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New York Giants Officially Reach Out to Agent of Vonta Leach; Remain a Long Shot

June 14th, 2013 at 7:15 AM
By Dan Benton

Shortly after being released by the Baltimore Ravens, the New York Giants inquired about fullback Vonta Leach. On Thursday, Dave Hutchinson of The Star-Ledger reported that the team even went as far as to opening up a dialog with the three-time Pro Bowlers agent, but they were quick to inform him that cap space would be a potential issue.

Leach, who was expected to earn $3 million in Baltimore prior to his release, is likely looking for about the same on the open market. Unfortunately for the Giants, they have only about $3 million in cap space, while the Miami Dolphins, who hosted Leach earlier this week, are estimated to be about $17 million under. The Houston Texans, Leach's former team and another reported front runner, also have more space than Big Blue.

The Giants' need for Leach stems from an MCL injury suffered by Henry Hynoski early on at organized team activities (OTAs). It also goes back a number of years, including 2006 when the team had signed Leach to an offer sheet before he returned to the Texans. Since then, the two sides have expressed mutual interest, but the timing was never right (sounds almost like a courtship, doesn't it?).

In the interim, the Giants are going with tight end Bear Pascoe as Hynoski's replacement.

"Bear has done it before," Gilbride said, citing the 2010 season when Pascoe moonlighted for Madison Hedgecock. "Unless the powers that be bring a guy in, we’ll make due."

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20 Responses to “New York Giants Officially Reach Out to Agent of Vonta Leach; Remain a Long Shot”

  1.  Krow says:

    Seems like an utter waste of time. There’s no way we could ever be the winning bidder. And he’s won a SB, so we can’t even entice him with that. It’s impossible.

    •  JimStoll says:

      I’d rather we pass on the FB position altogether
      a waste of space

      •  demo3356 says:

        Yeah a complete waste.. Thats why the last 3 Super Bowl Winners all use them.. Someone give those guys the memo that FB is a waste of Space…

  2.  GIANTT says:

    This is a classic case of the Giants saying ” we like you – this is how much money we can pay you -if all else fails , come back and talk ” Otherwise the Giants will use first fall back at Bear Pascoe or hope that someone else (Cox?) shows enough talent to get the job done .
    Do the Giants need any of this cap space to sign Cruz or is it built in elsewhere ?

  3.  Chad Eldred says:

    Leach is a difference maker in the run game. The fact that multiple teams are competing for the services of a lowly fullback should give some indication of what his value is. If there is such a thing as an elite fullback in the NFL, this guy is it. Do you really think that it’s a coincidence that the all time leading rusher in the NFL gained many of his yards with one of the game’s best blocking fullbacks blocking for him? Nobody wants to break the bank for any player and wouldn’t advocate it in this case either, but pursuing Leach and doing some cap maneuvering to accomplish it is completely rational.

  4.  F0XLIN says:

    The fact that they are even sniffing Leach to me means Hank’s injury is worse than initially reported. Bear would be a stop gap for a few games but not the entire season which would get them through Hynoski’s rehab period. I fear he’ll be on the PUP to start at best

  5.  GIANTT says:

    Its a question of looking at ALL the options
    Hynoski does return for the season opener- otherwise these are the options
    1 .Vonta Leach at vet minimum

    2 Pascoe as interim til Hynoski returns (the sooner the better but does anyone know

    3 Rookie steps up

    if Hynoski doesnt return either because injury is worse than reported or there is a setback , who will be full back for the whole season ?

    Just because they are looking at Leach , I dont think means that Hynoskis injury is worse than reported only that the Giants are looking at all their options

  6.  BigBlueGiant says:

    Congrats to Derk Hagan on his recent signing with the Bucs. Hope he makes the squad.

  7.  jfunk says:

    This guy is the best fullback in the league. All you need to know about what the Giants think of him is that they actually signed him to a pretty generous RFA offer sheet a few years back. He’s an instant upgrade over a fully healthy Hynoski, and I love me some Hynoski (I’m wearing my Hynocerous t-shirt as I type this).

    That being said, there’s simply no way Reese pays enough to land him nor am I certain it would be a wise move anyway. Assuming Hynoski will be back at full strength sometime in the first half of the season, I’m not sure that our team couldn’t be upgraded more by spending the kind of money required to sign Leach elsewhere.

  8.  GOAT56 says:

    I think Leach was the best FB but not anymore. I respect the Ravens a lot and them letting go of him shows his play has slipped more than many realize in my view. The Ravens know what they are doing which is why they paid him a few years ago and let him go now. Therefore I don’t think Leach is an upgrade for Hynoski. I think the interest in Leach is as an injury replacement. But the continued interest in Leach shows there is real concern about Hynoski and a several have said I think him starting the year on PUP is likely. If we sign Leach I take it as a sign Hynoski could be done for the year because why would Leach sign with other options with teams that don’t have an established FB?

    •  sonnymooks says:

      I got the impression with the Ravens view, that they wanted to keep him, they just can’t afford to, especially with the cap situation (courtesy of Mr. Flacco) and they may not view Leach as being a part of the long term future.

      I don’t think they view his play as having slipped, and I do think he is the best fullback in football today……but he won’t be in a couple of years.

      Personally, I always loved the fullback position, but my kind of fullback is pretty much extinct. I like the Mike Alscott types, the 4 tool fullbacks, who can pass block, run block, catch passes and run the ball. The kind of guys who were/are offensive weapons in addition to being bulldozing blockers.

      In a perfect offense, they can bring bash to a ground game and diversify the run game.

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