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Hakeem Nicks Reports to New York Giants’ Mini-Camp; Will Practice

June 11th, 2013 at 10:00 AM
By Dan Benton

After no-showing organized team activities (OTAs) and team physicals on Monday night, wide receiver Hakeem Nicks was one of the early arrivals to New York Giants mandatory mini-camp on Tuesday. And not only will he take his physical with the team, the former UNC star will also practice.

And perhaps in preparation for his career after football, or his upcoming attendance at the NFL's Broadcast Boot Camp, it was punter Steve Weatherford — not the beat writers — who broke the news of Nicks' presence at Timex this morning.

Nicks' absence during OTAs remains a mystery, with neither he, nor his agent, Peter Schaffer, willing to discuss why he no-showed. However, head coach Tom Coughlin said he had been informed by Nicks that he would show up at "some point," despite the Nicks camp claiming they had informed the team previously that he would not attend. In other words, it's a lot of he said/she said playing out in the media.

With all of that now out of the way, Coughlin can have his meeting with Nicks to determine the cause of his absence and Eli Manning can resume practicing with his No. 1 wide receiver. And, of course, this also prevents Nicks from being fined a maximum of around $66,000 (if he would have missed all three days of camp).

One down, one to go.

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15 Responses to “Hakeem Nicks Reports to New York Giants’ Mini-Camp; Will Practice”

  1.  JimStoll says:


  2.  fanfor55years says:

    I cannot see Reese going after Leach when Hynoski figures to be around for years to come, unless Leach decides he’s willing to take about $1.5MM on a one-year deal (which is highly unlikely even if there are only a handful of teams that would have any interest in a fullback).

    What Nicks said about the slot position on the Giants is true. That isn’t a knock on Cruz. He’s terrific. But if you watch that video Dan posted of Steve Smith’s career highlights with the Giants you will see that Eli makes the slot receiver look great. I’ve said all along that: 1) I want Cruz back and he should sign the deal Reese offered because it’s his best bet; 2) You cannot replace Cruz’s game-breaking ability but you absolutely CAN replace his production; and 3) The Giants will move on and be fine without him if that proves to be their best option.

    Cruz and his agents are making a big mistake if they think Reese is going to move very far off that offer. The Giants have a process. They assess a player and his position, look carefully at the market, and determine a “fair market price” for the player and offer it. They don’t tend to try to low-ball players and then negotiate up. They tend to put what they think is a fair offer on the table and then stick pretty close to it. Based on that process, and what John Mara has said, I have absolutely no doubt that the Giants ARE prepared to move on if Cruz behaves unreasonably. I still think he’ll sign. I don’t think Reese will pull the higher salary away next week when he could. I think the long-term offer will remain open all the way into early August. And I think we will see that Murphy and Jernigan, in combination with Nicks, Randle, Myers and Robinson, plus Wilson and Brown and Cox, will be all the offense Eli needs to have this offense become extremely good in 2013.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    Two other comments about our top receivers.

    There was never any question that Nicks would report. He knows that as long as he stays healthy the Giants are going to take care of him. He’s the real deal, #1 receiver (some on here can pretend otherwise but the Giants know that’s true) and he’s headed for a huge payday from the Giants. He’s not going to alienate the team, and as far as money is concerned he is definitely benefiting from Cruz’s foolishness because Mara is going to remember who played hardball with him and who didn’t.

    Cruz simply is not worth more than $7-$7.5MM per annum and I hope the Giants won’t pay him any more than that. I hope Cruz extracts the maximum amount of guarantees he can get (because that’s the owner’s money) but I do NOT want them raising his cost against the cap (because that hurts US as fans since the money isn’t available elsewhere). If Cruz insists on $9-10MM per annum then, frankly, I hope Reese won’t pay it and we move on. I love Cruz and want him on the team, but not at a price that hurts too much elsewhere.

    I’d pay $10MM per annum to Nicks because he makes the offense go and is a big-time receiver who will keep getting better. He’s among the top 6-7 receivers in the league and likely to get closer to the top of the heap over the next few years. But I wouldn’t pay more than $7.5MM to ANY slot receiver, and frankly, I’d be more likely to just keep getting Eli solid slot guys at $3-4MM per year and use the extra money to retain a really good tight end and running back. I’d be willing to lose 10-15% of a “great” slot receiver’s production in exchange for the above. The idea is to score points, not look great doing it. I think many fans overvalue Cruz because we can all see he’s a wonderful player but many cannot see that the “next guy up” could do a more-than-adequate job at a much lower cost.

    •  JimStoll says:

      Western Union June 16th, 2013

      Cruz signs with Giants


      takes what JR offers him


      says he’s happy


      says he got what he always wanted


      fires Jay-Z


  4.  GOAT56 says:

    I was worried about Nicks. Glad he reported. With Nicks back we can survive if need be without Cruz. We are better with Cruz but not enough so to overpay him.

  5.  BigBlueGiant says:

    Cruz will start paying closer attention once the paychecks stop coming in and realize that maybe he’s never going to get what Jigga Man is telling him.

    Kind of want to see the downfall of Jay Z anyway. Also, not football related but, I hope Robbie Cano is paying attention as well. Because the days of the 100-200 million dollar baseball contracts are going to be lost in the wind. Mainly due to the fact that ALL these guys who get those contracts don’t perform. Yes, he will get paid but Jay Z better start smarting up before he starts ruining these athletes minds.

    •  JimStoll says:


      Why give the giants the opportunity to see what life without him is like?

      What if Randal steps in and steps up?

      What if Murphy’s speed can be well exploited?

      God forbid, Jernal Jernigan proves he is not Sinorice Moss

      •  GOAT56 says:

        The misconception some have is that Cruz can still negotiate a long term deal after signing the tender. To me it gives Cruz more options by signing the tender. Even if he holds out with a signed tender he’s due to make more than holding out with a 110% contract. He’s the Giant’s property regardless this year, the tender just gives Cruz the chance to make the most money without a long term deal.

        •  fanfor55years says:

          If Cruz wants to permanently burn his bridge to New York he would do what you suggest. There would be no better way of alienating EVERYONE than to sign the tender and then hold out until Week 11. It would be the very dumbest thing he could do. He’d wind up with about $900,000 of pay; would expose himself to injury and the loss of a shot at a big contract; would guarantee that the Giants would not sign him to any deal; and would be thought of as a “greedy pig” by the entire metropolitan area (and in a few others as well). His endorsement value would plummet.

          He really either has to sign the tender and come into camp late but in time to play Week 1, sign the offer on the table (with perhaps a very little face-saving increase added by Reese as a gesture), or refuse to do anything hoping that someone gets injured and the Giants have to give a little on the contract. It’s up to the team as to whether to take the tender off and cut the proposed salary, and I suspect that Reese will play this well and refuse to do that. The Giants will want to leave the onus for this standoff where it is now: on Cruz and his advisers.

          I still look for Cruz to sign a long-term deal between now and the first preseason game. He only needs a few weeks of getting into football shape and a few weeks of working with Eli to be ready for the season. He can afford to hold out until August. After that things get very tricky.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Great athletes always assume they aren’t replaceable. Add JayZ to the mix and you have two egos that probably cannot conceive of the Giants reaching the conclusion they don’t really want Cruz at the price they offered.

        But we’re ALL replaceable. As I’ve said, I am confident the Giants CAN replace Cruz’s production to at least a large enough extent that I’m very optimistic about the 2013 offense with or without Victor Cruz.

        He is very foolish to allow the Giants to see what they’ve got without him. And I think Condon and Jay Z are missing the fact that the Giants have a LOT of free agent talent coming in the near future and need to keep a lid on the price of second contracts with the team. They cannot afford to cave to unreasonable demands, and won’t.

  6.  wvchirodoc says:

    First off, Congrats Kujo, wedding and bride looked beautiful.

    On the Cruz deal, I hope JR backs off and plays hard ball with Cruz. In my mind, he went from being an easy fan favorite to a prima dona. What a punk. To arrise from nothing and then expect to be the highest paid slot WR in the league is asking way to much. I m rooting for JJ and Randal to step up bc I want nothing of Cruz. Give nicks the big money, he s a true #1 WR. Cruz is nothing without Eli and should have jumped on the 7 ish mil offer he had on the table. Karma is a ****.

    •  jfunk says:

      The Giants ARE actually offering to make him the highest paid slot receiver in the NFL. The problem is Cruz won’t even acknowledge that he’s a slot receiver. He wants to be paid like an elite X receiver.

      That being said, all this posturing is pretty much meaningless. Until Cruz misses at least a pre-season game, I think all would be wise to shrug their shoulders at anything written on the topic rather than let it affect their blood pressure.

  7.  Krow says:

    I’m thinking football isn’t the #1 thing in the life of ‘Victor Cruz, media star’. He’ll stay away for as long as he can. Because now it’s all about living the celebrity lifestyle.

    •  jfunk says:

      And to be fair, if this is the case it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. I’m sure it won’t be surprising to the Giants.

      Cruz was an UFA because of his work ethic and attitude. He “lost his chance” more than once between High School and Draft Day because he wasn’t willing to do his part to be successful.

      The story goes that he finally got his ish together after his mother begged his way back into college after being kicked out, but did the lesson really stick? Was a brief brush with fame and a few dollars all it took to make those lessons fade into lost memories?

      Supposedly his mother and GF fought hard to keep him on the path in the past. Is he no longer listening to them? Or perhaps they’ve started seeing dollar signs too?

      Or perhaps the Giants and Cruz aren’t far apart at all and as soon as Jerry acquiesces to his demands to institute a “Campbell’s Jammin’ Jerk Chicken Soup” day on the cafeteria menu he’ll be signed and smiling.

  8.  norm says:


    Jerry Reese has retained the services of renowned marine biologist, George Costanza, to assist in negotiations with Young Whale Cruz.

    In describing his first meeting with Cruz and his agent, Costanza began: “The sea was angry that day my friends… like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli…”

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