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Former New York Giants QB Ryan Perrilloux to Star in New Reality TV Show

February 11th, 2013 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

By now, everyone knows the story of former New York Giants quarterback Ryan Perrilloux. He went undrafted during the 2010 NFL Draft and later signed a reserve/futures deal with the Giants. From there, his career took a wildly bizarre turn as he was released and re-signed off of the Giants practice squad some several dozen times in 2011. By the time the cycle ended, Perrilloux found himself out of the league and out of a job.

Alas, that was just temporary. And although Perrilloux is not returning to the NFL – at least not right now – he has found work. He will be teaming up with another former LSU quarterback, Josh Booty, and several other former Division I quarterbacks in "The Knuckler."

"The Knuckler," which will premiere on MLB Network on February 13th at 8:00 PM CT, will focus on a competition between the quarterbacks to see who can learn how to throw the best knuckleball. The winner will be awarded an invite to Arizona Diamondbacks spring training, where they will have the opportunity to win a spot on the active roster.

The show, which is the first-ever reality program produced by Major League Baseball, will be hosted by former Boston Red Sox players Tim Wakefield and Kevin Millar, who is currently serving as an analyst for MLB Network.

Perrilloux will go into the show having some experience on the diamond, having played baseball while attending East St. John high school in Reserve, Louisiana.


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9 Responses to “Former New York Giants QB Ryan Perrilloux to Star in New Reality TV Show”

  1.  Krow says:

    I didn’t know Ryan Perrilloux married a Kardashian !

  2.  BigBlueGiant says:

    Cruz for Harvin???


    You guys want that other WR that can stretch the field????

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    Interesting post, so I’m re-posting it.

    rlhjr says:
    February 11, 2013 at 10:23 AM

    A lot of good reading the last few threads. Good stuff by all.

    I think the rebuild mode must always be in the back of any GM’s mind who considers himself on top of his game. The shelf life of professional athletes is not always predictable. And when they lose ability, it can be shocking just how much and how fast that ability can vanish. So I think Reese “Shocking The World” in terms of who he cuts and collects is still very much in play.

    That said, I think Reese is now weathering the storm connected with how the Giant offensive line tuned invisible on him. I think most here saw the warning signs and I am sure there was a spike in the attention level paid to them starting at the end of 2008. That did not translate into instant reaction via the draft simply because Reese stuck with the calculations of how long these guys would be effective. He did the right thing as 2011 proved. He also had pressing needs on the other side of the ball. And that side of the ball carries a load of tradition and pride within the Giant organization.

    When all is said and done, it what the Giants are all about. Some say this will change and offense has/will take over. Maybe it will. It’s not as if there was not a time in Giant history that offense did not rule the roost. However, when success is over a season or span of seasons was had, the Giant defense was always close if not at the forefront of that success.

    My obvious bias toward the defensive side of things, leads me to believe that NFL defensive coordinators and scouts will come to grips with the rule changes and develop antidotes for the poison offenses and the NFL front office are being allowed to spread.

    IMHO, it’s going to start with streamlining of the defensive linemen as far as size is concerned. They will become more interchangeable than ever with 300lbs being the norm for interior linemen and about 270 for ends.
    Players weighing in the 350lb range will have to be genetic freaks, capable of carrying such weight and maintaining the speed/agility and stamina requirements. Their offensive counterparts will simply be woefully slow and ill equipped to deal with them.

    The best of them will be sort of throw backs to our very own LT and Su or the youngster who plays DT for the Bengals. That is to say they will be quick/agile and brutally strong in the upper body. We have JPP and hopefully the idiotic experiment ballooning him to a preposterous 290lbs is over with. Perhaps they may have wanted him to carry more weight so they could play him inside more.
    They risked killing the very athletic superiority that makes him such an awesome player to start with.

    What the Giants needed last year and what they need now is a penetrating disruptive player at DT. Linville need not be ashamed. Austin was supposed to be the guy. Joseph got stuck with trying to play a role he is not suited for.

    I’ve stated previously how I believe linebacking will play out in the future.
    250 pounds will become be the ceiling for an NFL linebacker. I think 34 defenses may come into vogue among teams who have the requisite athlete’s to man the four linebacker positions. They all have to be able to react to the passing game. So the line between what we used to call “BOX” safeties and linebacker is going to blur. Defensive backs and “Free Safeties” will become as good at catching passes as receivers. You will not see many if any of those players being more that about 6’2?. Those who are will have athletic measurements agility and 40 times that will boggle the mind.

    All this said the Giants will use their first three draft picks this year on defense.
    They will find a tackle, defensive back and linebacker who will vie for playing time THIS SEASON. That’s the plan of attack that I see coming.

    The offensive choices will be linemen (I think a center/guard type), running back, tight end and a receiver. Call me crazy, but despite my feeling about the recent draft picks, Reese will find a way to fix the offensive line among those players and the free agent market. These are just my thoughts.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      I’ll focus on two of your statements.

      I agree that linebackers and safeties will start to become more physically similar, but I think every team will also have to have two run-stopping, big-hitting, LBers on their depth chart (one starter and one available in case of injury). A big problem for the Giants has been that we haven’t had that guy for a good number of years. The ideal place for him is at the MIKE position, but he must also be able to cover. Guys like Willis, and Urlacher at his peak, are hard to come by, and you don’t get them deep in the draft. I’m hoping against hope that Muasau may approximate those specifications, but that’s based purely on some good camp work in 2012 that may never mean a thing.

      The offensive line? Well, as you probably know, I have said that from among Brewer, Mosley, McCants, Cordle and Capers I’m guessing we have two valid successors to starting jobs. Maybe we retain Beatty, maybe not. Maybe Boothe remains, maybe not. But I just cannot believe that Reese/Ross can ignore that critical part of the team any longer. They need, as I’ve said, ONE guy who is a legit stud, who can start by no later than 2014 and who can be run behind by Wilson and Brown. He can be a tackle or a guard who is fully capable of pulling (so athletic as opposed to just a brute). But we have to have that guy and we’re not getting him through free agency. This draft is deep in quality offensive linemen. As much as we need help on the defensive side I think one of the first three picks MUST be an offensive lineman.

      •  CT GIANT says:

        fanfor55years: Boy you and me have one thing in common, I totally agree with your last line, and have said it for the last 5 years, “MUST be an offensive lineman”.
        CT GIANT

    •  kujo says:

      Myself, Demo, Haz, Kyle and Rigsbee were discussing this topic last night, and we all pretty much agree that we need to get better right up the gut of our defense. I think the combination of Rogers, Kuhn and Joseph provides all the “stout” we’ll need, and so our attention ought to turn towards acquiring what you call the “penetrating presence” at DT. Gone are the days of Tuck being that guy for us, at least on any consistent basis, and the jury is still very much out on whether Austin’s smaller build can be overcome with the ferocity he showed at NC, along with the technique and skill he’s been being taught in the 2 years he’s been a pro. If he could live up to his potential, we would be a hell of a lot better at DT already, but I’ll bet Reese drafts a contingency plan somewhere in the top half of the draft. I wouldn’t count out pass rusher as a target in the first 2 or 3 rounds either.

      As for LB, you and I are of the same mind. I’ll take Te’o, Olgetree or Nico for sure. They all look like inside guys to me, but could be versatile enough to be on the strong side as well.

      On the whole, this draft need to be about toughness. We need some asskickers, guys with attitude and hitting power. We’ve got enough pretty boys and clothing designers. I want some thugs and some **** cornfed country boys, guys who hit like a Mack truck, be it on the defensive line, in the linebackers or on the offensive line.

  4.  CT GIANT says:

    There are several players on the roster, imo, who could have been used last year, one is Adewale Ojomo, DE Miami of Florida, showed flashes putting up 4 sacks in preseason, but was not active except for ONE game {Browns} on st’s.
    Unless hlhjr, thinks Coughlin does what he should do mix in rookies like Ojomo, to get real time playing time, to see if they bring what they have show in both practices , OTA’s, and live preseason games, or an LT type is in this draft, no rookie will “vie for playing time this season”.
    Even Wilson, who I would debate on being a first rounder, only got some time due to injury, and he did well, now Andre Brown is a veteran, with more playing time and years then any other RB on the team, and is a FA.
    I sure wish Reese and Coughlin were on the same page, abut rookie draft picks, who seem to be ready, show it, but don’t play? Tracy; Trattou; Ojomo; are two and three year guys, but Tracy is the only one who saw the field.

  5.  fanfor55years says:

    Strength up the middle of the defense? Couldn’t agree more. Been singing that tune since a few games into last season when it became obvious we didn’t have even a resemblance of that.

    That’s the defensive tackles (pretty poor play by Joseph last season, nothing much from Canty, some nice work from Kuhn before going down but who knows if he can come back and contribute after that injury, a cipher in Austin, and Bernard doing his best which wasn’t nearly good enough) and the MIKE (wow was Chase lousy last season except in a few games, Herzlich is a mystery, Muasau seems to have the body and the fire but probably has a HUGE amount of learning to do and who knows if he’s capable of it, and Rivers remains a possibility though on the light side for the spot) and the safeties (kudos to KP, Rolle and Hill, who are all hitters when they need to be but cannot be expected to prevent consistent 3-6 yard gains when the front seven isn’t allowing them to get to the gap without opposition).

    Have to improve there or we’re not going anywhere. Get that middle fixed (Rogers is a start) and a lot of other things will fall into place.

    I remain convinced that the first three picks should be a corner, a defensive tackle and an offensive lineman. We’ll see. In Reese We Trust.

  6.  rlhjr says:

    FF55, thanks for calling attention to my post.

    Read you loud and clear. But remember Coughlin does respond to two things as far as playing rooks:

    First, he finds they “play” really well when he has no choice in the matter. Money and the fact that there is simply no place else to go will dictate plenty of what TC does. Also not to be forgotten are the roles that Bradshaw, Smith and Boss played in 2007. They were huge and they were first year rooks.

    Second, if Reese and his scouts do their due diligence, this year’s defensive draft is broad enough to come up with some players talented and smart enough to take on expended rolls over and above that which the average rook can handle. I think Reese and his crew are fully capable of doing just that.

    And to Kuj and FF55, I do fully understand the need for an offensive lineman.
    Not knowing the future status of Beatty, Baas or Boothe, I really would opt for a player (Barrett Jones Alabama) in the second round to cover this area. But I’d be tempted to pass if I thought I’d found that ideal defender inthat slot.

    I feel Kujo nailed it about this needing to be a (literally) kick a$$ draft.
    And about letting Reese do his thing.

    However, nothing but bad boys need apply. The team needs the skill and attitude adjustment. The Seahawk’s seem to be the prototype for now.
    By season’s end the Giants could be that prototype.

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