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New York Giants, Former Green Bay Packers MLB Desmond Bishop Have Mutual Interest

June 21st, 2013 at 6:30 AM
By Douglas Rush

The New York Giants may not be done looking to improve their defense as the have expressed interest in former Green Bay Packers linebacker Desmond Bishop, who was just released from the team this past Monday and is now a free agent after spending the last six years with them.

Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports was the first one to break the news of Bishop being interested in the Giants, as Kirwan had the former Packers middle linebacker on his show along with Tim Ryan on Sirius XM and talked about the teams he was interested in.

"Talkin w'Desmond Bishop-Said he could return to GB if all things equal. he may consider NYG&Jax but I got feelin he picks a team tonight," he tweeted.

Kirwan's prediction of Bishop picking a team by the end of the night did not happen and remains a free agent. Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News confirmed Bishop's interest in the Giants when he posted his comments from the Sirius XM show on Thursday night.

"Yeah, other teams are interested (more than just the Vikings and Chiefs, whom he's visited). I don’t really know if I’m going to visit them. … The Giants and Jacksonville. The Giants and Jacksonville are the next two that are interested. Actually, the Niners called but of course, you know, they’re kind of set over there. I appreciate their interest in me regardless. But the Giants, which is a real good situation, and Jacksonville as well.”

From Bishop's comments, especially when it comes to the Giants, it sure sounds like he has major interest in their middle linebacker job after being cut by the Packers on Monday, Bishop missed all of the 2012 regular season with a severe hamstring injury, but on Thursday, he said that he feels he is completely over the injury and is 100 percent to play.

Currently, the Giants have Mark Herzlich and Dan Connor at the middle linebacker spot, but it would not surprising to see the Giants make a move to land Bishop because he would be an upgrade at the position over what the team currently has. Bishop is an extremely good athlete who can rush the quarterback and track down the ball carrier and make plays in the open field.

In his last full season as a pro back in 2011, Bishop was solid for the Packers; as he had 121 total tackles with 95 of them solo, five sacks and two forced fumbles. Despite the hamstring injury in 2012, he's still at an age at 28 (will be 29 in July) where he could play more impactful football and return to his form.

In the end, this will all come down to money, as the Giants cap situation isn't the best, but with Bishop coming off a major injury, he might not require a lot of guaranteed money to sign. He may be just looking for an opportunity to prove that he's still a top player at his position. If Bishop is looking for an opportunity as opposed to money, maybe the Giants are the perfect landing spot, after all.

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6 Responses to “New York Giants, Former Green Bay Packers MLB Desmond Bishop Have Mutual Interest”

  1.  Krow says:

    Hard to see this happening. He’ll want a) money … and b) a strong indication that he’s the starter. Two things he’s not getting in Noo Yawk.

  2.  giantsou812 says:

    can he play corner?

  3.  JimStoll says:

    another LB with an injury serious enough to make him miss the last season
    great great competition for the trainer’s room

  4.  GIANTT says:

    Three things have to happen
    He has to pass a physical – just remember his injury seemed to make Green Bay nervous .
    The Giants have to be convinced that he has superior ability over Herzlich and Connor – probably not too hard but can he pick up Giants system to improve on their
    knowledge ?
    Most important – is he willing to play for minimum ? . If he did come in for a year and it worked out then hes gone next year .If he did come in and it didnt work out (Connor or Herlich worked out better or he couldnt physically do it ) Then hes taken away from Connor or Herzlichs playing time /development )

    These wish lists – He will consider Jags or Giants -make it sound like hes in charge when actually he has to be praying that the phone rings

  5.  giankees says:

    The part that concerns me about our current talent at lb is that he wants to go here or jax which has nothing to do with winning and everything to do with the least talent at mlb. In other words he feels like he can vome in and start right away

  6.  CT GIANT says:

    Behind the closed doors of the giants, Coughlin has praised Herrlich several times, and I really think this kid, overcoming cancer is regaining his strength, speed and athletic ability. If he has a good camp, I think the giants and Coughlin would love to see this kid take that job, but it’s early and I’m not sure Bishop would want to have to compete.
    Money talks with guys like him, and he would really have to come in and show he’s the guy, but who knows, the giants have signed anyone who MIGHT be the one?
    Can’t keep the revolving door at MLB open each year, so I’ll stay with Herlich through camp, and will all see where this goes.

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