Nice gain for Pitt. Perfect play call.

    Pitt lines up 3 WR 1 TE and 1 RB. 2 WR and the TE are lined up to the offense’s right side with the TE off the line of scrimmage. The 3rd WR is isolated on the offense’s left sideline. The Giants are in nickel with Prince isolated on the weak side with Webster (outside) and Ross (slot) covering the twins on the defense’s left. As the ball is snapped the offensive line and TE slant to the left side as the QB hands to the RB – also headed left. The TE gets a great seal block on Cullen Jenkins on the offense’s right side, this allows the RB to cut back against the grain. Our LB on that side (Paysinger) has to get rid of some traffic due to his DT being pushed off the LOS and he is late to react to the comeback. However, Ross could have done more to help if he were to squeeze down and give help. The reason he didn’t was because the twins on he and Webster’s side ran a dummy route that looked like a WR screen with the slot guy screening Webster while the outside WR comes back to the QB and tries to turn it up field against Ross. Ross played the screen and failed to peak into the backfield. By the time he realized it was a run he was late to help Paysinger.

    Jacquain Williams needs to be more physical as he takes on the OL. We all know he is undersized which is frustrating because it hurts his “every down” ability. The RB is dead to rights in the backfield but Jacquain gets no push and is moved laterally just enough to allow Stephens Howling to slip through the CG gap and turn a sure loss into about 4 yards. Linval fails to get off his block as well.

    The left side of our defense is dominated. Pitt gets a hat on a hat plus wins the leverage war. Herzlich shows us that he can’t move sideline to sideline like an elite MIKE and fails to bring the ball carrier to the ground. He gets an arm on him but the runner easily runs through his lunging attempt of a tackle. Good job up front by Pitt.

  2.  creewan says:

    Preseason Game # 1
    New York Giants at Pittsburgh Steelers


  3.  creewan says:

    Catching up on the last few threads…

    In regards to Linval…

    I’m in agreement that his reputation has exceeded his performance thus far. However, I do believe that he is going to have a better year this upcoming season. Canty was out for over half of last year and Linval was paired with JAGS and UDFA for most of the year. He played a huge number of snaps and it definitely showed as the season wore on. This year he will be allowed to be a part of a rotation which will keep him fresh. He also will play with more experience and talent next to him.

    •  F0XLIN says:

      +1 Rodgers looked quite the part on Saturday. Took on a double team from Pouncey and I think Decastro, and did not budge one inch. Also loved what I saw from Patterson and Hankins vs the run, and Jenkins looked good at End and Tackle

      •  creewan says:

        I can’t wait to see which DTs we keep.

        Linval and Hankins are on the team.
        Jenkins too.

        With Jenkins being versatile enough to line up outside (along with the health of our DE group) it’s possible the staff decides to keep 4 DE and 4 DT – plus Jenkins.

        DE – JPP, Tuck, Kiwi, Moore
        DT – Linval, Hankins, Austin, Rogers/Patterson

        plus Jenkins

        I know this scenario leaves both Ojomo and Tracy cut. The general thinking is that one of them will make the team but you have to wonder…

        Ojomo – for all his success last preseason – is still buried at the bottom of the depth chart. He has never shown anything on specials nor has he been praised by the staff for his contributions in practice in that area.

        Tracy is a good special teams player. He is very physical and seems to have the right attitude to play that role. But defensively he is far inferior to at least 5 other players on the DL (Jenkins being 5th) rushing the passer. He offers nothing against the run due to his size. He has played some LB in the past but this off season has been strictly playing DE. Moore has already done more than Tracy on specials in one snap. Tracy is what he is – a situational pass rusher that can’t stop the run on a team flooded with superior pass rushers who is also a somewhat failed experiment at LB. He’s a special teams guy.

        Take all that with the emphasis placed on getting stronger and bulkier upfront (especially on the interior) and there’s a certain possibility neither Ojomo nor Tracy are part of the final 53.

        •  creewan says:

          Another thought…

          If Austin makes the team I think that having Cullen Jenkins in the DT group will benefit him tremendously. Jenkins is a consummate professional. He has a very similar skill set to what Austin is projected to have. He can show the young guy how to go about his business in the classroom, on the practice field, and in games using proper technique against interior offensive lineman.

        •  Sintexo says:

          Tracy could definitely still make the team even as a LB, with all the crazy combinations PF has been messing with.

          •  creewan says:

            Agreed. That being said, even if he’s suited to play the “joker” role that PF likes to install on passing downs… Is he going to be on the field while someone like Tuck or Kiwi sit on the sidelines?

            I completely agree that his skill set is perfect for the LB/DE hybrid that Fewell has been playing with, but he still is far from our best option even in that role.

            Maybe he beats out a guy like Curry and sticks as the 6th LB. I don’t think we keep more than 6 LB. We use the 3 Safety package so much and don’t need a lot of LB in PF’s defense. We are often out there with only 2 true LB.

            I think Tracy’s greatest asset is his special teams ability.

            •  F0XLIN says:

              Seems like they gave Austin plenty of chances week 1, and had good things to say. I think they keep 5 at DT. Joseph, Hankins, Jenkins, Rodgers, and Austin.

  4.  creewan says:

    Hynoski doing everything “in my power” to make Week 1. “At the earliest convenient date is my goal + whenever that time will be that’ll be”

  5.  BigBlueGiant says:

    A player noone has really talked about but has really played exceptionally well ALL camp at LB and ST is Kyle Bosworth. Don’t be surprised if he someone finds his way on the roster over some of the other favorites ( Dan Connor, Paysinger, Herzlich, and even Tracy)…

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