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Drafting Notre Dame Tight End Tyler Eifert Might Make Sense for New York Giants

February 19th, 2013 at 7:00 AM
By Kyle Langan

Numerous mock drafts across the Internet have speculated that the New York Giants could select Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert in the first-round of the 2013 NFL Draft. However, it's still very early in the pre-draft process as the combine has yet to even take place. Numerous things can change with regards to team's needs and draft rankings over the next two months.

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The perception that has developed regarding the Giants draft process is that they select the best available player. This perception surely adds some credence to the idea that the Giants select Eifert, because he is an extremely talented football player. At the 19th spot in the draft, some believe that Eifert fits the bill as the best player.

Regardless of how or why the Giants have been linked to Eifert, the question remains: does it make sense for the Giants to draft Eifert?

The answer is yes.

While it would not fill a perceived major need (or anywhere in the top three biggest needs), Eifert can bring a lot to the table for New York.

Martellus Bennett is currently a free agent and has yet to be re-signed. He had a breakout season catching over 50 balls, but the fact that the team has not been more active in the process of re-signing him is very telling. Even with Bennett in the fray last season, it never seemed as if Eli Manning was totally comfortable with one singular player as his third target. 

Eifert becomes an attractive option when you pair his ability alongside Martellus Bennett to give Eli Manning multiple targets over the middle of the field. The New England Patriots have had a ton of success with this strategy. Pairing Aaron Hernandez with Rob Gronkowski has made it near impossible to defend their offense with linebackers and safeties.

As long as he is under center for the Giants, surrounding Eli Manning with multiple weapons will always be a priority for the Giants. The prospect of re-signing Bennett and adding another talented tight end has to be an intriguing option for the Giants front office.


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39 Responses to “Drafting Notre Dame Tight End Tyler Eifert Might Make Sense for New York Giants”

  1.  Krow says:

    Well .. I can’t say that I wouldn’t love to see the guy in blue. Just that with all the pressing holes … especially on D … I can’t see us going this way. No knock on Eifert. But if they did I wouldn’t be disappointed.

  2.  F0XLIN says:

    Re: The Honey Badger

    This kid is a pure talent and seems to be business savvy given his history slinging green. He is small but plays a lot bigger, and as a punt returner, can take it to the house at any given moment.

    Reese loves his weed guys in the 3rd rd, which is where I see him getting picked to the Giants

    •  demo3356 says:

      Mathieu is 5’9″ and 175 pounds.. If we wanted a midget with questionable judgement we could just draft Kujo…

  3.  JimStoll says:

    I’d be very disappointed if we grabbed a TE any higher than 3rd (preferably 4th) round
    What a waste of a top pick that would be
    A position we don’t feature

  4.  F0XLIN says:

    I’m still holding out hope they can resign Bennett to a reasonable deal

    MartyB said he wants to first and foremost stay in New York, second play with his brother. Yesterdays news about Daqwan Bowers does not help the Giants case at all. Prior to his arrest Michael Bennett said Tampa has yet to show any interest in resigning him.

    Tampa did not give Talib much wiggle room last year and cut him shortly after his arrest, and although Bowers will most likely play this year as his the legal proceeding will be a lengthy process, his fate will be similar to Plaxico’s. Which is why I think Tampa will renew their interest in signing Bennett to a long term deal and open up the door for MartyB as well.

  5.  Krow says:

    The thing is … almost every free agent says he wants to stay with his team. And they mean it. Change is risky. And they’re often quite successful in their current situation. Bennett is no exception. After 4 years of sniffing Witten’s leavings he comes to the Giants and does really well. He’d love to stay. We’d love to keep him. There’s just one small problem … money.

    •  JimStoll says:

      whether we re-sign Bennett or not, drafting a TE with either of the first 2 picks would be a complete and utter waste of those pics

  6.  fanfor55years says:

    Well, I actually like Erst more than Eifert, and I’ve made the argument as to why taking a top tight end could make sense. But that was based upon my assumption that Bennett will leave. If he is signed then taking a tight end at #19 is ridiculous when you want to develop Robinson into a top-flight player and you have a steady presence like Pascoe who remains valuable because he is also the back-up fullback on a team that requires a fullback in their system.

    Even if Eifert or Erst is the BPA at #19, if Bennett has been signed then the glaring needs at corner, defensive tackle and on the offensive line really should far outweigh a small difference in grades between someone who plays one of those positions versus even the best of tight ends.

    This draft is pretty deep at DT and O-line, less so at corner. I think there’s a compelling argument that Reese should select a corner at #19, and I continue to hope for Rhodes or Trufant with that pick, but would be pleased with Floyd, Williams, Lane Johnson, or Fluker as alternatives. Frankly, if we could come out of the first three rounds with Floyd or Williams in the first, Oday Aboushi in the third (I’ve been watching some tape on him and he looks very good to me and is a Giants-type pick), and whomever Reese takes in the second, I think we’d have gone a long way toward helping the team get a lot better.

    •  kujo says:

      I just don’t see either of those TEs as top 20 material. They both scream late late 1st/mid-2nd to me.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        Agreed. Plus as F55 mentioned there is Robinson. JR drafted him for a reason and we all knew he was raw so why cut bait now? In our system if JR was right about Robinson he projects every bit as good as those TEs because of his size. Robinson athletically speaking is a Bennett clone with a little more vertical speed. I still don’t think we take a first round TE if we don’t re-sign Bennett. There are several mid to late round TEs like Dion Sims, Nick Kasa and Michael Williams that fit our mold of TE and fit as second TEs.

    •  JimStoll says:

      I’d like to hear the argument for using our No. 1 on a TE (regardless of his talent) if Bennett is in fact gone. We don’t use the TE as anything other than a blocker and occasional receiver. We can get such a body virtually anywhere as JR has shown. I can’t believe Gilbride will ever seriously revamp his offensive schemes and play calling, especially in a manner that features a TE.
      Draft a TE, No. 1, any TE, would be like repeating the Travis Beckum mistake on a grander scale.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        Your point is fair but I think Beckum is a bad example. He’s a player that’s too undersized to be a regular TE in our system but is not dynamic enough to be used like Hernandez. These first round TEs project to be more athletic Kevin Boss types. Both the top 2 TEs have similar builds to Boss but they just are faster and most athletic so they can fit into what we do. But I think in a perfect world we prefer the Bennett type of TE because of his size.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        I’m absolutely NOT advocating we pick a TE, but my argument for it was that with Eli, Nicks, Randle and Wilson on the offense, we need just one more real target for Eli, and while Cruz is perfect he’s going to be awfully expensive. The right TE could give Eli that third top target at a much lower cost, and when he and Robinson have both matured (I assumed 2014) the two tight end set not only gives Eli four targets (excluding the backs) but also dramatically helps the run game and the play action because it forces defenses to either play a safety up or back, allowing Eli to audible away and slice-and-dice just about anything anyone throws at him.

        I don’t want a TE picked at #19, but I could see the logic. I assume that if the Giants have the personnel to run a standard two-tight-end set (a la the Pats) that Coughlin would demand that the playbook and game plan reflect that whether Gilbride liked it or not.

    •  Hanshi says:

      I don’t think Trufant is a good value at 19. Early 2nd is where he should go and he’d be a decent value there.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Let’s agree to disagree. I think he has played better every year in college and is still on the rise. I don’t like him as much as Rhodes, but I’d be happy to get him at #19. Rhodes, because of his size, would be ideal, but Trufant is a tough kid and has great bloodlines.

        For the same reasons I wouldn’t at all mind getting Howie Long’s kid in the third round.

  7.  Levito says:

    I’d be pretty annoyed if the Giants drafted a TE in the first. Just as the article and many others have stated, there’s just too many areas of need for the Giants to pick a player who won’t be used properly anyway.

  8.  kujo says:

    For those with Twitter, Bennett and Beckum are going back and forth insulting each other (playfully) and it is goddam hilarious!

    •  kujo says:

      This exchange is the highlight of Beckum’s career:

      Travis Beckum ?@TravisBeckum47
      @JoeGryffindor id say the same thing if I had one as well

      14 mins Martellus Bennett ?@JoeGryffindor
      @TravisBeckum47 I hope you get sh-tted on by a 8 sick pigeons while you’re taking a sh-t in the guest bathroom.

      15 mins Travis Beckum ?@TravisBeckum47
      @JoeGryffindor annnnd you live in a fantasy world with black unicorns and green pandas

      15 mins Martellus Bennett ?@JoeGryffindor
      “@TravisBeckum47: @JoeGryffindor your tweeting from the Nokia phone that still has snake on it” they don’t even make those any more bro

      16 mins Travis Beckum ?@TravisBeckum47
      @JoeGryffindor your tweeting from the Nokia phone that still has snake on it

  9.  demo3356 says:

    We will draft a TE in the first round. Just not as long as Kevin Gillbride is the Offensive coordinator… As long as Pope is the TE coach they will keep taking terds like Ballad and Boss and keep turning them into quality NFL TE’s..

    •  kujo says:

      Yup. I can appreciate FF55′s argument about taking Erst (or Eifert) for its nuance and creativity. But our offensive braintrust isn’t known for either, and their approach has been working just fine.

  10.  demo3356 says:

    This is why I am so high on keeping Bennett. He was considered an under achiever and wasnt given a chance in Dullas, but once here and given the chance he flashed what he can be. I believe that if he stays here and builds chemistry with Eli he could become a top 5 all around TE in the NFL..

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I agree, I just think Bennett might have shown too much in his show me deal to the rest of the NFL. I said in preseason I wish he had signed a 2 year deal because it was clear early he was a fit. I can’t say JR was wrong in a 1 year deal but I wish we had a better option than fighting for him in the open market.

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