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New York Giants’ Mike Pope, Pat Flaherty Named as Two of NFL’s Top Assistant Coaches

July 13th, 2013 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

For fans of the New York Giants, this is going to come as absolutely no surprise; but for casual NFL fans or diehards of other teams, seeing the names of Mike Pope and Pat Flaherty listed amongst the top assistant coaches from around the league might cause them to raise an eyebrow. But it shouldn't.

On Friday, the National Football Post listed six assistant coaches who they deem to be the best of the bunch. Assistant coaches that should, eventually, land themselves a head coaching job. And the aforementioned Mike Pope and Pat Flaherty were right at the top.

Mike Pope:

Mike is the dean and regarded as the best tight ends coach in the NFL. He has been coaching tight ends in the league since 1983 when Bill Parcells hired him for the Giants staff. He left New York in 1991 and spent some time with Cincinnati, New England and Washington before returning to the Giants in 2000. Along the way, he has coached five Pro Bowl players (Mark Bavaro, Rod Holman, Ben Coates, Stephen Alexander and Jeremy Shockey). These are some of the best to ever play the position. At the Combine every February Pope is the man who oversees the tight end workout. On top of being a great coach he is a great person.

Pat Flaherty:

It’s no secret in league circles that the Giants have one of the best coaching staffs in the league. Flaherty is one of the reasons. This will be Pats 14th year coaching in the NFL after a 20-year run as a college coach. He had successful stops as a line coach at both Penn State and Rutgers. His first job in the NFL was with Washington as tight ends coach followed by a three-year stay in Chicago. Pat has been the Giants line coach for nine years. One of the marks of a good coach is how he operates under adversity. Many times while in New York, Flaherty had to replace an injured starter/starters and keep winning. He has done this so successfully that often you don’t realize the starter is out. The Giants have won two Super Bowls since Flahery has been the line coach. It’s no coincidence!

Just as Vice President of Player Evaluation Marc Ross will eventually land a General Manager position, so to will Pope and Flaherty eventually land themselves a head coaching position. In the mean time, the Giants (and their fans) should consider themselves lucky to have them.


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3 Responses to “New York Giants’ Mike Pope, Pat Flaherty Named as Two of NFL’s Top Assistant Coaches”

  1.  demo3356 says:

    Both are great Coaches and we are lucky to have them. Pope has worked miracles with udfa’s and late rd picks like Boss and Ballard. Always been a big Flaherty fan. He is the biggest reason JR has been able to get by with using so few premium picks o OL

    •  rlhjr says:


      Also the name Zeek Mowat jumps out at me. Guy was a monster and Pope brought him along to the point where he was close to all pro. If Robinson has “anything” he’s going to be one hell of a tight end. And it will be due to Pope.

      Same for Pugh and the other young Giant O-linemen. Flaherty is a guru and he enables Reese to get away with murder with his late round draft picks.

  2.  Sonny Mukhopadhyay says:

    I’m sorry, but Mike Pope will never be an NFL head coach, NOT because he doesn’t deserve to be, NOT because he has done anything wrong, but because the odds against him are so high, that I would consider them insurmountable.

    He’s a TE coach, not an Offensive coordinator. Now, that in and of itself, doesn’t mean he can’t get a head coaching gig, there have been other guys who were not coordinators who got H.C. jobs, but also, he also has age going against him. Sorry but the NFL has an age bias, especially when it comes to first time head coaches.

    On top of that, he simply doesn’t get interviews now, if he isn’t making H.C. lists now, he isn’t going to start getting them in the future at his age, without having some prime coordinator experience.

    I think he is the best T.E. coach in all of football, and maybe the best TE coach of all time, and maybe he would have made a great head coach, but he will never, ever get that chance.

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