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New York Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin Pays Ahmad Bradshaw the Ultimate Compliment

February 24th, 2013 at 9:00 AM
By Dan Benton

'Super Bowl-6-2' photo (c) 2012, Stephen Luke - license: When New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin took the podium at the NFL Combine on Friday afternoon, one of the first things he mentioned was how difficult it is to let veteran players go who have meant so much to the team. He said he'd like to "wrap his arms around all of them" and keep them forever. Alas, the business side of the NFL doesn't allow for that, and tough decisions have to be made.

One of those tough decisions – perhaps the toughest so far – was calling running back Ahmad Bradshaw down to his office and informing him that after two championship runs with the team, it was time they go their separate ways.

While reliving that on Friday, Coughlin offer incredible praise for Bradshaw, and gave him perhaps the greatest compliment an NFL player could ever receive.

"Tough. He’s a young man, he’s a human being, nobody’s perfect, but when that guy took the field, there was never any question about what his intention was and where his intensity was and what he would bring to the table in terms of toughness, courage and how he played," Coughlin said. "The Giants organization loves Ahmad Bradshaw. We have tremendous respect for him and what he’s accomplished. He’s been on two Super Bowl champion teams and played the game when there would be many, many people who wouldn’t even try it. [He] can’t walk Thursday, but he plays on Sunday. From that standpoint, when he came down to my office, it was tough. It was very tough. I’d be less than honest if I didn’t tell you that."

A return to the Giants is unlikely for Bradshaw, but neither he nor the team have ruled it out as a possibility. Big Blue remains his number one choice should the opportunity arise for his return, but in the event that it doesn't, Bradshaw says he'd like to play closer to home and closer to his family.


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14 Responses to “New York Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin Pays Ahmad Bradshaw the Ultimate Compliment”

  1.  rlhjr says:

    Bradshaw is one of dieing breed of football players. If the Giants have more like him the future would be real clear. Because you would know as long as the guy has the ability to breath, you are going to get his 100 percent every game.

  2.  G-MenFan says:

    7th-Round Draft Picks since the Eli era:
    2004: Isaac Hilton
    2005: No pick
    2006: Gerrick McPherson
    2007: Ahmad Bradshaw
    2008: no 7th round pick but 2 6th rounders: Andre Woodson and Robert Henderson
    2009: Stoney Woodson
    2010: Matt Dodge
    2011: Da’Rel Scott
    2012: Markus Kuhn

    I’d say Ahmad was not only a great Giant, but a great value as well.

  3.  Krow says:

    I’ve always thought that in the NFL you’re either getting better … or getting worse. That’s there’re too many factors to juggle to ever really maintain a status quo. As all the bits and pieces of the off-season start to play themselves out it’s getting harder and harder to believe that we’re a team on the rise.

    Look at the hard facts. 2012 was decidedly lackluster, and we’re already worse off with the departure of Bradshaw, Canty, and Boley. I definitely support the moves, and expect even more. But right now we’re not a better football team for it.

    Our cap troubles aren’t going to go away. Eli alone eats up over 17% of it. Snee over 9%. By the time we sign a few guys what’s going to be left to fill out the roster? How do we establish any depth?

    Unfortunately the competition doesn’t have the same problems. Teams like Seattle and San Francisco are full or players still on their rookie deals. They have cap space. And they’re younger. Both are more successful at leveraging rookies than we are. We’re watching talent leave while they’re bringing more in.

    It’s hard to think we’re going to be a serious contender for a year or two.

    •  demo3356 says:

      I dont believe things are so dire.. We have a top 5 NFL QB, a Top 5 HC and a top 5 GM. We will always be in the mix. There are a ton of yung guys waiting in the wings to step up. Guys like Wilson, Randle, Kuhn, Herzlick, Brewer, Hill, Hosley etc,,, We will have a minimum of 8 picks and JR will find some gems in UDFA and bargain FA signings like he always does. Much like the wildcat, this read option crap wil get figured out and those teams will have to adjust.
      What we lose in over all talent and veteran presence, I believe will be made up by the infusion of youth and hunger.. This team will be better in 2013 than it was in 2012

      •  Krow says:

        No, I’m not saying it’s tragic. We were quite respectable in 2012, and should be that again. But when I look at some of the teams who are clearly on the rise I’m not sure we’re measuring up. Especially given our cap woes.

        Now these other teams will hit the wall when all those rookie deals run out. But that’s a couple years off. Till then they have a huge cap advantage to go along with youth.

        You’re right in that we have to infuse some talent. That’s the way forward. In fact we have to get more like the SFs and Seattles of the world … young, hungry … but most importantly cheap.

      •  Dirt says:

        Yeah. There’s always a surprise team that shows up for a year or two (like TB a couple years ago, etc).

        But the ones that keep showing up are the ones with a stud QB and a couple weapons, regardless of the mess on the rest of the team. Packers, Patriots, Colts and Giants come to mind over the last decade.

        So I think since they have the stud QB still, they will ensure they keep both Nicks and Cruz, and they’ll keep competing.

    •  G-MenFan says:

      Name a perennial contender that doesn’t have a franchise QB and at least one other player “eating up” a disproportionate amount of cap.

      I don’t think you can.

      It’s FAR more difficult to get the winning Coach/QB combo than it is to fill the rest of the roster with talent. The Giants have the main pieces in place. It’s only because of where they pick in the draft (on average) that they have been able to stock-pile cheap talent on the level of the ‘Niners and the Seahawks. Those teams are only now going to learn what it’s like to draft at or near the bottom in every round and play the tough schedule and be the circled game every week. The Giants have done fairly well dealing with that and I think they’re poised to strike and make another SB run over the next 3 seasons.

  4.  demo3356 says:

    I love AB, true warrior, great guy and great Giant. Unfortunately a running back with chronic ankle / foot issues is a better fit on Rudolph’s Island of Misfit Toys with the Charlie in the Box and the cowboy who rides an ostrich then he is as a high paid Running back in the NFL..

  5.  rlhjr says:

    Yeah Demo, I think we realize the nature of the beast that is the busniess side of the NLF. And it does stand for Not For Long. Just giving props to AB and others who helped put the team in and win Superbowls.

    I hope they all put something away and are able to live well after the game.

    Did anyone see any combine players yesterday who have a realistic chance of being a Giant? I think Reese will take the OG/C/OT Jones from Bama if he falls to him in the second round. Anybody else?

    •  Krow says:

      Should that happen I think you’re correct. And it fits us sorta … because he’s hurt, and will probably not be a factor in his rookie year. That might scare some teams off. But we typically throw that year away anyhow.

  6.  Krow says:

    Bradshaw did pile up over 1,000 yards last year. It’s not like he’s done. He may even have 2 years left. But he’s not going to be making $4 mil. I doubt he even gets that over 2.

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