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Report: Victor Cruz, New York Giants “Not Close” on New Deal; Negotiations Moving “Incredibly Slowly”

June 11th, 2013 at 7:35 AM
By Dan Benton

When the New York Giants open mandatory mini-camp this morning, wide receiver Victor Cruz will not be there. The restricted free agent (RFA) remains without a long-term deal and has not yet signed his tender, and negotiations between the two sides are now moving at an "incredibly slow" pace, reports NFL Network's Ian Rapoport.

This latest report is a far cry from previous reports, which have suggested, at times, that the framework was in place for a new contract and, more recently, that the negotiations were at the "2-yard line." Neither of those reports now appear to be true, and the two sides are "not close" on a new deal.

It had also previously been reported that Cruz lowered his contract demands from $11 million annually to $8 million annually, which was much closer to the long-term deal Big Blue had reportedly offered. However, despite the alleged closing of the gap between the two sides, a new deal seems no closer now than when this mess all started nearly a year ago.

On June 17th, if Cruz has not yet signed his tender or a new long-term deal, the Giants could lower his 2013 tender amount from $2.879 million to $630,000. It will be interesting to see if they do and what consequences come from that.

In the mean time, Cruz is not eligible to participate in mini-camp and did not show up for the team physical on Monday.

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16 Responses to “Report: Victor Cruz, New York Giants “Not Close” on New Deal; Negotiations Moving “Incredibly Slowly””

  1.  Sally DiDonato says:

    I just don’t GET IT! No “team” concern…..just me, me, me.

    •  JimStoll says:

      I don’t blame Victor for negotiating hard for a solid contract, but where I depart is the need to turn down 7M per because it’s not 11M, or whatever the actual number is he’d like
      if he signs a 4 yr 28M contract, he probably gets $10M guaranteed. Let’s say $1M goes to his Agent; and 40% goes to the state and federal governments — that’s lump sum $5.4M, with annual salaries thereafter along the lines of $4.5M per
      How much money does he need?

      But it looks like he’s trying to stare JR down which is a fools journey. So now we have 6 more days to see if he’s the ultimate gambler. Will he not take the offer and play for $2.9, risking injury (Amani would be proud of his educational prowess); will he not even sign the tender and allow JR to drop him down to $600K? is there any long term benefit to that course of action? will he hold out? perhaps sit for the season? does that benefit him at all, contractually or otherwise?

      or is it all about publicity — all the press all the time, and sign on the 16th?

  2.  JimStoll says:

    JimStoll says:
    June 11, 2013 at 7:21 AM
    hmmmm. From the Daily News. Hakeem slamming Victor?

    “You know our offense,” fellow Giants receiver Hakeem Nicks said last month. “In the slot, it’s easy to adjust to, easy to pick up.”

    Read more:

    rlhjr says:
    June 11, 2013 at 7:38 AM
    I have gotten on very well these past months not talking about #80.
    I hope I can manage the same level of control concerning #88.
    Maintaining my silence is my best option. I like both players and I know they need to make what they can while they can. So once again, I’ll bite my mutilated tongue.

    The only way we see Vonta is for Pascoe to fall out of a rapidly moving car.
    Leach will simply want far more money than Reese is willing to pay.


  3.  BigBlueGiant says:

    I blame Cruz getting bad advice from Jay-Z.

  4.  GOAT56 says:

    Vonta Leach doesn’t make sense to me. He’s leaving Bmore because he wouldn’t accept a low enough deal. Why would we pay him more than Bmore to be at most a 6 week replacement? Hynoski is a better player at this point and Pascoe is a good enough fill in. Bringing in another FB is not a bad idea but an above minimum FB is a bad idea for what we need.

    •  JimStoll says:

      I’m actually hoping the absence of Hyonski compels Gilbride to experiment with a backfield of Brown and Wilson. apparently a little of that went on in OTA’s
      A pro set backfield with 2 really able-bodied running backs is so old school it would be new — that is, hard to defend
      eli is going to need a strong running game this season with both Nicks and Cruz holding out!!

      •  GOAT56 says:

        Playing those 2 together is a good change up look like the Nascar DL but it’s not a base offense because Wilson nor Brown are lead blockers. It’s more likely we use more 2 TE looks. Pascoe while not the lead blocker Hynoski is provides more versatility in the looks we can give a defense. I really want to see 2 TE sets with Robinson and Myers.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      Hynoski is really good, however, Leech is still a better player at this point.

      I do agree not to break the bank for him though.

  5.  GOAT56 says:

    If the deal is still far away it makes me question the reports that say the Giants offered 8 mil per year. Besides some negotiating on guarantees I can’t see how Cruz turns that down if he wants to play for the Giants. I can’t see why he would think the team would become more desperate to raise his price with Nicks in play as well. So my thinking is the Giants are offering more like 7 mil and Cruz wants 8 mil which I can see being more of a standoff for both sides.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      word is he’s looking for 10+ a year. LOL!

      •  JimStoll says:


        •  GOAT56 says:

          If the Giants lower his tender to 110% of last year’s salary then holding out makes little sense. Even with a holdout he has to play by week 10. That means for the 7 games he would play he’s only getting 300k while even at great risk of injury jumping into the season. So he goes and gets a 4 year 40 mil type deal, still with the present value of money he doesn’t make up the money he loses this year but not signing a long term deal until 3-4 years later. Plus all the risk he puts on himself for a player that hasn’t even made 1.5 mil in his career so far. Maybe he’s trying to call JR’s bluff but unless ownership overrides JR, Cruz is not going to win that battle.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        I don’t think even Nosh would think that’s reasonable. Even if he were worth 10 mil a year he’s a RFA. That means you don’t get true market value. He can’t treat being a RFA like being an unrestricted free agent.

  6.  fanfor55years says:

    I cannot see Reese going after Leach when Hynoski figures to be around for years to come, unless Leach decides he’s willing to take about $1.5MM on a one-year deal (which is highly unlikely even if there are only a handful of teams that would have any interest in a fullback).

    What Nicks said about the slot position on the Giants is true. That isn’t a knock on Cruz. He’s terrific. But if you watch that video Dan posted of Steve Smith’s career highlights with the Giants you will see that Eli makes the slot receiver look great. I’ve said all along that: 1) I want Cruz back and he should sign the deal Reese offered because it’s his best bet; 2) You cannot replace Cruz’s game-breaking ability but you absolutely CAN replace his production; and 3) The Giants will move on and be fine without him if that proves to be their best option.

    Cruz and his agents are making a big mistake if they think Reese is going to move very far off that offer. The Giants have a process. They assess a player and his position, look carefully at the market, and determine a “fair market price” for the player and offer it. They don’t tend to try to low-ball players and then negotiate up. They tend to put what they think is a fair offer on the table and then stick pretty close to it. Based on that process, and what John Mara has said, I have absolutely no doubt that the Giants ARE prepared to move on if Cruz behaves unreasonably. I still think he’ll sign. I don’t think Reese will pull the higher salary away next week when he could. I think the long-term offer will remain open all the way into early August. And I think we will see that Murphy and Jernigan, in combination with Nicks, Randle, Myers and Robinson, plus Wilson and Brown and Cox, will be all the offense Eli needs to have this offense become extremely good in 2013.

  7.  CT GIANT says:

    I really thought Cruz had better judgement, being a UDFA, getting a shot to play in his backyard, had only TWO good years, and now expects to be paid what I believe Hakeem Nicks, the real WR, who is Eli’s go to man, since 2009.
    7-8M is as stated better above, will let Cruz, who lives in Hoboken , NJ. continue to earn a bunch in endorsements, but pushing the envelope with Reese/Mara is just dumb.
    If he could do better somewhere else, which he obviously can’t, he would have some leverage, but it’s only because he’s a NY GIANT that makes him and tool him this far.
    As Fanfor55 says, the giants will move on without him, and the slot will be well covered, it opens the door for some others who will eventually be made better by one Eli Manning.

  8.  nygiantfanatic4life says:

    just make Cruz an elfin Cowboy thats who he loved growing up..he is going to end up like Steve Smith.

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