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Ex-Wife of Former New York Giants TE Jeremy Shockey Trying to Get Him Jailed Over Alimony

July 2nd, 2013 at 6:30 AM
By Douglas Rush

"Hell hath no no fury like a woman scorned." Former New York Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey is about to find this out the hard way, as his ex-wife, whom he got a divorce from about eight months ago, is threatening to get him locked up if he does not start paying alimony.

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Shockey is claiming to have an iron-clad prenuptial agreement, which would prevent Daniela Cortazar-Shockey from at least half of his assets, but she says the former NFL player is worth at least $15 million and he is "strong-arming" her just so she'll drop the case in court.

His ex however, is attempting to ask a judge to either slap him with fines, or have Shockey imprisoned for not paying up. The issues could be from when he reportedly posted a naked picture of her on the internet back in January, and she feels Shockey should pay her $15,000 for her "trauma" of the world being able to see her bare bottom of the internet. Shockey did remove the image off the internet before a judge could ever tell him to.

Shockey's ex-wife is also saying in court documents that he is purposely withholding finance information and "is pretending to not know" his actual worth by playing stupid.

The 32-year-old former Giants tight end married the 22-year-old Colombian Cortazar in a private ceremony in Miami back in May, but Shockey decided to call it quits because the marriage was "irretrievably broken" after only eight months.

If, in fact, Shockey had gotten the prenuptial agreement before the wedding, then his ex-wife has absolutely no leg to stand on in court, and this is another case of her being greedy and looking for money after a former famous athlete didn't want to be married anymore.


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2 Responses to “Ex-Wife of Former New York Giants TE Jeremy Shockey Trying to Get Him Jailed Over Alimony”

  1.  Krow says:

    I hope she takes him to the cleaners. Shockey is a posterboy for all that’s bad in professional sports. A classic dirtbag who deserves whatever bad end awaits him. This turd is circling the drain, and I for one plan to enjoy his downward spiral. Flush twice … it’s a long way to the sewer.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      +1 on the sentiment, but in this instance the creep may actually be dealing with his equal. If they had a pre-nip ( a not unlikely circumstance) he may be getting pursued by someone who is just hungry for cash without a right to it.

      Nevertheless , couldn’t happen to a better target. He was one of my least favorite Giants of all time. Even when he was good I thought he was a dirtbag. I remember being incredibly happy when he departed. Sadly, while Tiki gets booed at MetLife, if Shockey came back he’d be cheered. People can be really stupid.

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