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New York Giants’ Jason Pierre-Paul Named to 2010 All-NFL Draft Team by PFR

May 31st, 2013 at 1:45 PM
By Dan Benton

'Jason Pierre-Paul' photo (c) 2012, Mike Morbeck - license: The season of endless lists continues, but this time with something a little more unique than the typical "top coach" and "top player" lists. Rather than singing the same ole tune, Pro Football Rosters decided to take a look back at the 2010 NFL Draft to determine which of the players drafted have lived up to the hype and which players have under-performed. Perhaps not so surprisingly, New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul was one of the former.

"The opposing offensive line would have to pay so much attention to the interior that Cincinnati’s Carlos Dunlap and New York Giants’ Jason Pierre-Paul would have field days off the edges," PFR wrote in part.

Whether or not this means anything substantial on an otherwise boring Mat day is irrelevant — at least it's better, more informative and more entertaining than the "who had the best 2013 draft" question that is constantly posed. In this case, at least the players have had a few years to perform before being graded and scrutinized; so kudos to PFR for that.

In addition to being named to the 2010 All-NFL Draft Team, JPP has also been named to the Pro Football Focus Top 101 Player of 2012 list, the CBS Sports Top 100 Players of 2013 list and the NFL's Top 100 Players of 2013 list.


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7 Responses to “New York Giants’ Jason Pierre-Paul Named to 2010 All-NFL Draft Team by PFR”

  1.  Nosh.0 says:

    Pascoe will be fine at FB. Thats a near extinct position anyway. OK maybe not quite extinct, but it’s certainly on the endangered list.

    55 and the GOAT – We will def be placing some sort of friendly wager on the Cruz Nicks contract outcome.

    But really what bugs me is not a difference of opinion, but just how some fans favor players based solely on their personality. And to have to come on this site for the past year and listen to Giants fans constantly whine about Cruz (Think week long book signing) and praise losers like Herzlich, man it’s frustrating.

    Randle got some heat from people for not being with Eli to work out at Duke or where ever he was a few months back. Yet Nicks misses camp and it’s excuses all around.

    I’m just saying if we’re going to judge players on total BS, then lets at least be consistent with the judgements.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      To be fair, this is a critical year for Randle because he really should be the third receiver and would have benefited greatly from working with Eli, but he’ll get his work with him now, especially if neither Nicks nor Cruz is around. Nicks doesn’t need much time to get in synch with Eli. They’ve played together long enough to “get it” in a few weeks during the preseason games.

      I agree with you that some folks seem to have a personality issue with Cruz. Not sure why. He seems to be a really good kid. I suspect some can’t help thinking that if someone offered them that kind of money they’d not turn their back on it, and that makes them think he’s greedy. I have no problem with his trying to squeeze out max dollars. I just think he’s verging on being foolish about how he handles his business and that he is not absolutely irreplaceable. And that fashion line? Legitimately inexcusable. Someone should give him an internship at Ralph Lauren or Vineyard Vines, or at the very least have his new non-football manager show him how to do things right. I cannot believe JayZ would wear that stuff or be seen in its presence.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      Cruz has made himself into a star off the field and from some will get blame for that, I don’t. But some fans will look at doing non football activities as not working. Nicks is the type of player real fans love because he’s a great player and doesn’t say anything. Nicks has built up equity so for OTAs he’s good. If he doesn’t show up for training camp some fans will turn. Look at how fans view every word Tucks says. It’s not fair but that’s what is done in the information age.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Tuck is now damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. He did have a poor couple of seasons and he has admitted his head wasn’t right. But he’s doing everything right now, he’s a captain, he gets approached by the media, and he responds. He’s also sending messages to his guys and that’s appropriate for a captain.

        I have a feeling Tuck will have a solid year. We should remember that Strahan had some great years when he was older than Tuck is now. Same goes for a number of great defensive ends. I’m not putting Tuck in that category, but unless his neck and shoulder problem is chronic there’s no reason he should be physically done and he seems to be working to get himself mentally right and in great shape.

        He should be given a break. After all, if he does have a comeback year we’ll suddenly look loaded on the defensive front.

  2.  norm says:

    No doubt the Giants would sorely miss either Cruz or Nicks were one to bolt town. But I’d also argue that history teaches us that neither one is wholly indispensable, either… not so long as #10 remains under center.

    How many times have we seen supposedly “indispensable” pass catchers leave town?

    When Plax left, we said Eli would surely suffer without any other tall receiver to catch his high passes.

    When Smith and Boss left, we wondered how Eli would cope without his “security blankets.”

    When Mario left, we fretted over Eli’s ability to function without a reliable #3 WR.

    In every case, Eli endured. Hell, once he got up to speed with the “next man up,” the offense hardly skipped a beat.

    Granted, both Cruz and Nicks are more talented than any of those guys. They’re likely more talented than any of the other receivers currently on the roster. But should it come to pass that they leave for greener pastures, Eli will similarly endure.

    As an unapologetic Eli homer, I’ll even take it one step further: Eli makes receivers, not the other way around. In fact, we could be seeing the beginnings of another one being “made” right now, Louis Murphy. Per Pat Traina:

    …Manning and Murphy connected on several intermediate routes, one over the middle and one on the outside, that had impeccable timing. This is after they teamed up for a seamless, deep touchdown on a post route in last week’s OTA.

    On one play specifically, Murphy recalled Manning’s innate ability to read a receiver’s body language on a route. The defender played him to the inside, so Murphy had no other option but to come back to Manning, which was not the original route. Nevertheless, when he turned around, the ball was right in his hands

    “He said to me ‘Hey, I saw your body language, I saw what you were doing,’ so as long as I define my movements he can read off of it,” Murphy recalled. He later said, “It’s a plus being able to be on the same page as him.”

    Murphy also attributes their chemistry to the few days of workouts that Eli and his brother Peyton held on the campus of Duke University in April, in which Murphy attended along side a few other receivers, including Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz…

    Again, I’m not suggesting that Louis Murphy is the next Nicks or Cruz. But I will say that he will be a far more productive receiver than he was when playing with the likes of Jamarcus Russell, Bruce Gradkowski, Jason Campbell, Carson Palmer and Cam Newton. Eli will make him a much better player than anyone currently thinks he is. And Murphy won’t be the last receiver we say that about, either.

    To repeat: receivers come, receivers go… but so long as Eli stays, the Giants passing game will be fine.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      To a large extent I agree, but I think Nicks is an exceptional combination of football speed, great hands, strength, and ability to get the ball at the highest point possible when battling with a defender. He definitely makes Eli better.

      I said when we signed him that I really like Murphy. He looked great to me at Florida and I was shocked that he did very little in the league until he flashed a bit last season.

      I’d go so far as to say that if the O-line plays a bit better than last season that this team could make the playoffs with Murphy, Randle and Jernigan playing but cannot go all the way without Nicks. And I sure don’t want to be without Cruz either.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I agree completely with what you said. Simply put the cost of replacing a true #1 like Nicks is just more than a great slot WR like Cruz. We still had to invest a 1st rounder to replace Plax. We invested a 3rd rounder to replace Smith.

      I said months ago I think the best way to construct the roster is to keep only one of these WRs and my choice is Nicks. Not because Cruz isn’t a great player who adds to the offense but because we can allocate the funds we would use to keep him better elsewhere. Part of the reason we have Eli is to make receivers look better. I don’t think we should use 16-20 mil to lock up 2 WRs long term. The offense can be nearly as effective without Cruz in 2014. It’s even possible we lock up Cruz and let Nicks walk. But I think that’s a mistake because we then probably have to invest a 1st round pick in replacing a #1 or just a WR opposite Randle. Whereas replacing a slot WR can be done in the middle rounds. Keeping both WRs appears the way we are going which the fan in me likes because I like both Nicks and Cruz. The JR in me just thinks we need to keep Nicks by signing him now at a semi discount and let Cruz walk after the season because keeping both WRs is too pricey.

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