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New York Giants QB Eli Manning Listed as 30-1 Odds for 2013 NFL MVP Award

July 3rd, 2013 at 2:27 PM
By Douglas Rush

New York Giants starting quarterback Eli Manning has two Super Bowl MVP Awards on his resume, however, he has never won the regular season Most Valuable Player award since becoming a professional back in 2004.

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Sportsbook, which is an online betting website for sports, has the Giants quarterback listed as 30-1 odds to win the 2013 MVP award. Art Stapleton of the Bergen Record confirmed the odds through Twitter on Wednesday.

Manning has never had the kind of numbers in the regular season that fellow quarterbacks Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers or his own brother, Peyton Manning put up regularly each season; Peyton has won four MVP awards (2003, 2004, 2008, 2009.)

But what Giants fans will not trade in from their quarterback is the playoff success that the younger Manning has had; going 8-3 in the postseason, winning two NFC Championships, two Super Bowl titles and winning two Super Bowl MVP's.

The "one-up" that Eli has over Peyton is that he has one more Super Bowl victory along with a Super Bowl MVP, Eli has two, Peyton has one.

With the offense that the Giants have built around Manning for the upcoming season, 2013 could in fact be one of the best chances that Manning has to win the award.

At the end of the day (royalties to Antrel Rolle), all Giants fans and the organization care about is Manning winning and hoisting up the most important award at the end of the season; the Lombardi Trophy.


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14 Responses to “New York Giants QB Eli Manning Listed as 30-1 Odds for 2013 NFL MVP Award”

  1.  Sean says:

    That’s basically 30-1 odds for the Giants to win the Super Bowl. I might lay a hundy or two on that.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      Gmen are 22-1 right to win the SB.

      I put 100 on them every year. This year i’m contemplating not doing so.

  2.  Krow says:

    With the exception of Eli … and Steve Weatherford … every unit has major question marks.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      this. Pretty much why im being hesitant to put 100 on them to win it all.

      •  jfunk says:

        As opposed to every other year, really?

        THIS is the year you have the most doubts about the team in recent history?

    •  Dirt says:

      For real?

      •  Dirt says:

        I guess the question marks for Nicks, Cruz and Randle is related to whether they can aspire to rarified air of 4,000 combined yards.

        •  BigBlueGiant says:

          for Nicks it’s to stay on the field. For Cruz is not to be too distracted with this contract BS. For Randle, it’s still a learning curve, for Jernigan and Murphy question marks.

          •  Dirt says:

            C’mon man.

            With that, enjoy your holiday friend!

            •  BigBlueGiant says:

              You too broski, But i guess everyone here is just a big Homer. which is good, but wait till reality sets in. Not expecting much this year form NYG.

              •  Dirt says:

                I’m as fair as they come. I detest homerism. But questioning Cruz’s focus is a stretch.

                Nicks coming off injury is a valid concern.

                I suppose my initial thought about the question marks comment was about talent. There’s no question there is talent at receiver.

          •  Krow says:

            Nicks in a contract year … coming off a knee injury.

  3.  Terrence97 says:

    Every year some of you guys preach gloom n doom lol. Come on sure we have some Qs but we have a lot of talent on this team. I think the biggest Q is perry fewells scheme. Curry and rivers have as much talent at the LB spot as we have had in YEARS!!! Perry fewel and health are the questions. I’m stickin to a NFC east crown prediction!

  4.  mikesenior says:

    I don’t care if he is ever the league MVP, I just want him to be the SB MVP 5 or 6 more times.

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