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David Wilson, Andre Brown Looking to Be 1,000-Yard Backs for New York Giants

June 6th, 2013 at 1:00 PM
By Douglas Rush

The last time the New York Giants had a pair of 1,000-yard running backs was back in the 2008 season. Running backs Andre Brown and David Wilson are hope to break that streak and put up huge numbers in 2013-14.

'David Wilson returning a kickoff' photo (c) 2010, Gary Cope - license:

Brandon Jacobs had 1,089 yards and Derrick Ward had 1,025 yards for the Giants back in the 2008 season, which was the league's number one-ranked rushing attack that season.

The current running back tandem of the Giants in 2013 are looking to pull off that accomplishment, as David Wilson and Andre Brown are looking to duplicate what Jacobs and Ward did five years ago.

“It ain’t like they haven’t produced two 1,000-yard backs before in the same season,” Brown recently told the Daily News. “I believe that we’re capable of doing that.”

Earlier in the off-season, Brown set lofty expectations for 2013, as he feels that he can rush for 1,300 yards and 22 touchdowns for the Giants. Last season, his breakout season with the Giants, Brown had 385 yards with eight touchdowns and became the team's featured goal-line back, before a broken leg landed him on the injured reserve late in the season.

Wilson is preparing to be the Giants featured back and take the place of Ahmad Bradshaw, who was released in February after six seasons and two Super Bowls with the team. Just like Brown, Wilson has the confidence that the duo can perform at a high level.

“We’ve definitely got the capability to do that,” added Wilson. “We’ve just got to work hard in the offseason.”

In his rookie season of a year ago, Wilson rushed for 358 yards and four touchdowns in limited time at running back. Wilson also showed off his blazing speed as the teams kick returner, averaging 26.9 yards per return.

The last time the Giants had the "Thunder and Lightning" type running backs , Tiki Barber and Ron Dayne combined for 1,776 yards in the 2000 regular season (Barber with 1,006 yards and eight touchdowns, Dayne with 770 and five.)

With Wilson now in the mix full-time, Brown feels that he won't be as injury prone and will be able to stay on the field longer to help the team. On the other side, with Brown and Wilson's running styles, teams won't be able to focus on one area of the offense.

“We’re both working hard, and we’re going to play off each other,” Wilson said. “He’s a bigger back, and I’ve got breakaway speed. We can make things happen.”

Wilson and Brown are just two parts of what is expected to be a very high-octane Giants offense in the upcoming season, one that is expected to score a lot of points in 2013.


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6 Responses to “David Wilson, Andre Brown Looking to Be 1,000-Yard Backs for New York Giants”

  1.  norm says:


    Wilson and Brown are fine… but neither can measure up against Mike Cox.

    Speaking of which… if the Giants do the unthinkable and cut Cox would they conduct a Bris? Could the coaches do that or would they first need to hire a mohel?

    •  Truth says:

      lol @ David Wilson and Andre Brown not measuring up against Mike Cox, the same RB who was given over 13 carries for the first time in his College career, and was only able to muster up 710 rushing yards and a 3.6 YPC in 2012. That was after the inflation of his stats following the Miami (OH) contest. To put things in perspective, Cox averaged a YPC of 3.9 or less in 10 of their 12 games. Proclaiming that he’s superior to Wilson and Brown at this point, two players who proved to be more than capable of handling the load at the NFL level while Cox has struggled doing so in the MAC Conference is both ludicrous and entirely unsubstantiated. Quite frankly, your argument has no supported basis.

  2.  rlhjr says:

    Actually Norm I think Cox makes it.

    If both Wilson and Brown go for a grand or more a piece, and the defense is at all respectable. The Giants win the division and will be playing the very last game of the 2013 season in 2014 and at home.

  3.  F0XLIN says:

    Pat Traina has been talking him up on twitter for the OTA’s they have been in attendance. Saying he has shown great quickness, burst, edge speed.

  4.  BigBlueGiant says:

    Today is the 69th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy. take a second of your day to remember the lives that were lost during the most important raid of all time.

  5.  6string says:

    I think both former UMass players will make the team. Both Cox and Horne can be solid special team players and have the potential to contribute more down the road. Both have above average speed. Giants may have found their next BC in UMAss.

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